View Full Version : Calling any and all fans of Tiger from Monster Rancher!

Devil Boy
04-18-2011, 09:41 PM
On Fanfiction.Net, I was able to find two very cool stories which portray Tiger in an awesome light, each a different way! One is where he's sung a song to about how cool he is and another is when he finally puts Hare in his place after so much feuding with him on the show! I'm betting the latter will be especially great, particularly for those who longed for the day Tiger would finally pay Hare back for all he has to put up with from him. Both fanfics have a parody of a Disney song each in them, btw.

Anyway, here the fics are...



I hope you enjoy them, everyone! Tell me what you think of them on this thread, please! I think they were an awesome find. But your opinion is...? Please tell me!