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This is a Naruto x Chikushodo fanfic (Pain's Animal path)
Naruto belongs to Masashi Kishimoto, but I do own this fanfic
Rated M for Language and eventual lemon(s)
"You will bring the people of my village back to life? Can you really do that?" asked Naruto in disbelief.
Coughing violently, Nagato answered with a weak smile, "It is possible through the Sage of the Six Paths. However doing so, I will die." He coughed up a globule of blood and said as Konan gave a horrified gasp, "I now realize my misdoings and I am willing to sacrifice myself to correct what I have wronged. For the greater good."
"NO!" blurted the Angel of Amegakure. "I cannot allow you to die, Nagato. You serve a second chance. You deserve to achieve world peace." The blue haired beauty paused before saying in a calmer voice, "I will be the sacrifice."
Laughing grimly, Nagato said, "No Kona, I will do this alone. This body of my will son perish. I brought this upon myself and-"
"Chikushodo!" shouted Konan as she had an epiphany. Naruto glanced around, confused. "Her body remains mostly undamaged except a few cuts and bruises. Please Nagato, use me as your sacrifice. Trust me. You and Naruto will find world peace."
For many a moment, silence roamed. Finally, Nagato answered, "Then so be it. Good -cough- bye Konan." She smiled sadly at him.
The red headed ninja wove several complex hand-seals. When he finished, a silvery aura enveloped the bodies of Nagato and Konan. Naruto could only watch in awe. As their bodies disintegrated into dust, the echoing voice of Konan whispered, "When she awakes, please protect her at any cost..."

Naruto's earpiece crackled to life. The familiar voice of a certain lazy shinobi bristled in his ear, "Hey Naruto, come in. Something weird is going on here in Konoha...or what's left of it. Come back as soon as you can.
"Roger that."
Hurrying past the obliterated gates of Kohonagakure, Naruto started towards the white healing tent among the destruction. Shikamaru idled impatiently. Upon seeing Naruto, the Nara clan heir said "You're here Naruto. Good timing. The situation here is getting worse."
Laying his sage scrolls by the tent entrance, Naruto asked sharply, "What kind of 'horrible' situation is it to recall me back here?" The skirmish between the Six Paths and himself had left him utterly enervated.
"Ah, Naruto!" One of the masked Anbu agents approached Naruto. "Thank Kami you're here! One of Pain's bodies seems to have come alive again. She has been non-responsive to our interrogations. He looked towards a closed ward and added, "She's been thrashing around. We weren't sure why she was, but we took the liberty of restraining her. Please, come."
The shinobi with a bird shaped mask pulled open the ward and ushered Naruto inside. On a makeshift table constructed from debris, a young red haired woman lay naked and shackled. Her hair pinned up in the likeness of an onion. Aside from the piercings, she looked no older than nineteen. Her eyes fluttering open, she said in a soft voice, "Hey Naruto. Konan was right, I am alive."
"Leave us," growled Naruto in a firm, commanding tone. "I need to question her without outside interference."
"Sir, shouldn't Ibiki lead the interrogation?" asked one of the fresh genin.
"NOW!" roared Naruto, glaring at the teen who had and shinobi alike filed out of the tent. Once they were alone, Naruto as he unlocked the shackles binding the woman, "How do you feel?"
With a girlish snort, she replied, "I hurt like hell everywhere and I'm stuck as a girl. It'll take time to get used to having breasts all the time. I feel so alone without the Six Paths." She sighed and then said, "At least I revived your village."
He smiled and helped her sit up. With a slight wisp of uncertainty, Naruto asked, "Erm...now that you're a girl, w-what should I call you?"
Laughing with an angelic trill, she said, "I hadn't thought of that in the least!" Wiping her eyes, she asked him, "Naruto, what would you like to call me?"
"How about Natsumi?"
With a grand smile, she said, "Natsumi-chan? I like it. Thank you Naruto." Then she grew quiet.
"What's wrong?" asked Naruto. He knew something wasn't right. He should give her space, but asked anyway, "A-are you okay?"
Nodding solemnly, the former Akatsuki leader replied, "I just realized why Konan wanted to be the sacrifice."
"For what reason do you think she offered herself?"
"For a girl trying to become an all powerful god, I'm pretty oblivious," chuckled Natsumi. Continuing, she said, "Konan was in love with me, but I only saw her as a little sister."
"What will you do now, Natsumi?"
Shaking her head, she replied, "If I was to get out of here alive, I would return to Amegakure to keep the land alive."
The gears in Naruto's head began to turn. A few minutes crawled by before Naruto blurted, "You can stay here with me Natsumi!"
"W-what? They'd never go for it. I caused so much damage and grief," Natsumi said helplessly.

Natsumi PoV
I woke up in a tent next to Naruto who was still very much asleep. Looking into a shard of what I assumed to have been a mirror, I cringed; I found that it was too much of a mess to keep it up. Removing the hair-band, I let my long auburn-hued hair fall down to my chest. With my hands, I smoothed it out. I then let Naruto's sage coat fall from my shoulders. Soon, a green silken kimono covered my body. The green fabric felt soft and comforting against my skin. Someone in the village had thoughtfully donated it to me and I was thankful that someone in the village other than Naruto wasn't governed by hatred.
It felt strange; even lonely to exist in but one body. Not only that, but I was beginning to think and act more like a lady should. And these breasts were NOT helping. I felt so vulnerable, so alone. I hated it. But strangely, I felt safe around Naruto. I felt...strange, like a butterfly on the thermals.
The groan behind me alerted me that the aforementioned shinobi was waking. "You're awake, Naruto," I stated as he rubbed his eyes.
"Good morning Natsumi-chan," yawned Naruto as he sat up. "Is there a reason you woke up so early?"
Answering, I rubbed my arm, "I-I'm nervous. I don't know how the villagers or shinobi will react or behave around me and I wanted to wait until you arose before I went out."
Then he began laughing uncontrollably. Blanching, I then picked up a boot, and threw it at Naruto. It nailed him square in the face. "OW! What the hell was that for?"
"You were laughing at me you ass!"
Shaking his head, Naruto explained, "I wasn't laughing at you; I was laughing at how fragile you really are. It's adorable."
I felt like such an idiot. He had told me I'd been being cute. Apologizing, I said, "I'm sorry I decked you with your own boot."
"It's fine Natsumi-chan," said Naruto. Rubbing the back of his head, he continued, "I shouldn't have laughed." I gazed at Naruto for a lingering moment. All he wore was a teal pair of boxers dotted with miniature frogs. I smiled; it amused me greatly.
"Naruto-sama?" A strange masked woman entered the tent. Her purple hair lay at shoulder length. "Danzo and the rest of Jonin instructors would like to speak with you and the woman at the earliest available time."
"Will do," said Naruto, his voice different. He sounded more serious and less like the goofball I'd been talking to moments ago. He was...cool! I could see how much of a natural leader he really was and I admired him for that. But so did that masked shinobi. I felt a slight twinge of jealousy that frothed inside me. "Yugao, please inform Danzo that we will be there shortly."
Yugao's voice was full of pride as she said, "As you wish Naruto-sama." She strode of of the tent with her head held high.
An old man said as Naruto and I walked into the hokage's office, "Welcome to Kohona and my office." His voice was cold and emotionless. "Isn't my office luxurious?"
"Luxury is the wolf at the door and its fangs are the vanities and conceits germinated by success," I spat with a venom laced tone. "Leaders like you are the reason why there is war, hate and starvation!"
"I shall pretend you never said that," spoke Danzo, his voice emotionless. Inside, I bet he was fuming like there was no tomorrow. I stifled a giggle by leaning myself against the Nine tailed Jinchurriki. "Anyways, I need the two of you to scout ahead to the Land of Iron wherein the Kage Summit will be held. For my protection, you need to arrive there first and make sure it is a safe environment. Understood?"
Nodding, Naruto replied, "Crystal clear Hokage. We shall pack and leave at once." Naruto and I then promptly left the building. Once we were outside, Naruto chastised, "Natsumi, that was rude to point out. He may not be a great leader like Sarutobi or Baa-chan, but he's still the leader. He can oust any ninja from the ranks as he pleases."
"Sorry Naruto-kun," I said, blushing. Never before had I done something like that. I was used to giving orders and speaking my mind when I'd been in league with the akatsuki. Holding my head low, I followed Naruto back to our tent.

Warning this chapter contains explicit sexual detail
Natsumi POV
As soon as we arrived at the land of Iron, I collapsed from the nonstop running. Day and night, we'd had very few breaks. It was surprising how much energy Naruto had. "You don't have to do this," I complained as Naruto carried me to the inn we were to stay at during the summit. I pounded my fists against his back, attempting to get free. "Lemme go!"
"You're too tired to walk. So stop squirming and let me take you to the room," said Naruto as I stopped hitting him. I simply nodded and allowed him to carry to the room. Surprisingly, our room was well lit, cozy and warm. A fireplace was at the north wall opposite of the bed. The bed was much more than just a futon; a full size King bed with a gray quilt and soft pillows. The headboard was ornately carved in a tale of how the Samurai came to be. The kanji was carved into the teak wood in a fanciful fashion and skilled craftsmanship. Truly, this room was fit for a king if not a god. Naruto placed me on the bed and sat next to me. "It's been a long time since we met Natsumi."
I nodded and flung back against the soft sheets. Soon enough, our drenched clothes hung from a rack above the hearth. Though we'd already seen each other naked, I looked away from his body as he slipped under the covers. Turning off the lights, I soon joined Naruto in bed. As soon as his head had hit the pillow, he was out cold. For near an hour, I attempted to fall into the hands of slumber. But to no avail, sleep would not come hither.
Crawling out between the covers quietly, I padded over the hearth with a small blanket to warm myself in this ever wintry country. Absently, I glanced over to Naruto's sleeping form. My gaze returned to the vivacious bolero of embers. Reddish orange tongues of flame licked at the logs they inhabited, flickering back and forth in a ritual dance. I was almost hypnotized by the ever-growing tendrils of fire.
"Can't sleep?"
Naruto's soft, gravelly voice startled me. Looking up into his endless ocean blue eyes, I confessed, "There's so much on my mind that I can't possibly fall asleep." I held my arm against my breasts self-consciously, even though the only source of light was glowing in the hearth. "I seem to be unable to-" Naruto pulled my face towards his. Our lips met in the middle, his lips rubbing against mine. He opened his mouth slightly, as did I. I felt him twist his head to the side. His tongue touched my lips. Moving his tongue into my mouth, Naruto stroked the tip of my tongue. I pushed my head towards him. Forcing our tongues to be intertwined, our tongues locked together. He gently lowered my body to the cold wooden floor, but our mouths did not release us from our tongue lock. We both knew what we wanted; no verbal communication was needed to know where this was going.
Breaking the connection our lips held, Naruto then began to plant kisses down my neck and my body. Each time his lips made contact with my pale skin, I moaned softly. On each of my breasts, he flicked each nipple with his tongue. My whole body tingled in bliss. There were no words to describe how I felt then.
As his mouth neared my nether, I began to tense. I shivered as Naruto's hands caressed my hips and my inner thigh. His gentle stroking was more than enough to make my nether become moist. I curled my toes out of sheer pleasure as he threaded a finger into my wetness. Howling in pleasure, I squeezed my eyes shut. While his index finger teased my slit, Naruto's thumb massaged the hardening nub. I didn't care if I surrendered to the primal urge to make love.
"Mmf," I moaned, Naruto smothering my howl with his lips. I felt something warm and fleshy against my inner leg. Without looking, I knew it was Naruto's erection. I opened my eyes a crack and saw his length at my entrance. He was big and I automatically knew it was going to be a tight fit. Naivety was something I was born without. Looking up into his eyes, his unspoken question formed in my mind. I nodded slowly, embracing myself for the imminent pain.
I sprawled myself on the stone floor and waited. As the head of his member pierced my slit, I winced. I could tell this was going to hurt a lot. Slowly pressing himself forward, Naruto buried his shaft inside me to the hilt, severing my hymen. I gasped in pain, clawing at his back. Kissing me deeply, Naruto stopped thrusting. Soon the pain ebbed away. I nodded at him to resume. Starting out slowly again, he thrust himself forwards. His member slithered deep into my wetness, his pace increasing. I squeezed and tightened my grip with my walls, adding to the wall of pleasure. It wasn't long before Naruto rammed his length repeatedly against my cervix, generating wave after wave of ecstasy. My lover lapped at my nipples which drove me crazy, causing me to arch my back. As my savior came, his hot spunk tipped me over the edge into an earth-shattering orgasm.
"Whoa," I panted, wrapping my arms around Naruto's neck. Our bodies were slick with sweat and our love juices. I'd never known how amazing sex would make me feel. Now having experienced it for myself with the man I was sure I loved made it even more amazing. My eyes fluttered as he kissed me once again before pulling out. I was too exhausted to care that we fell asleep on the floor, covered only by a light blanket.