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  1. I need An Cafe tabs! D: Help!
  2. Bangs - Best Rapper Ever!
  3. Which one song...
  4. Freiza frieza frieza it
  5. Favorite parody music?
  6. What song are you not listening to right now?
  7. My fav J-Pop music is from the band Animetal
  8. It says watch the obscene lyrics
  9. What are your Top Favorite Vocaloid Songs?
  10. Can you Freestyle?
  11. Visual Kei
  12. Pumped Up!
  13. Buono!~ Japanese Pop
  14. Best film music?
  15. Those cheesy love songs...
  16. Working Out/Exercising
  17. Favorite Japanese Love song
  18. Dancing
  19. The Vehicle Music
  20. Singing
  21. New Radiohead Album
  22. help find a song
  23. songs that shouldn't be dedicated
  24. What Was The Last Song You Sang To?
  25. What Was The Last Song You Danced To?
  26. Plug your Last.fm account
  27. Overrated and underrated musicians
  28. Misora Hibari (and other enka)
  29. What song are you listening to right now? V2
  30. Upbeat/uplifting/calm Music?
  31. Favorite Disney Movie Songs
  32. Anime opening title?
  33. ♪♪It increases your productivity♪♪
  34. This guy has nice music...
  35. My New Music Material !
  36. what are some good jrock bands or singers?
  37. Catchiest hook ever in a song!
  38. Concerts
  39. Can you give me some advice on my song ? :)
  40. what do you think of vocaloids
  41. Interesting Rap Video?
  42. Looking for this song..instrumental by Nujabes [ Samurai Champloo ]
  43. Post your covers
  44. Nice video of 4 chord songs =)
  45. I have a question for people who listen to rap music.................................
  46. Ipod shuffle challenge
  47. I feel really bad doing this...
  48. Animusic
  49. What's your favorite kids movie song?
  50. Inspirational Lyrics/Songs
  51. Wedding
  52. Funeral
  53. Need help - from experts Anime
  54. funny Lyrics
  55. What's the most weird band names you've ever heard?
  56. The name of this song (Help me )
  57. What are you singing in your head?
  58. Some Songs
  59. Ranma and Ryoga themes
  60. Miku Hatsune LIVE in USA!!
  61. What themes are you entitled to?
  62. Can I play FarmVille with my dead mommy?
  63. Favourite Vocaloid
  64. Your fav female Korean singers?
  65. Metal
  66. Your Favourite Solos!
  67. What's the name of that song?
  68. Microrave - DJ Ellipsis/Hyphen
  69. Hitomi Shimatani - Osaka No Onna
  70. What Are Your Top Ten Songs?
  71. Non-soundtrack music
  72. What song fits your current mood/feeling?
  73. (K-ON!) Don't Say Lazy - Akira Complex's Dubstep Remix
  74. Bleach Opening 1 - Asterisk - Orange Range
  75. What's your top 5 bands?
  76. Bands you try to like, but you end up don't liking them anyway.
  77. Your favorite Japanese Artist/band
  78. RIP Clarence Clemons
  79. Songs that scare you. :$
  80. Hatsune Miku Specific
  81. Favorite song to meditate to..
  82. Do you prefer Rap or Rock and Roll?
  83. Down with some Club-beats that go hard? Check out K-PoP girl band 2NE1!
  84. Tryin to find vids for these on YT
  85. One piece
  86. Auto-Tune
  87. Worst JPOP bands ever
  88. song that gets you "pumped up" the most.
  89. One ok rock
  90. Your 12 Track Playlist for a Desert Island
  91. Boondocks theme song
  92. What are some songs you keep repeating?
  93. Kokai
  94. Kurenai
  95. The Gazette
  96. Fairy Tail OST 1 - EPIC MUSIC (Must hear) Genre: "Celtic Rock"?
  97. Song Of The Moment
  98. Nico Nico Chorus goes here!
  99. Watch The Throne [Jay-Z & Kanye West]
  100. Artists that have changed
  101. who is favorite artist/bands
  102. whats the best anime opening song
  103. What is your favorite anime theme song and ending credits song?
  104. Weirdest Songs You've Ever Listened to...
  105. Da Carter IV [Lil Wayne]
  106. Favourite UTAU
  107. Favorite Lyric From A Song
  108. Japanese Band Suggestions?
  109. Music Suggestion Thread
  110. Not J-pop... but K-pop?
  111. Need some Electronic Jpop recommendations!!
  112. [Album] The Vocaloids
  113. Which genre do you listen to?
  114. who are the great japanese bands and singers (pop and rock)
  115. Your theme song?
  116. [Abum] Carnival
  117. The Music Of This Decade
  118. LOL, I'm a Newb.
  119. Musicals
  120. Music That Gets You Emotional
  121. What're You Listening Too .... YouTube twist.
  122. [WATCH] Clannad After Story, Naruto Shippuuden, Bleach, and Angel Beats! on the PIANO
  123. How often do you listen to music?
  124. Super Bass/Teenage Dream Mashup/Cover!
  125. [Album] InfiniteHOLiC
  126. What song are you listening to right now? V3
  127. Are you Living de Life?
  128. Search Kimi ni Todoke version from Sawako and Kazehaya
  129. I need help finding a certain song title! Its driving me insane!
  130. Does anyone know the original artist of this song?
  131. My music uploads from my YouTube channel.
  132. Guilty!! Guilty!! Guilty!!
  133. Who is familiar with the band versialles,?
  134. Greatest According to AF: Singer
  135. Unknown songs yet good?
  136. Best Anime Music!
  137. Wakare no Kyoku
  138. Music/OST Help.
  139. Covers Better Than The Original
  140. Best Music Video
  141. The Aquabats! are the best.
  142. Help with a song...
  143. What is your favorite album?
  144. 80's japanese female singers (like BGC)
  145. Anime/Japanese music covers on various instruments (on Youtube, Niconico Douga, etc)
  146. Anime,N64 & Psychedelia
  147. RIP Dobie Gray
  148. Ever heard of these guys before?
  149. The best Japanese band/group EVER?
  150. Do you understand the lyrics in the J-Pop you listen to?
  151. Not sure if dubstep...
  152. What is your favorite singer/group/band?
  153. Recommendations?
  154. Nevermind
  155. I think i am the only anime fan who likes metal
  156. Best anime opening/closing song?
  157. What is Rin saying between the 2nd chorus and 2nd verse?
  158. animated music videos
  159. Who is Legend?
  160. Vote for Miku for the Olympics opening ceremony
  162. Help with a cover? :3
  163. Friendly music discussion :)
  164. whats on your ipod?
  165. Does anybody know songs sung by marina?
  166. deep songs
  167. Music! Everyones love, share your story!
  168. Favorite OSTs!~ =D
  169. Anyone Knows about any music program like Tuxguitar but for violin or piano?
  170. anime intros/end songs that make you want to dance
  171. Songs from your childhood
  172. [東方] Touhou Arranges
  173. Favourite Genre
  174. What Kind of Headphones Do You Use?
  175. HELP! I want to find the best vocaloid songs!
  176. "Sound alike" songs, please help!
  177. Monster Mill
  178. "Blush" the rising Asian Pop group !!
  179. Artist Comebacks!
  180. Dubstep Song Recommendations
  181. K-pop Macros
  182. What's the name of that song?
  183. SHINee
  184. Rap and Trance music to game to
  185. Dir en Grey vs The Gazette
  186. Have you ever Played any instruments?
  187. Favourite Vocaloid Songs
  188. Favourite metal bands?
  189. Help me choose!!!
  190. The Gazette- Reila emotional meaning <3
  191. Rate The Song Above You!
  192. Rare Kyary Pamyu Pamyu high school song!!!
  193. HearJapan/sasakure.UK Translation Contest!
  194. Guitar Covers
  195. Card Captor Sakura fans, rejoice!
  196. [Selling] PSP AKB1/48 Idol Special Pack + Photos
  197. J-rock suggestions?
  198. anyone wanna make a metal/lternative band with me?
  199. What's Your Choice of Music?
  200. still looking for some band members
  201. Vocaloid advice/reccommendations?
  202. WTS: Sale on Asian Pop Items
  203. Favourite anime OST ?
  204. Need The Name Of A Song.
  205. Aika Mitsui Graduating!
  206. Concerts, which have you been to and/or want to go to?
  207. Pani Poni Dash! OP Roulette ☆ Roulette: Rock Band Custom!
  208. Any UVERworld Lovers? <3
  210. Nice to see Jpop getting some recognition outside of it's usual crowd ::))
  211. Anime Guitar Covers =)
  212. PomfPomfPomf!
  213. New Guitar Cover! Fairy Tail Main Theme!
  214. MP3 Player
  215. Anime Inspired Mixes
  216. Nyaa-Radio
  217. Summer hits and other things. 2012.
  218. What's Your Favorite Quote From A Song?
  219. [Request] I'm Having Trouble Finding the Name of This Song
  220. Anyone heard of W (double u) or tell me some New or good J-music :D
  221. Anime character's character songs.
  222. Gorillaz - On Melancholy Hill
  223. Gorillaz - On Melancholy Hill
  224. the one song that get stuck to my head >.< all the time
  225. + ===== Flute Anime Covers ===== +
  226. cutes songs i ever heard! \(^w^)/
  227. The Dresden Dolls - Coin Operated Boy
  228. "Black Balloon" by The Kills
  229. Dubstep
  230. Don't Say Lazy Cover
  231. Please tell me I'm not the only one who knows this band!
  232. Help me find the name of this song
  233. free vid and pic editing software 4 pc's
  234. http://tinychat.com/jpop yo susumeru ni susumi
  235. Anime Piano Cover
  236. me no kataki meysubo jodan iu o
  237. What's Your Favorite Sad/Cut Song? ^-^
  238. [cover] ukulele+voice version of guilty crown-Departure
  239. wiredest anime intro you seen
  240. Leet Street Boys
  241. Violin Dusbtep
  242. Voltaire
  243. Cowboy Bebop Instrumental! "The Real Folk Blues Remix!"
  244. Michel Telo or Gotye anybody?
  245. playlist
  246. Reccomendations
  247. Dope anime mixes
  248. Angel beats intro song thoughts
  249. Hatsune Miku....
  250. Who's your favourite Vocaloid character?