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04-09-2011, 10:46 PM
This anime comedy is about a radio station with low ratings. They need some new programing, but what should they use? Well one guy decides to order an android to be their new announcer. Her name is Maico. Each episode for most of the episodes, does not have a continuing episode to episode plot, except the overall idea that they now have an android as their announcer. Each episode has its own funny story involving this android announcer, and the things that go on at the station. It uses a mixture of hand-drawn 2d, and computer-rendered 3d graphics.

It takes 3 episodes before she is fully installed at their station. In episode 1, you find out about their low ratings and them ordering an android to be their announcer. In episode 2, The shipment containing the android that was ordered, finally arrives at their station. Unfortunately it wasn't fully assembled, as it had been shipped in 2 parts, and one of the shipments had been delayed or something. In this episode only her torso-and-head unit had arrived, so she had to be strapped to a chair with duct-tape, and the chair placed in front of the table with the microphone so she could do her job as announcer. By the beginning of the 3rd episode you see her fully assembled, so you know that between eps 1 and 2 the other shipment (the one containing her leg-unit) had arrived so they were able to finish assembling her.

So from episode 3 and onward she, now in her fully assembled state, is the main character. Episode 3 was kind of funny since she had an electronic malfunction that appeared as though if not stopped, it would have actually have activated some kind of self destruct mechanism.


Interestingly though, before the anime, this was actually a manga called Maico 2010. It had a deeper plot where we actually learn the true origin of this android. Long before she went to the radio station to be their announcer, she was originally part of weird science experiment, studying human sexuality. Her purpose was to attempt seduce human test subjects.

And although this is a fairly obscure anime/manga title, there still ARE some cosplayers to choose to cosplay as the character Maico.

04-10-2011, 03:20 AM
I've read this manga! It's been quite a while, but I remember I really liked it. Although, I can't remember if it came to a conclusive end or if it just stopped. I'll have to get out my books sometime and check it out. :) I've seen some of the anime, but never got around to finishing it. I probably should sometime. :)