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Wanna know why my thread about privacy is important? To keep people using the below described techniques from finding your confidential information.

I have some really cool software that if I install them on someone's comp I can then monitor their activity from my own. I can see their current computer with screencap, and even the thread id's of software running so I can remotely suspend or terminate programs they are running. I can send them popup error message boxes, cause their CD-tray to open, even download any file off their comp to my own, or upload anything to their comp, or even delete files remotely. I can edit their registry remotely. I can disable the Windows start button task bar or even their full desktop, or I can deactivate their keyboard or mouse, or take control or their keyboard or mouse remotely. I can activate their webcam and spy on them, or their microphone and record sound, or log their keystrokes (either in real time to your computer, or record them to a file on their computer, and then dump the keylog to your computer later). A couple of these programs even have a full remote desktop mode where you can take full control of their computer in real time.

None of these progs I'm speaking of are a virus or a worm so it can't automatically propagate. It's just ordinary spyware/hackware so I'd have to trojan it (make it look like a desirable program) in order to trick someone to run it. It definitely ain't Zeus, but it sure is a very powerful program. You either have to get someone to run the EXE file that looks like something else, or you have to bind it to a real good program's EXE file (put them both in a self extracting archive file and have a batch file run uppon extracting that runs the hackware installer and the legit program before deleting itself, said batch file) and then trojan the binded file so it looks like it's ONLY the desired program.

All these programs have a way autostart at reboot (often using more than the normal windows/curentversion/run registry entry) , some have a way to restart themselves uppon successful shutdown via TaskManager, and some even hide themselves from the processes list in TaskManager because the'yve been programmed by advanced techniques that actually causes them to run in the same memory space as explorer.exe (the main OS display that has the desktop etc) which is called process injection.

Some of the older such programs were server end on victim's comp, and client end on hacker's comp. This had the disadvantage of not knowing where all the victim servers were and so they would be programmed to email you victim's ip address because before being deployed you'd configure them with your email address. This simply served to make it impossible for hackers to remain anon, with a paper trail like this. Also if you didn't configure your hackware server to use a password before (or remotely with the client software shortly after infecting your victim), any other hacker who also knew your victim's IP address could hijack your hacking operation and steal your victims away from you by then putting their own password on.

The newer ones have a preconfigured client that is put on each victim's computer (and your own computer has the server), that you have to configure with your own IP address (making victim stealing much less likely, even without using a password, though a password is also allowed in addition). Also as this doesn't leave an email trail for authorities to find, it makes it more difficult to be caught by the cops for hacking like this. As victims' computers connect to yours, the client manager on your server show's who's connected and lets you doubleclick on these entries to bring up a control panel for hacking that victim.

Just a few names of such software are:
Sub 7
Back Orifice 2000

There's TONS more though.

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And you couldn't post this as a response to that other thread...why? And those really only work if you give someone access to your computer. These days there are things you can do to prevent unwanted downloads whether they're considered viruses or not. No really, I'd like to see what excuse you'd give. I'm guessing it's because you're listing things that could lead to illegal activity. Even if it's really simple to prevent.

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This is a separate thread for discussing HACKING, the very OPPOSITE purpose of the other thread, which was how to HIDE material from prying eyes. If you have a problem with hackers, read the other thread and learn how to hide info. If you wanna learn how to be a hacker, read this current thread instead.

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This is a separate thread for discussing HACKING, the very OPPOSITE purpose of the other thread, which was how to HIDE material from prying eyes. If you have a problem with hackers, read the other thread and learn how to hide info. If you wanna learn how to be a hacker, read this current thread instead.
Which is an illegal activity. And I did read the other thread and thoroughly mocked you in it. I'm not trusting anything by you and I doubt this thread will last long.

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It's not illegal to test the software on your own computer against another computer on your own LAN at home, which is the extent of what I used the software for. Security testing is a perfectly legal activity. Also it is not against the law to post tutorials on hacking. It's my first ammendment right to post INFORMATION on a subject. I'm not commanding you to go out and perform illegal acts, I'm providing you with information, and nothing more. That is not a crime, and the constitution of the United States SAYS that it's not a crime. Remember "freedom of speech"?

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Yes, because Jolly Roger's Cookbook clearly goes under the first amendment right. Just like pipebombs fit under the right to bear arms.

Oh mighty hacker, how you have bestowed upon us the knowledge of the noob is truly a noble thing. Then again. If you are so careless to put that much personal information on your computer, then more than likely you post all of your life on facebook. I needn't hack your computer, only "friend" you.

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Wait, is this forum about hacking? Or about being a script kiddy?

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Script Kiddy.

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Thought so.

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It's not illegal to explain HOW to do illegal things, as long as you don't come across as seeming to say that one SHOULD do illegal things. The latter can be considered coercing someone to commit a crime, which IS an illegal form of speech (as is yelling "fire" in a crowded theater, or slandering/libeling/defaming someone), and makes you culpable under the law for any crime they commit. However merely providing information on the process involved in committing a certain type of crime is just information and nothing more, and is NOT against the law. Now I know there are plenty of people who think that providing this kind of info should be illegal, but until someone amends the constitution to include this kind of info in some exception to free speech, then I'm indeed protected by the first amendment, and my post here is perfectly LEGAL.

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I agree with you that posting how to hack is not illegal, however it is unethical. However, I don't understand why you are saying that this is a thread for "learning how to be a hacker". There is no information about actual hacking. The only thing I see is a huge block of text saying that you can be a script kiddy. Hacking is not breaking into people's computers, nor is it damaging their programs/files/etc... I don't even think I can get into how absolutely wrong this whole thread is, nor do I want to try.

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.................................................. .. When can we get a feature that so many thread closures + So many bans = Perma ban.

Every thread/post which won't meet the rules will be locked and the poster will get an infraction!

^^^^ Why doesn't anyone do that to this guy. They just lock it. And I'm pretty sure we're not allowed to talk about illegal activities over here. P.S. Hacking someone elses computer IS illegal. However hacking your own isn't So you should try it some time. Fill your computer with virus's so you can't use the darn thing.

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First of all the whole terminology of this thread is wrong, second, you won't give instructions on how to break into people computers on this forum until I'm around, and third, cracking is an art, and not a plug-and-play game you can download from the Interweb.