View Full Version : Some stuff from a manga I've been working on (character art)

10-24-2012, 03:04 AM
Hey there, here I'll be posting some pics of characters that I intend to put into a manga I've been writing out for a while now, quite a few of them are still in concept stages, so the drawings may not be entirely complete, but they will give you the gist of what the character is supposed to appear like, hope you like them. These first few are of one of the villains named Lilith and her two transformations. The first one is here with her mask made from the flesh of her dead family, the next two are her regular form, the next one is her first demon form, and the last two are of her true demon form. Btw, sorry I don't have access to a scanner at this moment so these pics had to be taken via aiming a camera at paper lol, when I get the chance I may re-upload them in a scanned format.

Edit: This may be the wrong section, wasn't exactly sure if I should put it in fan art or dazzle us at time of posting, so if it isn't in the right area please move this to the proper area...