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06-08-2011, 02:40 PM
This is my guide to protecting one's privacy inspired by the recent locked threads I've seen.

To start, you will want to google image a picture of what a computer hard drive looks like. You may not be able to do this partway through the process of hacksawing your computer. Hacksaws are brilliant tools that can cut through metals and plastics. If you're the type of person that will talk about hacking/installing malware on people's computers and other unsavory activities, you may gain the attention of the federal authorities. It can be possible for them to gain access even to deleted information, so this guide will teach you how to destroy it all permanently.

1. Use hacksaw to cut through PC case. You may want to practice on your monitor first, just to get the technique down. The more small detached ruined components, the better.

2. Locate hard drive. Use hacksaw to saw it into several pieces. You may wish to use clamps so you don't accidentally remove any fingers. Safety first!

3. To be completely safe, gather little pieces, drop them on a surface that isn't flammable, wear protective gear to stop fume inhalation (optional, I've heard the fumes can get one high if that's what you're into), douse them in petrol and then light them.

4. Congratulations, the Feds may not have evidence against you and there's one less menace on the Internet for people to worry about.