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  1. Rome:Total War
  2. Dbz Budokai 3
  3. X Box help!!!!!!!!!
  4. F.e.a.r.
  5. Whats the best anime game out there??
  6. Chain of Memories
  7. Has anyone ever played…
  8. Post Your Favourite Neverwinter Modules
  9. Wich games should collide against each other?
  10. The issues of nintendo: Part 1 Nintendo in trouble?
  11. Help I Need Infomation On Games
  12. Wich video game company do you like the most? WHY????
  13. Has Anyone Ever Played Mortal Kombat Deception?
  14. Dynasty Warriors 4 Empires
  15. Rate my Halo 2 Gun combo!
  16. Dynasty Warriors 5 & Dynasty Warriors PSP
  17. Which Link/Zelda do you like better?
  18. Full Metal Alchemist PS2
  19. who here likes kingdom hearts
  20. What is your favorite video game
  21. chain of memories
  22. prince of persia: sands of time
  23. favorite sound track
  24. Final Fantasy Series
  25. Talk about Resident Evil Stuff
  26. Finishing Tales of Symphonia (possible spoilers)
  27. Capcom / Konami Merger? ur opinions.
  28. who like to new sims.........
  29. Is Zelda getting Old or Not?
  30. What is your favorite game System
  31. What is your favorite video game?
  32. Trigun Video game
  33. metal gear solid 3
  34. Valve games
  35. Racing Games, like Street Racing Syndicate, etc.
  36. GTA:San Andreas vs. Driv3er
  37. Xboxlive
  38. U top 10 all time games...
  39. Im Tired of all the FF X-2 Raves
  40. I need help with Tales Of Symphonia
  41. that bunny game
  42. The worst game you have ever played
  43. Sonic lovers, I need your opinion
  44. what games do u have?
  45. Does gaming interfere with normal everyday life things?
  46. Who wants to get the new Ps2 game Full Metal Alchamist
  47. who do you think would win??
  48. Was it really worth it?
  49. What do you think
  50. Favorite game made by Squaresoft/SquareEnix?
  51. How many Zelda baddies can you name?
  52. Godzilla:Save The Earth
  53. Devil May Cry saga
  54. Sailor Moon RPG Snes Game
  55. Tales of Symphonia!!
  56. America's Army
  57. Wich game is better?????
  58. Soul Calibur 3 possibly in Fall '05
  59. Star ocean fan anyone
  60. FF7 all over again!
  61. Favorite category? FPS RPG ect
  62. Favorite game category
  63. gamecube anyone?
  64. whos cool?
  65. the most villanus villan
  66. whos harder
  67. most comidic side kick
  68. What is your favorite RPG game?
  69. Game Ideas
  70. hey anybody like to play Xenosaga
  71. hey anybody like to play Xenosaga
  72. The Matrix Online ?
  73. Suikoden, what do u think?
  74. Longest game you have ever played?
  75. Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune
  76. The VG that changed your life
  77. Funnest game youv,e ever played.
  78. Riku from Kingdom Hearts
  79. The Dumbest Capcom Game Created
  80. Timesplitters: Future Perfect
  81. Ssbm
  82. Super Smash Bros. Melee or Soul Caliber II?
  83. What game has the best graphics?
  84. What game has the best musics?
  85. The most addicting of all games is...?
  86. Which is the coolest Videogame hero/villain
  87. What don't you like on your favourite Videogame? (spoilers)
  88. What Videogame has the worst end?
  89. Let me hear your opinion about your best rpg
  90. Who do you think would win Sora or Reku
  91. Fighting Game Champions!
  92. Yu Yu Hakusho Games
  93. PSP or DS
  94. EA OWNS THE NFL License
  95. Star Ocean
  96. MMORPG's
  97. Whats your favorite Fighting Game?
  98. yo who here is interested in buying the new Ghost in the shell game standalonecomplex
  99. Half Life series
  100. TimeSplittersFuturePerfect release date...
  101. Resident Evil: Love or Hate?
  102. PSO and Fire Emblem
  103. Guilty Gear
  104. Metal Gear Series: Love or Hate?
  105. what do you guys and girls think about me making a dot hack rpg on rpg maker.
  106. Have you ever played Ehrgeiz
  107. favorite arcade games
  108. Who here likes street fighter
  109. who here has played either starcraft or warcraft?
  110. Fav games console
  111. Mobile Suit Gundam: Zeonic Front
  112. Final Fantasy x-2 was changed
  113. new katamari damacy game
  114. What's the best console?
  115. Xbox gamers
  116. World of Warcraft
  117. Chrono Cross
  118. Fire Emblem
  119. Fighter's Pub
  120. What's ur strategy when it comes to rpgs?
  121. video games
  122. yugioh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  123. Favorite Final Fantasy Main character?
  124. Dynasty Warriors 5
  125. The same old same old.
  126. Which One?
  127. Ultima Online or Neverwinter Nights havw u played
  128. Resident Evil or Silent Hill
  129. HardCore: The Armored Core Thread
  130. Do any of you play Runescape?If so what's your username and lvl?
  131. hey PS2 oweners watch out for what is up with the new PS2
  132. PS3 and Xbox2 information
  133. Magic:The Gathering
  134. whats the best game of all time for xbox
  135. Magic the gathering
  136. dumb
  137. Half Life 2
  138. Whats ur favour game post here
  139. Whats ur favorite game
  140. Dmc3
  141. who do you think would win?? v2.0
  142. Halo Vs Killzone
  143. Best TCG
  144. Zoe3?
  145. Kingdom Hearts Help please!!!!!!!
  146. New system poll
  147. the ultimate street fight Ken vs Ryu vs Akuma
  148. Ragnarok Online
  149. kenshin rpg
  150. XenoSaga 2 .....GOOD or BAD?
  151. Favorite Final Fantasy Game
  152. Master Chief or Samus??
  153. Devil May Cry
  154. Tekken 5
  155. Which is better: PS2, XBox, Gamecube, NES, Super NES, or PS1?
  156. Dirges of Cerberus
  157. worst RPG ever.
  158. gamz likey
  159. One of the saddest parts of FF7
  160. RIKKU OF FF10 and FF10-2
  161. Armageddon A Online Grand Theft Auto Game.
  162. Final Fantasy 11 for PS2 and PC
  163. What do you know about the new Zelda Game?
  164. SpongeBob
  165. What is so great about Football games
  166. like rpgs new old go here
  167. This Versus That?
  168. psp
  169. Your Fav character on DBZ budokai series
  170. GTA: San Andreas cheats!!
  171. Need to know voice actors for Star Ocean: Till the End of Time.
  172. Tom Clancy Games
  173. FF7 Advent Children
  174. The xbox club
  175. Brothers in Arms: Road To Hill 30
  176. if it were your choice witch one would be successful?
  177. The Best Game Ever
  178. Final Fantasy Name Game
  179. Final Fantasy question
  180. Would You like me to make an inuyasha map on starcraft and put it on the internet?
  181. Making Inuyasha map on starcraft Good OR Bad?
  182. .hack part one for the ps2.
  183. clans for halo 2 (xbox)
  184. I Need Some Serious Help Here!!!
  185. Star Ocean Till the end of time
  186. Soul Calibur 3 slated to release in the US this year
  187. Full Metal Alchemist
  188. Which is better Starcraft or Warcraft?
  189. Question about games!!
  190. who here knows anything about the new kingdom hearts for ps2?
  191. What do you think is the best video game?
  192. Robots
  193. Metal Gear Showdown
  194. my name's Robo, and i'm a Final Fantys adict
  195. Mario Party
  196. Does Anyone Know About Cowboy Bebop: The game?
  197. metroid prime 2 echoes
  198. Halo 2 or Halo
  199. Final Fantasy
  200. RPG or RTS
  201. God of War...
  202. the legend of zelda the minish cap help
  203. What If Final Fantasy never existed?
  204. For those of you who play WoW!
  205. final fantasy characters
  206. Whats a good MMORPG
  207. which game would make a better anime or movie?
  208. How many game systems do you have?
  209. FF Tactics Advance
  210. Dragonball Z Sagas
  211. Thoughts on Area51 that's being realised later this year
  212. FFX Spoilers!!!
  213. Psp Vs. Nintendo Ds
  214. xbox or game cube?
  215. who thinks finalfantisyx2 is cool
  216. who thinks finalfantisyx2 is cool
  217. God Of War
  218. grand trismo 3
  219. dbz budakai 3
  220. gta vice city
  221. Who here likes Diablo 2
  222. Who here has heard of and played Runescape?
  223. final fantasy x1 or x2
  224. psp or gbads?
  225. Bloody Roar:Primal Fury
  226. Gta San Andreas
  227. Ps2 Banned?!!
  228. whats ur favourite overdrive/limit break?
  229. whats ur favourite final fantasy weapon?
  230. PSP good or bad?
  231. Anyone try..
  232. Halo-2 ultimate weapon,the scarab gun
  233. who do you think would win?? v3.0
  234. Which is cooler?
  235. Do you think there is going to be another .Hack
  236. MarioKart: Double Dash
  237. Psp
  238. Favorite N64 game
  239. whos ur fav streetfighter character
  240. Super Smash Brothers Melee
  241. Has anyone played DMC3
  242. golden sun
  243. Magic:The Gathering players
  244. What is your favourite shooting game?
  245. how many
  246. An All Final Fantasy Name Game!
  247. dante's wallpaper
  248. Who Is Your Fav. Soul Caliber Character
  249. Great PC game. Has anyone played it?
  250. FFX-2 Help