View Full Version : Need help identifying this anime

05-28-2011, 09:01 AM
Hi. There was an anime series which I used to watch 5-6 years ago. I did not finish the series and just cant remember the name now. I have some memories which Im gonna share and hope that you guys can help me identify which one it was.
First of all there was a queen/princess who had a diamond mark on her arm symbolizing her purity. She loses it while lying paralyzed in a field and a soldier/some guy comes along n defiles her.
The main character's name was Yoka/Ryoka (not really sure). He gos around from place to place learning new and different fighting styles everywhere he goes. He becomes a strong warrior in the end. I remember a part where 2 old people are arguing about which fighting style is the best, on top of a mountain. It is snowing. Each person describes something and the hero acts it out. Thus he gains 2 new fighting styles.
The hero and the queen/princess are obviously in love but keep on getting seperated due to something or the other.
This is all I remember. Also I think the English name of this series had the word "knight" in it. I really hope someone can help identify it. Thanks.