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:welcome: This is a thread for my book Wasting Life to get some much-deserved publicity. Please comment and give suggestions!! the book might be broken up oddly bcuz i have other stuff going on, but please just enjoy my vampire romance!! :love: :computer: :read: :thanks:

Zero x Yuki, Vampire Knight

11-08-2011, 06:05 PM
Her husband's hot, bloody breath swirled around her. She was blinded suddenly as he clutched her face with one hand and her shoulder with the other. He forced her head to tilt, and she let out a blood-chilling scream as her bonded man shot his fangs out, peircing her neck mercilessly. When he had drained her of all blood and she was almost gone, he hissed in her ear, "Where is she? Where have you hidden her? WHERE IS SHE?!"

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And, as the proud woman took in her final, gasping breath, she smiled - and said the words that would alter life as they knew it.
"Safe. She is safe."
Then se crumpled at the man's feet, never to rise again......

treur uchiha
11-10-2011, 12:27 PM
liked ur style of writing.keep it up.am looking 4ward 2 read its other parts.

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I am sixteen-year-old Raven Blanry, and I am living on my own in my run-down old shack. I wasn't always an orphan, i actually remember my parents, though it was a long time ago and the memories are spotty at best. My dad was never at home, as he had a day job. Mom didn't work, she was always with me. In fact, i can't remember a single time when that i wasn't with my mother.....except the day she disappeared-
"Oh, hello there, Blanry! how are you this fine morn'?"
"huh? wha?" i snapped my head up, and my eyes udjusted to the light. I was standing in front of Lune's produce stande at the market, his familiarly curious but smiling face seemed to shine as he looked at me. "oh! Hey, Lune. Sorry, i must've spaced out or something."
Behind me, someone laughed. I spun without thinking, yet no one was looking in my direction. Hmmmm.....
"still as jumpy and on-edge as ever, i see. Ha!"
I turned back to Lune and frowned at him. "Could you please just give me my usual?"
Lune nodded and filled up a bag with one watermelon, three apples, and two peaches and a few sacks of seeds. "there ya are, li'l missy. now, off you go, and i will be expecting payment soon!"
As i began to thank him, a shadow loomed over me and ended at one cantalope from Lune's counter.
Lune put his elbow on the counter and leaned on it. "can i help ya with something, young man?"
a silky voice answered him with a kind "thank you, sir, but i see nothing that you have that would interest me."
Lune's smile faltered, and the hairs on the back of my neck stood on end. I slowly turned around - and saw a tall, handsome man, probably a year or two older than i, with hair smooth and black, and was cropped just before his chin. Some long bangs made it hard to see his eyes, but i managed to discover that his irises were so silver that it was hard to tell apart form his whites. He was a little pale, but i really didn't have the right to judge on that.