View Full Version : Sucky anime company doesn't know what to do with all their anime eps. LOL, FAIL!

02-13-2011, 11:39 PM
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Monster_Rancher_(anime)#Monster_Rancher_on_DVD_and _VHS

According to this article, BKN International A.G. (apparently the maker of the Monster Rancher anime) sold the American distribution rights for all 73 episodes of the Monster Rancher anime to Digiview Productions LLC. But guess what Digiview did with their newly acquired distribution rights. They released a DVD (selling for only $1 per disk at Walmart and other places that sell cheapo crap products) containing only the first 5 episodes of the anime. LOLWUT. Later they included the first 8 episodes instead on this $1 DVD. NEVER did they release a complete box set that had all 73 episodes. *facepalm.jpg*

This is so epic fail, that I believe a double-face-palm, or even a complete face-desk, may be in order.

Guess where you can buy ALL 73 episodes. At amazon.co.jp. Yep that's right, in Japan the original company that made this anime is selling a Japanese only (no English sub or dub) copy in the form of 3 box sets, one for each of the 3 seasons. However at a price of about 15000 Yen (or about $150) per box set, they are INSANELY expensive, as even popular shows like StarTrek in the US go for only $100 per season.

But over here in America that one company (which I hadn't even heard of before) called Digiview Productions, which probably is the only one which came closest to being able to release all 73 episodes in the US, MAJORLY failed, and their suckage has deprived me and many other anime fans from being able to own in its entirety one of possibly the most EPIC animes ever made.

So what do you guys think of this? Did you like the anime when it ran on Fox Kids? Did you hope to be able to own a DVD of it? What do you think of the level of fail that this company managed to do?