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07-31-2011, 03:18 PM
Thinking about running a weekly 3.5 D&D session. Specifically Pathfinder. This would be in real time for about four to five hours at a time. Days could possibly be increased depending on input but scheduling conflicts could arise. You'd have to actually commit to this. I will kick those that repeatedly don't show. Once in a while is fine, life happens. This wont be by post but rather a virtual table top. I'm limiting this to people who have been active on AF for a while so if you're new, sorry, but don't apply. I'm still looking into a virtual table, but in the meantime feel free to suggest any you may know of. Excluding OpenRPG since I can't get that one to update properly.

09-15-2016, 10:17 PM
Oh man, has it been a long while since this post was made. I notice though, that you're still a recently active member. I realize the post here says nobody new, only decently active members, but I'm hoping since it's been so long, you may change your mind if you're even still up for something like this.
While I'm very new to the world of D&D, and other tabletop games like it, I'm definitely hoping to get into something like this soon, weekly sessions with a dedicated GM/DM and while the very very few times I've been involved in sessions were Pathfinder and I'd prefer it over most other things, I'm open to learning anything about the game by playing other ways. I've been recently, rather specifically trying to get a DM/GM for a Pokemon Tabletop campaign, though I'm' not strictly limited to it.
So if you're still up for it, want to get something going? As I said, I hope me being new isn't an issue, and I am open to most anything.
Also, Roll20 is the platform I use for online tabletop play. If you've not heard of it, which I'm sure most people have anymore, it's worth signing up and using, very well set up for multiple game types.