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05-03-2004, 05:54 PM
Ok this is my very first review/summerie on a anime show.

The first Ep. its called My amazing stage debut

Kaleido star is about a 16 year old girl named Sora who's goes to the USA from Japan to auditions in the Kaleido stage.
Upon here arrival she can't find the Kaleido stage so she asks for directions at a news stand where her legs are inspected by some man and then her suitcase stolen.
Where she does an ariel acrobat performance to retrieve her suit case.
Where then she is taken to the police station and pronounced a runaway.
As she tells them she is not a runaway and she is here to audition and she is gonna be late but they don't seem to hear her do she starts to do warm up exercises and that's when they believe her and let her go to the Kaleido Stage late.
When Sora gets to the Kaleido auditions she is extremely late and everyone is already done with there audition. So she begs and tells them she came all the way from Japan to audition So the Boy Ken say OK but he is cut of by Miss.Layla whose says "That a stage production always starts on time"
Ands tells her to go back.
But Sora tries to persuade her that she can be in the Kaleido stage but it falls on deaf ears as Miss. Layla leaves the room.
The Boy Ken then tells here maybe next year and Sora said "I made a promise to my parents if I failed today I'll quit"
Sora starts doing a flash back to where she was little and how her and her parents went to see the Kaleido perform and How she always wanted to be on the Kaleido stage.
Ken looking sad for her asked her if she would like to come see the show and she does.
As her and ken are walking she asked did you fall in love with the Kaleido stage to? He then tell her he wanted to be a cast member but he has a weak heart so he decides to provide support from the side.
Continuing there walk they see Yuri one of the main cast members pass by
When they get to where all the other cat members are Sora sees this girl dressed up as a Rabbit streaching. As Sora watching she notices this prop about to fall on the girl and tackles the girl to the ground in attempt to save her but end up straining the girls arm.
Thus Ken must call for a new cast member as he does that the guy who was feeling on her legs earlier come in. Sora goes crazy and starts yelling "What is that creep doing here?!" To find out he owns the Kaleido stage and SHE will fill in for the injured girl.
In the dressing room she is so scared that she starts talking to herself. As she talks in questions someone answers them. When she looks to see who is there she see a talking doll and just loose it, she starts Laughing at that very moment Ken walks up to the door and hear her laughing and says "That's composer" and then walks in and sees her in the Rabbit costume and blushes and says "You look cute"
As there walking toward the stage they see the other members that are going to perform with Sora the members are talking about Sora and is the Boss Kalos crazy for letting in a amateur in the act.
Upon getting close to the members Layla appears and tell Sora to take that outfit of but Sora refuses an Asks Miss. Layla "please let me do this I can Do this!"
Kalos appears and says "I told her to do the show, Now Go"
On the stage she forgets the routine so she looks around to see what the other members are doing but they have already started so she tries her best to fit in.
As the act continue Sora messes up badly until the point where she wants to give up until she hears a little girl in the crowed shouts "Keep trying Mister Rabbit"
Then she looks at the girl and pictures herself when she was little and thinks "I can't say I can't do it I can do it" That's when she starts nailing the jumps and twist and stuff. As for the finale she hits the trampoline mark. As she gets ready to come back down she can't see that mats the lights have blinded her and she is off on the hit but then Yuri comes in and saves hers and tell her to keep smiling.
After the trampoline act is done Layla starts yelling at her tell her she is a naive little girl and she doesn't belong here. Sora starts crying and agrees with Layla runs away.
As she leaves She sees a Flyer about the Kaleido star that's Has Miss. Layla and Yuri on it. The act Miss.Layla made famous the flaming phoenix even in deaf Juliet's love still burn (act was Romeo and Juliet) And says compare to her I can't even get the fire start and walks away.
At the end of Layla act Kalos appears and acts where have she gone?
Walking away Ken runs after her saying Sora you made it in your in the Kaleido Stage as he caches up to her and she like Wha....Ken says have a little faith in yourself and they start talking.
Kalos and Layla are outside and Layla is like why? and Kalos says "Someday people will come just to see this little girl"
Still talking the police man that drove her top the Kaleido stage appears and Sora tells him she made it in and he says he'll be her biggest fan.
At the end of the day she gets taking to her dorm. In her room she can't believe she did it and starts smiling until she sees that doll from the dressing room in her room. The doll says she can see him can't she and introduces himself as Fool the spirit of the stage.

My thoughts
This series I thought was gonna be really boring made for kids boy was I wrong.
This is a great series I think 51 eps and all.
In the beginning Sora voice annoyed me and I'm like what!!!! this voice doesn't match her at all. But as the story progress I kinda got used to it.
The show is rated Ages 12 and up
and I give it a 7/10 stars. :)

red storm
06-08-2004, 06:17 AM
Pretty cool, but you started a bit boring with
"where her legs are inspected by some man and then her suitcase stolen.
Where she does an ariel acrobat performance to retrieve her suit case.
Where then she is taken to the police station and pronounced a runaway."
you should have writen it more as a story. (in my opinion)