View Full Version : Ookiku Furikabutte

06-02-2011, 01:31 PM
Has anyone else watched (or is watching) this anime? :) Because I love it. :D

06-03-2011, 03:03 AM
Tell me a bit about it, and I might give it a shot.

06-03-2011, 04:14 PM
Well, it's a baseball anime (though you don't have to be a sports/baseball fan to like this, I think. At least I wasn't.) It starts in the first year of High school. Mihashi (the main character who loves babseball, especially pitching) enrolls into Nishiura High and wants to join their baseball team (this is the first year the school had a baseball team and it was created by a female coach, Momoe, who is amazing at baseball and has big breasts - she's also really strong). However, Mihashi has doubts about joining, because he's very insecure about himself and his pitching abbilities and thinks everyone hates him. Basically, he has no confidence, which is the result of his experience in Junior High. His grandfather was the owner of the Junior High he went to, so he was automatically made the starting pitcher and that's why everyone hated him. The catcher didn't want to work with him and nobody gave him a chance to prove himself to them. Another important character is Abe, the catcher at Nishiura High. Mihashi's stuttering, lack of self confidence and shyness annoy the hell out of him, that's why he often yells at him and stuff. But Abe also had a somewhat unpleasant experience at his Junior High. Him and the pitcher didn't get along very well, because the pitcher was quite stubborn and even somewhat arrogant. He ignored Abe's pitching signs and stuff like that. That's why he likes Mihashi as a pitcher so much more. Because he'll do whatever Abe tells him to without questioning him. Tajima is also an important part of the team, since he is an exellent batter and just an all-round good player. I also find him very entertaining, because he's kinda wild/funny. Then there's also Hanai, the captain of the team, who competes with Tajima - he wants to be as good as him. There are other team memebers as well, obviously, but I don't have time to describe all of them. Each is an important part of the team, either way.
The story is about them wanting to get into the Summer Kōshien (the most important High school national championship in Japan), so they have to play qualifying rounds (during the process they have wins, losses, injuries, etc.) There's not only the Summer Kōshien, though, there are other tournaments as well, like the Spring and Fall championships. But it's not just about playing baseball. It's about the relationships between the characters, changing (growing up) and a few fun adventures on the way.