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02-10-2011, 02:14 PM
Ok, I've been typing up some text files of things I meant to post when I got back on here. Here's the first anime I wanted to post about.

This anime (In English it translates to "Deep Blue Fleet") is an alternate-universe version of World War 2. While the only copy I could get a torrent of (and I don't even know where to buy the DVD) had no English subs or dub (and I don't know hardly any Japanese language, and DEFINITELY can't translate any of what was said), I was usually able to tell what was happening, just from the visuals (and from a bit of knowledge of the plot, thanks to Wiki). It is an OVA, but unlike most OVAs (but like a TV show) it isn't just a few episodes long. It is 32 episodes long, 40 minutes each.

Ultimately it seems that it is a "pro Japan WWII" made, but in modern times (seems the producer feels bad his country lost the war for real). In this anime, Japan is technologically superior to all other countries. They carry out NOT a morning raid on Pearly Harbor, but instead a NIGHTTIME raid. Then they proceed to wipe out American outposts on the rest of the Hawaiian islands, and take Hawaii as a base for themselves (score Japan 1, USA 0). Japan invents a nuclear artillery round. In one battle battle 4 of these shells were fired into a squadron of approaching American planes (these shells glow green and leave a green glowing trail like some scifi beam weapon). Upon detonation, that entire US air squadron is completely vaporized (score Japan 2, USA 0). They use torpedoes to destroy a base at the Panama Canal by blowing up the locks that hold back the different water levels and flooding the whole place (score Japan 3, USA 0). Japan invents an unmanned kamikaze based aircraft that is loaded with explosives, which is then dropped from a plane and flys into its target. An arms race begins. The US then invents 6 propeller engine craft with the bomb bay FILLED to the max with heavy machineguns. A squadron of these advanced US planes now approaches a Japanese battle ship. One of them unloads on the ship, but only causing relatively minor damage. The battleship returns fire with more nuclear artillery. Well there goes one more American air squadron (score Japan 4, USA 0). The US FINALLY builds an A-bomb, but the facility where it is being held is ambushed by Japanese planes launching those unmanned kamikaze craft at it. The facility is set on fire, from bombardment. The heat from the fire detonates the A-bomb stored there. KAAAAABOOOOOOOOOM!!!!!!! (score Japan 5, USA 0)
You get the idea.

In other scenes, Japanese planes fly through various US cities dropping propaganda pamphlets to try to talk the American public into not supporting the US involvement in the war. Also a Japanese plane drops a DISARMED bomb in front of the White House in Washington DC, as a warning shot.

The arms race continues. By the end of this alternate WWII story (due to this arms race), all the nations of the world have have fighter jets, very similar to modern ones, and use them in most of the remaining battles in the OVA (NOT like the actual end of WWII fighter jet that Germany had build but with little or no use in the war, and was VERY primitive compared to modern fighter jets). By the end of the story, Japan was so superior, ALL the other nations (US, Britain, Germany, Italy, etc) were NOT fighting each other, but had all teamed up against Japan. But Japan STILL defeats them all. And in the end it looked like the US (leading country of the anti Japanese forces) was forced to sign a surrender.

There's also a sequel called "Kyokujitsu no Kantai" (translated to English it means "Fleet of the Rising Sun"). However I've not had time to watch this one yet (though it was included in the torrent I downloaded).

Info on Konpeki no Kantai can be found at these web pages: