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03-04-2011, 02:26 PM
And you could be the director, who would you cast for the characters?

This is assuming it was an American version. Can you be the first director to make an actually good, (Or at least passable) live action adaptation?

Mine is Samurai Champloo. I'd cast:

Mugen: Eric Bana. I'm a big fan. Give him the shaggy hair from Troy, the personality of Mugen, and we have a winner.

Jin: Johnny Depp. Call me crazy all you want. He's more than capable of wielding a sword, he pulls of glasses awesomely, and could grow the hair. Plus he can lose his accent, and has awesome, awesome acting talent.

Fuu: Felicia Day. She might not even be good for the role. But I am a huge fanboy, and have a big ol' crush on her, and she kinda looks like Fuu. So, whatever. :p

There are too many plots and drifting characters to do any more.

And because I could only list three, and that made me sad, I'll do Fruits Basket, my second favorite. (Although they are apparently already making one...)


Tohru: ...Emma Watson?

Yuki: I would have to go with Joe Dinicol. This one is rough, and it would be a hard role. He's not very girlish, and he has never played that kind of personality. But I do believe he could pull it off.

Kyo: Matt Damon. Another actor I dislike, but would fit the role perfectly.

Shigure: I think Johnny Depp would fit this role really well too. The role of the wise double-crossing pervert. Sounds alot like another one of Depp's characters.

Kagura: Dakota fanning. She has a pretty good rage.

Momiji: This one took forever to decide on. But, Allen Alvarado. I haven't seen him act, but just look him up and imagine him with blonde Momiji hair, and in a school-girl uniform. :p

Hatori: George. Clooney. He was born for this role.

Haru: I want to puke for saying it, but him and mister Twilight have FAR too many similarities as far as looks go. So, Robert Pattinson.

Ayame: This one, I can't decide on. He's my favorite character. But I think if Neil Patrick Harris grew out the hair/wore a wig, he is flamboyant enough to pull it off.

Kisa: Abigail Breslin. She can do a great job of looking young and old. And is a good actor to boot.

Hiro: Undeniably, Alexander Gould. Waay too similar.

Ritsu: Geez, I don't know. I'd almost have to recommend getting an actual chick to play him. But if not, I'd say someone like Elijiah Woods.

Rin: Kristen Stewart. For serious. And I HATE Twilight.

Kureno: How about Brad Pitt? They kinda look alike, and Kureno has a bit of a flat personality, so Pitt could roll with it. Plus, he would get small amounts of screen time, but still add large amounts of star power.

Akito: This one was tough. But I went with the Anime's approach with just making her a dude. And that dude is Rain.


I think that's all

So, feel free to add your own, or critique mine. I'm sure I have plenty of nonsense picks. :p

03-04-2011, 05:29 PM
Ghost in the shell
Director: either james cameron or Steven speilberg
the major: Angelina Jolie
batou: either chuck norris or steven seagal
togusa: Orlando bloom would be perfect
cheif aramaki: christopher lee aka count dooku
saito: scott caan
ishikawa: jonathan frakes
paz:i have no clue
kubota: leonardo de caprello

03-13-2011, 05:03 AM
I'd really love to see a live-action movie version of Code Geass, that would be totally awesome ^^

03-21-2011, 09:15 AM
Given the reputation of anime gone live action... I wouldn't want my favorite series to go there. Especially if I was the one directing ^^;