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03-02-2011, 05:58 PM
Hey people

I would like to know your your opinion on what you believe are the craziest massacre scenes in anime. Scenes where tons of people are brutally murdered Your top 3 or your favorite one will do. I'm compiling a list and i have a few nominations already. I'd like to add some new nominations to the list

These are the current nominees:

- Berserk, eclipse massacre (Having all your friends and loved ones brutally massacred and tortured in front of you ... definite contender)

- Afro Samurai, first fight scene (in the opening fight scene featuring afro, he easily massacres over 20 enemies in cold blood)

- Elfen Lied, market massacre (Lucy kills tons of bystanders in the market brutally before being chased by the police)

- Kenshin OVA, his childhood memories (In the Kenshin OVA you see how the entire group traveling with Kenshin is brutally murdered by bandits, very cruel scene ...)

- Code Geass, stadium massacre (After accidentally using his Geass against Euphemia, she goes ahead and massacres all the Japanese people in the stadium)

Those are the nominees so far.

I am looking for more for the list. So let me know your choices and why you chose them. Thanks!

03-02-2011, 10:07 PM
I've got some.

- Elfen Lied, 1st part of 1st episode (Lucy brutally kills all of the security guards, and the secretary, in the science lab facility)

- The Vision of Escaflowne, episode 14 battle (Van Fanel, piloting his mech Escaflowne, goes berzerker and completely destroys the "Dragonslayers", the enemy army and nearly does the same thing to their leader Dilandau)

- Neon Genesis Evangelion movie EoE, last battle with Asuka [2 massacres here] (The fully autonomous Evangelion mass produced series, brutally shredded by Asuka and her bio-mech Evangelion Unit 02. Afterward, they reactivate even though they should be completely nonfunctioning now, and proceed to slaughter EVA-02)