View Full Version : Need a Japanese consultant for my story

Alexander Kinelskiy
05-20-2012, 06:46 PM
I'm going to write a long and fun story about strange things that happens in the beginning of 20th century in Japan. But I'm too afraid that I'll lose important details about age, country and such a things.

So, I've seen on this forum some Japanese people. Would someone of them like to consult me regular (for example by e-mail) about Japanese details of everyday life of this age and past ages? For example, how did the female school uniform looked like in 1920-1930? What was the price of a railway ticket? Was it possible to be a "sociable left" (say that you're a communist, for example, but study in private school, join Tokyo University and work in a department and do really nothing for working class and the world revolution :))? Be Russian (for example, a dau of emigrants-monarchists, who are definitely not pro-USSR). Was it allowed to play shogi in school dormitory after lights-out time?

So, that's kind of questions I want to ask.

Can someone help me?