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07-14-2011, 02:49 PM

My name is Harry and I'm going to become a famous jeweller!


I'm English, and my favorite anime is Katekyo Hitman Reborn.

I also like things like baloncesto and food. Lots of food.

I'm at college studying the following currently: Textiles, Music technology, Sociology.

Nice to meet you!

07-14-2011, 02:53 PM
Welcome to AF,Twitchamoo
Enjoy your stay here and have fun.

07-14-2011, 02:58 PM
Welcome Twitchamoo to Anime Forum. =)
If you have any problems, you've got your trusty admins and moderators there to help.
Hope you enjoy the site and have fun.


07-14-2011, 06:05 PM
Welcome to AF!
Have lots of fun and enjoy your stay with us :3

07-14-2011, 08:01 PM
Welcome to AF. (:
Enjoy your stay and have fun.
Feel free to message me if you need help or just want someone to talk to. ^^

07-16-2011, 12:33 AM
G'day there :)

07-16-2011, 03:47 AM
Welcome to AF!

Good luck and have fun!

07-16-2011, 10:57 AM
Konnichiwa!!!! Welcome to the AF family ^-^ Stay long and post often.

The Rebel
07-16-2011, 01:18 PM
Hello, and welcome to animeforum. Hope you enjoy your stay, and post often. Normally I'd greet and eat you,,, but I'm pretty full right now so you luck out, lol. Enjoy, and see you around the forum.