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03-22-2011, 03:03 PM

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic
Published By: LucasArts
Developed By: BioWare
Genre: Sci Fi Role playing game
Number of Players: 1 Player
Release Dates: Xbox
US July 15, 2003
EU September12, 2003
Microsoft Windows
USA November19, 2003
EU December 5, 2003
INT September 5, 2009
Mac OS X
NA September 7, 2004
(App Store)
NA February 18, 2011
Platforms: Pc Windows, Mac, Xbox (Yes it does work
for Xbox 360)
Rated T for Teen: Violence

Story: This Star Wars game takes place 4,000 years before
the rise of the Galactic Empire. (Before any of the movies). Your character
that you choose either human male or female wakes up on a Republic ship that is
in a fight with Sith Forces in charged by the main evil character Darth Malak.
You then fight your way towards the ship and escape with a fellow Soldier. You
then Crash on a Sith occupied planet Taris. You then have to rescue a Jedi
Knight on the Planet and get a ship to take you out of the planet and to the
Jedi safe haven known as Dantooine. You then are trained by the Jedi Masters to
become a Jedi Knight to investigate a ruin on the planet. You then discover
that ruin contains a map that contains locations all across the galaxy that
could be the reason that Malak is so powerful. Your quest from there on is to
find these locations and finally stop Darth Malak from taking over the

Characters in the Story: Along your journey you’re
going to meet a number of different characters that will join your party. Each
character has different specialties and different use in battle also each
character has their own back story important for character development. You
first met fellow solider Carth Onasi. I loyal Republic soldier that helps you
on Taris after the crash and is your party member on Taris. A Twi’lek teenager
named Mission Vao you find in Taris’ underworld a very vocal yet smart party
member that uses stealth and is a good at demolitions. Her friend Zaalbar a
Wookiee (hes the coolest character) warrior who protects Mission and your party
that’s strong and uses his cross bow like a pro. A Jedi Knight named Bastila
Shan (love her). She is a great wielder of the force and helps and fights alongside
you. For some unknown reason you have a connection with Bastila that you have
to find out. Utility droid T3-M4 (lame version of R2). Helps you open doors
that are locked and can create computer spikes for you. Canderous Ordo a Mandalorian
mercenary who loves battle and does great with lasers and heavy weapons. Jedi
Jolee Bindo an old warrior that lives in the deep forest of Kashyyyk for his retirement
plans. He is great wielder in the force and great sense of humor for an old
guy. Assassin droid HK-47 (best character ever). He is trash talking droid that
refers to humans as meat bags and from the start calls you master. You have to
buy him it’s worth it trust me his dialogue is just too funny. Juhani a Jedi that
has trouble dealing with her emotions but is learning to control them. Watch
out for her. Your character can learn everything about these characters with
most of them have a back story that you discover and help to gain trust. Though
there is a mystery involving your character but no spoilers you have to find
out on your own.

Other Characters: Due to the vast game there are so
many characters that you as the main character will encounter during the game.
From angry Wookiee warriors, sith warriors, mercenaries, gang members, SAND
PEOPLE! And the world’s animal creatures that hurt you. The NPC’s in the game will
talk to you depending on the path you talk. People will trust you more and like
you if your light side. They will be fearful of you if decide to take the path
of the dark.

Graphics and Locations: For game developed in 2003
when the Xbox was considered new the graphics are really well done. When you go
through the playable locations which are Tatooine, Dantooine, Kashyyyk, Korriban,
Manaan, Rakata Prime, Taris, and space stations. Every location feels
different. For example when you’re in Kashyyyk which is a forest planet you see
forest everywhere and it’s raining, the creatures in Kashyyyk are creatures
that would see in the forest lurking in the dark. Then you go to Tatooine and
well it’s a desert city then you go to the desert and there is nothing there it
seems for miles.
Sound: The sound design for this game to put it to a
star wars fan it “feels like a star wars movie”. Though the score of the music
is done by Jeremy Soule he does a good job and it feels like you’re watching a
star wars movie with that breath taking music. The music changes with a frantic
pace of Jedi fighting to a peaceful training session on Dantoonie. The music
makes you feel your trying to accomplish something with in the universe. The sound
for the voice actors of the characters are done very well as well. The only
voice that annoyed me personally was Juhani. The voice acting for Hk-47 though
is comedic and makes you laugh every time. The voice acting for the NPC’s is
very good as well. The only thing that you will realize is that they use the
same voice actor in the same voice actor a lot. Well when this game has 15000
lines of dialogue for the main characters and the NPC I don’t think you can
blame them for over using voices. The sound of the background noises is very
impressive. When you’re walking in the jungle of the Kashyyyk homeworld you
here a creature howling in the background. When you’re in a battle with a Jedi knight
with every clash your lightsaber you here that unmistakable sound of two
lightsabers hitting. With a laser you can hear them shooting in the background.
Walking around the city you here flyers above. The sound in anything involving Star
Wars is usually the best this to me is no exception.

Gameplay: This game was made in RPG style of Dungeons
and Dragons dice roll of 20. So damage is based upon the roll and the
characters defense. This is done in a fixed short interval of real time so
every character gets a chance to attack. Though you can pause the battle and
choose what attack you would like to preform or use an item. In this game your
party levels up with you and that also includes your allies who don’t come
along with you. This makes it so you can bring different party members to
different locations also sometimes there is a time where you can’t bring a
party member to a certain location and besides having everyone leveled up the
same makes so you don’t have that one useless character. The final part of the
gameplay is the dialogue. This is the first game I played where your choice
matters. You can choose good nice answers, to help someone in need and not ask
for a reward and get “light side points”. You then become a defender of the
light. Or you could become an evil Jedi making fun of other people and
sometimes lying and cheating them. Even threating them to your desire. This will
give you “dark side’s points”. These actions will affect the ending of the game
to what your character wants. Based on your good or bad choices. This game will
not punish you for choosing either bag or good. This game logs 60 hours to

My Personal Opinion: I loved this game. I played
this game when it first came out and everyone in a while I find myself playing
it again. I have bet it 3 times. BioWare has become a great gaming company with
the success of the Mass Effect games but this game started their fame I believe.
I recommend this game for anyone. If you’re a star wars fan, an RPG fan, heck I
have seen star wars haters and RPG haters love this game. So I believe this
game is for everyone. You can find this game used on amazon for about $20.00 or
you can find it on steam. Yes it does work on Xbox 360 though I did have some
frame rate problems but I thinks its due I used the disc I bought back in 2004.

Gameplay: 9
“The battle system takes some getting used to I think but once you do its Jedi time!”

Sound: 10
“You feel like your living in the Star Wars universe
trust me awesome music”

Story: 10
"It’s a Stars Wars movie that you’re the Jedi and it’s still better to watch then the first

Replay Value:
Moderate: Beating it twice is fine

(This is my first review;
I plan on doing others but please tell me how I could make reviews better for
the future. I formatted this review in the style of Kaitou’s reviews because I
thought his was easy to read and follow so thanks to Kaitou+ Finally I’m sorry
this review took so long as soon as I started school decided to destroy me with
work but its all good)

08-10-2011, 07:08 PM
This is indeed a nice game.

04-20-2012, 09:09 PM
I love this game and it is a lot of fun to play. The only thing i dont like about it is the lack of people to play with. I can never find groups for anything so it plays more of a rpg for me than a mmo.