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04-18-2011, 11:15 AM
I found this anime video on MEMRI (Middle East Media Research Institute). Originally aired on the Arabic language station Al Aqsa TV, it is a short anti-Israel propaganda cartoon, clearly drawn in an anime style. It's about a Palestinian girl named Gaza. She is supposed to personify the city of Gaza in Israel, which is a specifically contested region (each side laying claim to it). Now it also appears she is supposedly a citizen of the city of Gaza. As she's out playing in the countryside she sees a massive aerial bombardment or shelling of the city. Then a talking bird comes by to tell her the city had been invaded and her parents killed, and for her to run away for safety. Instead she quickly runs INTO the occupied city to survey the damage. Shortly after entering the city she sees an Israeli tank and picks up stones and throws them at the tank. A soldier who's standing with his head out of the entry-hatch, pulls a sniper rifle out of nowhere and puts a bullet through her chest. Then she respawns (leaving her original corpse still on the ground), picks up the bullet off of the ground (which had apparently gone through her, rather than lodging inside her) and throws the bullet back at the soldier at ballistic speed (LOLWUT) and it puts out the soldier's eye. He then takes his tank and retreats, screaming in pain. Then in the last scene we see MANY copy's of that girl start spawning out of nowhere (again LOLWUT).

Unlike the original Al Aqsa TV broadcast, the copy from MEMRI has hard-subbed English subtitles. And I noticed quite a few typos in them. However the subtitles are easily enough to make it so that someone who doesn't know even one word of Arabic, will still be able to completely understand what's going on.

Watch the video at: http://www.memritv.org/clip/en/2413.htm
Download the video by right-clicking this link and selecting save as: http://media.memritv.org/WMV-E/2413.wmv

Here's 2 screen caps showing the subtitles of consecutive phrases of the lyrics of the background music early on in the anime. The BGM is used as narration for this story. There's no sound effects or character voices in this anime.