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Ayu 「あゆ」
05-06-2012, 03:57 PM
It's probably lame, but I had a story idea I liked and for which I cam up with. I just sort of covered how the story starts with a synopethis or whatever they call it.

A world in the near future is engulfed in a war between human kind and the Sembians, an unknown and very powerful superhuman race that weilds power over the natural elements; wind, water, and earth (much like The Last Airbender but much more powerful). Several major cities of the world have been wiped out at this point by this conflict. In an attempt to combat this impossible war, the world leaders joined together and formed the ASF (Anti-Sembian Special Force) to combat these powerful being and built many academies across the global for this purpose.

The story starts with a young girl named Sana who attends at one of those academies. Sana is a very promising solider at one of these academy and has been granted the opportunity to go out on a live field exercise to one of the smaller Sembian outposts that the ASF has located near by. Sana then has a full team of ten ASF soliders assemble under her, and she and her team head out to destroy the outpost.

But things went terribly south when they found out the small Sembian outpost belonged to one of the five powerful Sembian leaders named Shala, and Sana's ASF team was immediately overwhelmed. Despite their valient efforts, the ASF team is quickly defeated. Being very intrigued by Sana and her team's strength and tactics against thier Sembian force, the Sembian leader takes Sana, being the only known survivor, as a captive.

Sana later learns that the Sembian are not actually at war with the humans. Apearently, the Sembians couldn't care less about fighting the humans at this point in time, but that what simply happened was that the normal humans just got caught up into what was actually a conflict between two major Sembian groups, the Arkanes and the Libans. Both opposing sides were fighting relentlously, and both sides put winning the war above preventing short-term human loss as they were just looking at the "bigger picture" so of course it got mistaken as an assault on the human kind.

The Arkanes and the Lebians, surprisingly, are actually fighting over their ideal means on how to save humanity from its own evil ways; the Arkanes believe that they can somehow teach and educate the human society as it is through peaceful means to create a human society with less sin; but the Libians believe the only hope is to cleanse (wipe out) the majority of human existance to then build up a proper, more perfect human society from the ground up. Ultimately, whoever won the war would get to decide the fate of humanity.

Also, the one of main goals with both Sembian factions is to aquire ancient mysterious crystals called Gaeforms for which they feel can end the war in their favor as well as achieve their ideal mission in regards to bettering human society.

The Sembian leader, Shala, is of the Arkane force, and he hopes to learn from Sana's ASF tactics in hopes to use them to better themselve in their fight against the opposing Sembian force, the Libans. Sana also learns that Sembians are actually ordinary humans who have simply unlocked a great spiritual awareness within themselves and that it is possible, tho unlikely, in all people.

Sana, still ridden with anger over the loss of her team, decides to willingly assist Shala and the Arkanes for the time being, and she then acts as battle consultant and co-leader of Shala's elite force. Shala, seeing a strong spiritual awareness within Sana, begins teaching her how to control the elements like the other Sembian. Now weilding the powers of the Sembian and the strength and knowledge from the ASF, Sana now acts as an increasingly major player in the deciding factor of the Sembian War, hoping that her actions in the end will protect the entirety of human society from destruction.

Additional noted:

Sembians can create large gusts of wind, errect pillars of earth towards their enemy, clear trees, freeze water, etc. Basically anything organic to nature can be controlled and manipulated as long as it is not a living being. Sembians also experience increased physical strength and can run and jump much farther and faster than oridinary humans. Sembians have a lot of nasty tricks involved in how they can manipulate the wind.

Sembians' spiritual awareness allows for them to sense and detect living things, including humans and other Sembians, around them. This ability is less effective if the Sembian is, say, in a lush forest as the spiritual energy of the forest will act as a cloak for any nearby people, etc.

Sana's Sembian powers are fairly limited in comparison to the other Sembians of whom were trained at a very early age. More of Sana's strength in battle more relies on her ASF knowledge on Sembians' weaknesses and ASF-proven Sembian counterattacks rather than fighting full head-on with her Sembian abilities.

End Notes:

If I ever do actually write this out, and I want the action to be toned down and more so realistic in the sense of danger and peril rather than nonsense over-the-top action. Tho I still want big happenings with these Sembian powers of theirs.

The story will focus more around finding the Gaeform crystals as a means to winning the war as I feel that will give the story a bigger "end-goal" to work with.

05-06-2012, 04:26 PM
Well you've certainly put a lot of thought into this. I like it. Can they also control fire? The bit I didn't like was the 'Sembians' being ordinary humans who have discovered these powers. What if they came from the future, where the earth has been destroyed and they were forced to vacate to a different planet, where they evolved differently and obtained these powers. Then they returned to the past to save their home planet?

Ayu 「あゆ」
05-07-2012, 08:05 AM
Jasanime Thanks! And yeah, I thought about introducing fire-control as a thing later on in the story after a bit of moment as caught on in the story. Fire will be different tho in that you actually produce the fire itself rather than controlling surrounding fires like with what you'd usually do with the other elements. So basically, just like The Last Airbender's elemental powers.

Regarding the Sembians being human, the Sembians in my story in a sense did indeed evolve differently from oridinary humans. I wanted to make sure tho that Sembians were still in actuality human beings so that I had a reason for Sana being able to still weild the Sembian power and have a story behind how her unique and strong charcteristics allowed her to learn ablities thought to be impossible for an oridinary human outside of a Sembian clan.

The story I have planned behind the existence of the Sembian is that the Sembians are an isolated clan who have for many, many centuries trained in the Sembian arts with each passing generation and thus never lost their strong spiritual connection like the rest of the humans, and that their goals have always been to better the rest of mankind without its knowing of it, but of course, in recent years, the Sembians became divided on how this should be done and thus an all-out war broke out, revealing the exitence of the Sembian. These disputes also surfaced around the time that the Gaeform crystals were discovered to actually exist. Feeling that the Gaeform crystals could be the key to finally creating the peace on Earth that they have desired for so long, ambitions soared high in pursue of these crystals, and opinions began to diversify on how this "peace on Earth" could possibly come about with the use of the crystals. Those opinions then segregated the Sembians into two clans in a war to achieve their ideal vision for bettering the state of human kind.

Also, in regard to the Sembian power, I want to say that even the Sembians themselves have to be trained vigorously at a very young age to ensure that they too did not lose their spiritual connection, and to on go saying that the fact that Sana as a Sembian outsider should have never been able to become a Sembian herself, especially given her age. (Sana is 20yrs old)

Another thing is that I wanted Sembians to have their connections with oridinary humans so that you could feel that humans were still strong in their own sense spiritually even tho they could never have Sembian elemental powers. And this will play a role in Sana's strength as a human as well. It's always nice to feel like "I could be strong like Sana was," etc, imo.


Also, another plot point I have planned for the story is that the Arkane leader, Shala, and Sana learn that some of the other Arkane leaders, like the Libians, have an extreme solution of their own for saving humanity in that they will use to crystals to force human kind against their own will to be without sin. (Think Apple of Eden from Assassin' Creed in that sense). The true power of the crystals is still very unclear, but they all believe all of the crystals gathered together can ultimately achieve their plans to save humanity however their means may be of accomplishing that.

With the story, I also want there to be a sense moral ambiguity about the various means the Sembian are trying to achieve their ideal peace for humanity. Also, I have a story planned for why the power of the Sembians exist as well as a story behind the crystals' ancestorial value to both the Sembians and the humans and how they are all connected.

Also, I plan to have a love story planned between Sana and Shala for sure as well. :)

05-07-2012, 04:37 PM
Ayuda - that's awesome, certainly makes sense to me. I do wonder why the the 'Sembians' are so keen to help the rest of man kind, in my experience people with power are usually not driven to help ppl without power. But I guess their spirituality lends them a sense of duty and care for their fellow human?!

Anyway, I admire the amount of work you've put into this. If you turn it into a manga, I'll definitely buy a copy!