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This is a 3d mech game. It's a 3rd-person-shooter MMO game. It has robots as well as anime teenage girls and young women in power armors. Because of its MMO nature, it requires an internet connection for most of the game (though there is a single player mode, but more on that below). Both the game and the membership for online play are FREE!

For single player mode you do NOT need an internet connection. Problem is when you run the normal shortcut with target C:\CyberStep\CosmicBreak_eng\CosmicBreak.exe it actually runs a loader, which REFUSES to launch the game's exe file until a connection is established. The actual game's exe file is C:\CyberStep\CosmicBreak_eng\programs\cosmic.exe but running that generates an error box that tells you to run the launcher. While the launcher is needed to update the game to the latest release version (one of the things the launcher does is auto download and install updates for the game) you don't need the launcher to run the game's exe file or to play the game in single player mode. You see, when the launcher starts the game, it simply uses the command line switch -launch when running the game's exe file. To make the game able to run and to play single player mode regardless of your internet connection status, make a shortcut with these properties.
Target: C:\CyberStep\CosmicBreak_eng\programs\cosmic.exe
Start In: C:\CyberStep\CosmicBreak_eng\
Run that shortcut to start the game with no internet connection.

For more info, check out these sites.
main site: http://www.cosmicbreak.com/

And by the way my username in this game is MechaMan. So if you see a character on there with the name MechaMan, that's me.

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Thanks for moving it. I hadn't noticed the MMO section until after making my thread.

Also, what happened to the link to the forum? Why removed? That was the official forum for CosmicBreak (just as the above link, which WAS left in, was the official main site for the game). It's not like I'm advertising a comptetitor forum to animeforum.com, in fact I'd not call it advertising at all, as it's just that it is relevant material to the game in question, and it is JUST about that game (not a general anime or game forum).

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glad to see someone from AF plays this game

want to play together sometime?
my IGN is zencryo