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As the title says, I tried to novelize the story told by The Protomen in their CD's. It's not finished by far, and the story cannot be completed without the 3rd CD (Act III) being released. I will post a new segment from time to time. Please give me advice on what to revise or rewrite.


It was the year of 2000X (read two thousand X), a very exciting year for young Thomas Light, as today he would graduate for his robotic studies. Shaking with excitement, he could not sit still. The speech the principal delivered to the graduates seemed to take hours. Then there was this kid behind him, staring at Thomas with sharp eyes. He knew the boy. Albert Wily, Rumored to have stabbed a fellow student in the eye just to see his reaction. Thomas’ name was called at once, as the principal held up his hand, holding Thomas’ certificate. With a fast pace, Thomas made his way to the small stage, muttering words to himself concerning what to say. He could not find any, so a simple “thank you, I will continue to do my best” had to do.
Many hours later, as the ceremony came to an end, Light marched to the gate at the end of the school grounds. He was exhausted. Just as he was about to get up onto his bicycle, he was stopped by a boy, smaller and shorter than him. “You, you are Albert Wily. What is it you want?” Albert stared at him, his eyes right open. “I want you to work with me.” Thomas felt it, this boy had quite some nerve, just asking something like that out of the open, even though Thomas did not even know what exactly it was about. Only one way to find out, he asked him. “I want to create something with you. Something that has been never done before” is what the young Albert said. Strangely, he was avoiding the real answer. Thomas clear thinking had already departed however, and he informed more about what it was. After a long conversation, hands were shaken and plans were made. They would dedicate their lives to create a new life form. A life form made of steel, with an iron heart, made to help man. The labor they performed lasted for almost 20 years. Wily proved to be a skilled and quick working engineer. His violent nature forced me to make a few adjustments in our time working together. Wily had programmed the machines to be able to carry weapons, “for safety reasons”, according to him. And so, on a stormy Sunday night, their years of labour had come to an end with this creation...

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Construction Complete
“Albert, would you mind giving me that wrench?” is what Thomas Light said to his fellow scientist deep in the night. “Here you go, my dearest Thomas.” Is what Albert replied. After a few swings with the wrench, Thomas felt a slight grin, which disappeared after he saw the expression on Albert’s face. “It is finished, Albert”. “Yes, a magnificent sight to behold. After all these years, our part has come to an end. This is the beginning of a new era.”
After packing up, Thomas Light and Albert Wily would shut off the lights and leave the workshop, like they have done all these years. Once outside, Light waved as Wily drove off in his automobile, the smoke disappearing in the wind. He recalled the expression Wily had on his face when the robot moved. With an uneasy feeling, he could not shake, Thomas Light hailed a taxi cab and got in. The drive seemed to take forever, but finally Thomas had reached his destination. Swiftly he ran up the stairs, grabbed the keys out of his pocket, opened the door and closed it after entering. He sat down before his desk, grabbed the nearest pen he could find and started writing.
An hour later, with a painful feeling in the few muscles that would still move, Thomas Light was about to finish his letter to his loved one. He read the letter out lout for himself.
"My dearest Emily,

Tonight will mark the end of a life long dream of mine. The completion of a labor I began as a child, even before I knew the words for it... before I knew the ways to accomplish such a task. And even now my heart is heavy with dread. I fear I've built a great and powerful evil. Or rather, together, Albert and I have built it. I know that I am to blame. I allowed Albert to persuade me to change the designs. I allowed this perversion of my course. This new machine that we've built is unlike any I ever imagined. It looks... like a man. A lifeless steel man. Albert convinced me that even with the new Geological Unmanned Terraforming System we designed, the task of extracting the ore is still too dangerous for a human. He plans to completely replace human workers in the mining sector. The idea of displacing so many men... the annihilation of countless jobs in the name of safety seems an unbalanced trade off. What is worse, the latest prototypes have been revised to carry small firearms. Emily, I fear that I have put you and this entire city in danger. I will speak to him tonight on the matter. Perhaps I can persuade him to scrap the whole project. In the meantime, please be careful. This world is getting darker all the time. A chill goes down my spine at the thought of something terrible happening to you... I could not bear it.

All my love,
Thomas grabbed an envelope, vowed the letter and put it in, closing it after that and put it on his desk. It was 4 o’clock in the morning, and the sun was about to emerge from the horizon. Thomas Light switched into his pajamas, climbed into his bed and his exhausted body was put to rest. Within a few seconds, Thomas closed his eyes and fell into a deep sleep.
My name is Thomas Light. I am a scientist and have an enormous amount of knowledge concerning robotics. Together with mister Albert Wily, we aimed to create robotic workers for the City’s iron and coal mines. Working in these mines is very dangerous, we’re losing some of our sons every day. My father worked the mines, until the day it took his life. It stole him from his son, and it stole him from his wife. That is my motivation. I work for the survival of my own wife and my son. The one I love, she works so hard… Until her bare fingers bleed. The pain she endures… It would bring the strongest men to their knees. I only want to help...
Thomas got up and looked at the clock. It was almost noon. He quickly got out of bed and sat down to have some breakfast before leaving for the workshop yet again.
Thomas moved through the streets as quickly as he could. He reached the docks. He looked around, trying to see Wily’s automobile, but he could not. “Phew, I still have some time” as he walked over to his working quarters, high above the city. He opened the door and switched on the light. He closed the door and walked over to the construction table. Suddenly, he heard a voice from behind him whispering. “Good afternoon, Mr Light.” He recognized it immediately, it was Wily. “Don’t scare me like that Albert” and said without turning around. “Is everything prepared..?” “Yes, I was just waiting for the foremen of the mining crews to arrive.” Thomas sad down, staring down onto the people outside. He was pretty tired, and as slowly his eyes slowly closed, he fell asleep.
With a bit of a shock, Light got up. He quickly looked around him. It was already dark outside, and the whole building seemed empty. “Thomas, I’ve been waiting for you”. “Wily! Where are the foremen? Did I sleep through this whole meeting? Why didn’t you wake me?” “Relax Thomas, I took care of everything. The deal is done. This type of robot will whole lives, trying to make the world a better place. The people, this city, it’s yearning for a leader. Someone who would establish order in these streets. That could be us, Light. Think about it.” “Albert… What is this supposed to mean?” “Oh… Nothing, nothing at all my dearest Thomas. Well, it’s getting late. Let’s leave, shall we?” Thomas turned towards the door and waited for Wily to follow. “I will come right after I’ve done this little thing. You go ahead and go home, I’ll close the door.” Thomas turned away again, thinking of something to say, but he could not think of anything. As he grabbed his jacket and marched outside, the cold mid-winter air flew into his face, refreshing him. “What would he do..?”

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In the meantime, Wily walked over to the construction table. “It is time, after all these years…” He flipped the switch, pressed the big red button, and the machine… The robot… It came to life! “It is time. My servant… Awaken and ignite the spark that leads to… Insurrection!”
It was dark. People stayed inside and anyone dared to go outside, had to face a harsh and cold wind blowing straight into their face, giving the feeling their very eyes would freeze and fall out. An apartment door cracked open slowly. It was Emily, the loved one of Thomas Light. Looking from down below was a black shadow, his red eyes locked upon the window of Emily’s apartment. He clicked his finger, and proceeded to the door. A soft knock. A small sound that led Emily to open up her apartment door. She was expecting someone. “Thomas? Is that you?” “No my dear, but I like to visit you just as much as he does”, said a cracky voice from the darkness, further down the hallway. “Who is that?”. There was a short silence, until within the blink of an eye, a filthy iron hook had captured Emily’s right arm. She tried to resist, but to no avail. “Come on inside, my dear”. A look of cluelessness was on Emily’s face, as the strange man was pointing at her throat. The man made from steel turned his right arm. A cold blade extended from the machine’s finger. “You will serve me well, Emily… In death”. The man let his finger go past his throat. The machine, without a second´s thought, cut a fine line into Emily’s neck. The robot released her from his fiery grip, and she smacked onto the Her dying breath was almost not hearable because the crying of a young man. “Where is mommy!” is what he yelled. The shadow clicked his finger again, the machine making his way over to the young man. Right at the moment the machine wanted to cut his hook into the arm if the boy, the front door opened again. “What is this madness!” Thomas Light enters the room, now partly filled with the blood of the young woman, who laid on the ground, not moving. “No… Emily… You! Albert Wily! Why did you spill an innocent one’s blood?” Thomas grabbed a knife laying on the kitchen table, and charged towards Wily. “No no no Thomas, her death was by your hand.” The machine then grabbed Thomas’ arm, and Thomas was forced to drop the knife. “No Wily… I will not let you do this!” The machine let go as Thomas Light had aimed a gun at Wily. “You will not get away with this Wily, I will make sure of that…” “Oh dear, it seems we have to redraw for now. We will see each other again Thomas, I promise you.” As quick as his own tongue, Wily disappeared back into the darkness he came from. Light dropped to his knees, holding Emily’s upper body, holding it close to his face, as a tear dropped down onto her. “Emily… This was never my intention… Please, please forgive me for my utter stupidity…” Suddenly, the sound of rounds being fired filled the entire apartment block, and police sirens were seen on the horizon. Light would not care, however. The police had responded to several calls in the neighborhood, concerning renegade robots with blast shields. Rapid movement on the stairs and the sound of fists rapping against the front door. Light seemed to be closed in, so way to escape… In an act of grief and desperation, he threw himself out of the window.
A loud crash, shattered glass had filled the sidewalk. Thomas crashes onto a car standing below, falling from the bruised roof onto the street. As he tried to get up, he could feel his hand being cut by the glass shards. He had a broken arm and knee, but he was alive. He struggled his way out of the shattered glass, got up, and disappeared into the darkness.