View Full Version : The secret to learning hacking.

06-08-2011, 04:36 PM
Go to a website like [REMOVED] where they have tutorials on hacking. Then just make sure you NEVER do something like assault someone, as that will give the cops probable cause to search your house, resulting in them taking your computer, and finding in your internet history that you visited sites on hacking. If you are going to learn hacking you therefore should NEVER engage in any publicly visible crimes.

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Also a very quick hack anyone can do, it's called IP address ban dodging. Just go to [REMOVED] or [REMOVED] and then go to the forum site from which you were banned with an IP ban (though it won't work if you also have a username ban). This technique can be used in conjunction with getting a new email address and new forum account as needed to also dodge the other bans that may be in place. I've used these techniques countless times on other forum websites to regain access, after I got banned for whatever reasons.