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  1. NSA spying!
  2. This is what should happen to all politicians, in REAL LIFE
  3. Dear VG555whathisace....Mayonnaise
  4. Megaupload has been restarted, under a new name.
  5. Anyone on here speak Japanese? I need something translated.
  6. Signatures
  7. What's gil?
  8. What do you think of the other site called "Anime-Forums"?
  9. Pacific Rim
  10. How do I create paragraphs on this site?
  11. Conditions/Illnesses
  12. What is the likelyhood of another terror attack in the near future?
  13. Have you been following the George Zimmerman trial?
  14. Legal questions
  15. AF Animation Video:Music Vote!
  16. Happy Birthday Miss Moonlight!
  17. Animal Rights
  18. Forget Zombies..
  19. I just realized that there's a "digital hole"
  20. Important Question
  21. So the people of Egypt have just overthrown their president.
  22. Favorite President
  23. Have a good 4th of July everyone
  24. Evangelion live action movie, that isn't even called Evangelion
  25. Geoguessr
  26. Question Time!
  27. What Kitsune are you?
  28. 'Asleep' Body Parts
  29. My slit tongue (those darn dentist)
  30. Anthropomorphized characters
  31. Favorite movie?
  32. Wow! This thing is HUGE!!
  33. Stretching your ears?
  34. Guess what music the member likes?
  35. Was what the police did in the show "To Catch a Predator", legal?
  36. Minecraft Legos
  37. Super Sentai
  38. does geting out a cigirit make the bus come befor you light it
  39. Sweet,, another year
  40. My first AMV, what do you think? :D
  41. George Zimmerman found "not guilty"
  42. poker
  43. What are you doing at the moment?
  44. Strange TV Ads
  45. Potato Worshiping Thread
  46. Family?
  47. Star Trek anyone?
  48. Poetically Describe Your Favorite Anime Character
  49. Boston Bomber makes cover of Rolling Stones.
  50. Help on coping with Wisdom Teeth removal ?
  51. Whose line is it anyway... it's baaaaack!
  52. See if you can find what's hiding in this picture.
  53. [Insert Thread Title Here]
  54. What would you do..
  55. Too much detail in crime drama TV shows?
  56. Nightmare Fuel [PG 13]
  57. The three most important factors in a relationship <3
  58. UK Will Soon Be Blocking Online Porn
  59. MAD does a spoof on anime
  60. how maney of you guys used pot?
  61. nightmare fule or a laugh and a half. you be the judge
  62. Other Japanese Interests?
  63. Last Thing You Drank?
  64. Bending The Truth
  65. Anime Forum Big Brother: Season 1 Sign-Ups
  66. Creating Anime?
  67. Giant mech robot at Comic Con 2013
  68. Where are you right now? And what are you doing?
  69. Disney ripped off Nintendo, or Nintendo ripped off Disney?
  70. Anyone know where I can find this hentai artist?
  71. I registered an account for AnimeSuki Forums. But I cannot post on it.
  72. Ban the person above...the sequel
  73. Post Your Pics 57
  74. The new Doctor
  75. US Air Force Confirms Existence of "Brony" Squadron
  76. if you could go back in time and change one thing from your past what would it be
  77. U.S. directs agents to cover up program used to investigate Americans.
  78. Happy Birthday Deathblade!
  79. I've got my own Animedude5555 website!
  80. The State Of Anime these days ..!!!
  81. Japanese Emoticons iPhone App
  82. Why's my website promo thread locked?
  83. Do you believe in gravity?
  84. If you could transform or shape shift into something what would it be?
  85. Shirochan - Facebook for Otakus
  86. What will you do if someone you like is getting married tomorrow ?
  87. hapeigh burfdaiz, Serated
  88. Most expensive [or crazy] food/meal you've ever had?
  89. Which Emma celebrity is more beautiful?
  90. help me find this anime please!!!
  91. Super Hero Name
  92. most entertaining form of entertainment for you?
  93. Selling out of print like new anime!
  94. world war 2 concermtration japanese concermtration camps. right or not
  95. Say Unexpected Things V10 Yo.
  96. First WWE Superstar in history comes out of the closet.
  97. Happy Birthday Ranshiin!
  98. the a.m.p.a,american muslim political action march on 9-11
  99. Post Your lil' bro/sis pic here !
  100. A Craigs list post... I know how this sounds, please, just bear with me a little.
  101. (video) crazy packed pool in tokyo
  102. Ask the next poster
  103. firearm appreciation/discussion thread
  104. SOPA Has Returned
  105. Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer to retire within 12 months
  106. Favorite self-help books?
  107. What will you do if someone you like is getting married to you tomorrow?
  108. Oh Anime My Love <3
  109. Fukushima Leak
  110. the last thing to surprise you
  111. How do you define "trolling"?
  112. WOW! Miley Cyrus is an idiot now
  113. School?
  114. Cookie Clicker
  115. Riddick
  116. Finding A Job.. The Struggle?
  117. The what American dialect do you speak quiz
  118. What colour are your socks?
  119. Lana Del Rey
  120. Ban anime from AF!
  121. Predict the Next Poster
  122. Countdown from 1,000,000
  123. What's Made Your Day?
  124. What's Not Made Your Day?
  125. What type of weapon is it that Hit-Girl uses in the Kick-Ass movie?
  126. Butt tournament - butts in gaming
  127. Shameless Self Promotion
  128. Know that feel, bro (Anime character you feel sorry for)
  129. How Bad Science and Big Business Created the Obesity Epidemic
  130. Boredom...
  131. The Syrian Civil War
  132. NSA appears to have cracked some encryptions!
  133. What's so good about alcohol?
  134. Autism: Double Whammy
  135. retold Myths
  136. The most screwed up thing about the 2020 olympics
  137. Stealing Someone's Pants
  138. Creative ways to ask a girl to homecoming?
  139. The federal reserve
  140. "Harry Potter" spinoff confirmed
  141. Would you rather
  142. The Breathing Series by Rebecca Donovan
  143. What would the world be like without makeup?
  144. We're one step closer to Teleportation!
  145. what do you concider nestalgic?
  146. If the government collapses on October 1st...
  147. dat mess
  148. Pirates Vs. Ninja (2013 edition)
  149. Strange...the Offtopic/Miscellaenous Subforums of Forums is Usually the Most Popular
  150. New, Interactive Web Cook project!
  151. Think of a funny caption for this picture.
  152. Anime Failures.
  153. Ever seen Kill Bill, the Japanese version?
  154. Ask Naru Osaka a question.
  155. Cheap ass camper's gun on Star Trek: DS9
  156. Why do some good-looking people become homosexual?
  157. According to a news story, Al Qaeda now has a twitter acount.
  158. What did you complete today?
  159. College Experiance?
  160. Season Finale! Breaking Bad | Dexter[Spoilers]
  161. who needs glasses and did it take you a while to agust to them
  162. if you could be an animal what would it be
  163. What did growing up teach you?
  164. Your most desired pet in an ideal world?
  165. I want to be kicked in the balls?
  166. Death Note and Breaking Bad.
  167. Making a documentary on Japanophilia and Otaku culture
  168. A pretty awesome anime music video , found it on youtube .
  169. AF Family.. Wut?
  170. Oh my goodness! Idaho bans porn!
  171. Proof Jesus Didn't Exist?
  172. regular cigs or electronic
  173. If anime is so popular, why is this site so unpopular?
  174. Why do people set their clocks/watches in advance?
  175. Adrian Peterson's 2-year-old allegedly abused to death.
  176. Water is Poisonous
  177. A White Republican is best for America
  178. AF Chat Art: Weir tarented
  179. An anime request >w>
  180. would you read these books to your kids?
  181. Am lich
  182. Salty's Platoon, Not For You.
  183. the hapiest memerie you have
  184. This teacher is really really DUMB
  185. If you visit this thread, you must post something in order to leave
  186. Some people...
  187. Who wants a goomba plushy?
  188. My brain is full of [email protected]#$. I must disconnect myself from the Internet for a while.
  189. Looking for a particular Anime
  190. Lifespan of the universe
  191. don't you hate it when movies do that?
  192. Australians and birthday candles.
  193. public service announcement
  194. Naruto x Sasuke Fanfiction. ★YAOI WARNING★ Ch.1
  195. How often do you change your underwear?
  196. Your Zombie Apocalypse Team
  197. Some style for my walls :3
  198. Pets
  199. Anime List game- romance
  200. Help me find this anime
  201. How Dare Yahoo Answers Freeze Me
  202. That dumb Obamacare website is still crashing.
  203. the last thing that got you mad
  204. How do I change my username on this forum?
  205. Rest in Peace Lui
  206. Fastian contracts are REAL!
  207. Rest in peec, homie
  208. I'm really depressed and lonely right now. Can you guys please help me out?
  209. Does anyone love hockey
  210. that feel when no gf
  211. You Want Gifs ?Welcome Come On Down To My Gif Shop!!
  212. Do you reward yourself with a chill game or a movie when done reading a book chapter
  213. Favorite brand of tools and why?
  214. Going to Japan =)
  215. Sandwiches
  216. Attack On Titan Funny Gif
  217. Is Barbie a lesbian?
  218. You have 3 wishes and GO!
  219. Signs, symbols, portents, and omens... what do you look for?
  220. What do you use Youtube for?
  221. Alvin and the Chipmunks 4: Instant Classic or Sheer Stupidity?
  222. Building Self-Esteem to Help Me Deal with My Manic (Bipolar) Depression
  223. I spend too much time on the Internet. How do I stop spending so much time on it?
  224. Anyone watch the Day of the Doctor?
  225. ~ Penguinsinvadeearth! ~ ^o^
  226. Favourite seasonal drink/meal?
  227. Does this signature suit me?
  228. Sick of being fat? Counting carbs not working? Try this *proven* method!
  229. RealChat - End of an Era
  230. This Genuinely Made Me Laugh
  231. What have you named your Wifi?
  232. Kickstarter for sci-fi Red Riding Hood graphic novel, Red: A Cyberpunk Fairytale
  233. Staying Motivated
  234. Favourite Condiment
  235. Ugly sweaters
  236. AF Bachelor/Bachelorette!
  237. Gold Fever
  238. Star Wars Episode 7
  239. How do you do? I'm sick! u__u; any tips for sore throat?
  240. Sonic, Shadow, or Silver?
  241. Follow Me on Twitter!
  242. What anime/manga do all the site banners represent?
  243. GothicSlendermanAnime/ GSAnime
  244. Guys, I'm... confused? *SPOILERS* (?) High school of the Dead: Episode 9 Ending
  245. NSA Embraces Their Supervillanry
  246. Godzilla (2014)
  247. How much time do you spend on the internet a day?
  248. I came in like a...
  249. Will this spell for repossession work?
  250. Anime in theaters?