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  1. Saint Seiya legend of sanctuary
  2. Attack on Titans Dubbed
  3. Cartoon Network to anime/manga style conversion
  4. Mega Man manga produced by American comics company Archie Comics
  5. Figurines
  6. Classic stories as anime
  7. Is Avatar: The Last Airbender an anime?
  8. Help finding "Motto To Love-Ru Chara-Pos" poster collection
  9. Do you like Catgirls?
  10. Noragami
  11. Has anyone read the Pokemon Anime?
  12. Deadman Wonderland dvd (PAL Version)
  13. Deadman Wonderland Manga (re-release in English)
  14. tell me what happened to all the dubs ?
  15. Any happy ending Anime?
  16. What is the latest anime episode you've seen?
  17. Shame they couldn't dub Yu-Gi-Oh GX Season 4 into English
  18. First anime to make me cry T_T
  19. Ghetto Anime Re-Dub Series L-O-L!!!
  20. Horoscope chart: Which branch of the Attack on Titan military are you in?
  21. 4Kids should dub more anime :)
  22. What's this anime?
  23. What anime is this?
  24. Hellsing Abridged
  25. Anime Anonymous
  26. Anime vs Manga!
  27. Pokemon or One Piece?
  28. Short Manga?
  29. How long has it been since you saw "Rurouni Kenshin"
  30. I can't believe my hamster reads this stuff!
  31. Anime Petition for Netflix
  32. Anime like Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom?
  33. Tips for watching anime
  34. Sword Art Online game help!
  35. Who do you relate to most?
  36. Game Based Anime Help!!!
  37. Sub-Dub
  38. Are you think Anime/Manga must be produce in japan?
  39. Anime or Manga?
  40. My Anime Comedy Re-Dubs
  41. Megatokyo
  42. most disturbing anime/anime movie you watched
  43. One PIece Question
  44. Miyazaki's last film
  45. Who's the anime chick in this animeforum.com banner?
  46. Anime like Kuroko No Basket
  47. What other animes have come out of Hiroyuki Takei?
  48. Hello! Looking for suggestions....
  49. Who's your waifu? (Please share waifus)
  50. Probably the most retarded thing you have read all day.
  51. Cant find the anime movie i watched as a kid
  52. I need suggestions
  53. 1 power and 1 sidearm/primary
  54. Mystery~
  55. Any idea what anime this is based on?
  56. watch The Nut Job online hd
  57. Light novel abridged first chapter and proposal.
  58. Anyone Know The Name of This Anime?
  59. your name is what anime you are
  60. What Anime do you wish had a sequel?
  61. Costume make your own cosplay Costumes
  62. Who would win in this 3 character free-for-all?
  63. I Really Need Something To Watch
  64. How do you like your Suwako?
  65. Frozen 2013
  66. Kill La Kill
  67. Can someone help me find the name of this movie?
  68. Animes You Can't Get Over
  69. Chaos;Head
  70. Do you take offense to the term "Otaku"?
  71. Onegai Teacher
  72. Stop Anime Piracy
  73. The last Miyazaki movie
  74. Need help looking for an anime please..
  75. Help me out with some anime films
  76. Is the manga of Hajime no Ippo still on weekly release?
  77. Anyone watching Pupa?
  78. Who remembers the Anipike?
  79. abridged series'
  80. How did you discover the term "anime?"
  81. Hottest Middle-Aged Men in Anime
  82. Looking for Anime: Action Romance
  83. What's that anime?
  84. Natural predators of humanity
  85. Maid Anime
  86. Idea for three new male characters in Clannad series
  87. what show are these stills from
  88. Monogatari fans?
  89. Cutest anime video ever!
  90. Super Danganronpa 2 Anime Announced!
  91. Forgot the name of that childhood mecha dvd movie.. Request for help ! :3
  92. Death Note Manga in colors
  93. Fairy Tail is back
  94. A New interesting anime
  95. Bokura wa Minna Kawaisou
  96. Doraemon: Dougu misuse thread
  97. Any Suggestions on a new anime to watch?
  98. natural weight loss tips
  99. Animes related to Psycho-Pass (Saiko Pasu)
  100. need help to recognize
  101. Anime/Manga that similar to Freezing?
  102. Torrents? Rapidshare? I am lost.
  103. Anime similiar to dragon drive or legendz?
  104. Funniest anime.
  105. Help me find this anime please
  106. A good romance manga?
  107. Anime with bouncy, happy opening
  108. Sexy Cosplay
  109. admin please delete, posted in wrong section
  110. Ash and Iris get married...
  111. Chuunibyou 2nd season
  112. Is the 'Anime Masterpiece' Extinct?
  113. Jormungand
  114. jagrotonet and shamim505 stop posting non related Manga and Anime on this forum
  115. Requesting names of these renders
  116. Hunter x Hunter Manga Hiatus Ends, Will Return in June Discussion
  117. New Here and Looking For Suggestions!
  118. Last anime, figurine, plushy, manga or wallscroll you purchased?
  119. How long should Fairy Tail last?
  120. what anime or game or whatever is this guy from
  121. Looking for more anime... #2
  122. Best Ending?
  123. Who would you choose?
  124. Sora no Otoshimono Season 3??
  125. When does Gintama get good?
  126. Fruits Baskets-Need Some Help
  127. Looking for a new anime to watch
  128. Need help finding the name of an anime movie!
  129. Your Waifu?
  130. Why Watch Naruto
  131. Where is that character from, which anime, manga or game?
  132. Second Series??
  133. My review of Sakura Diaries and a "hi"!
  134. No game No Life
  135. Is Light Yagami a protagonist or an antagonist?, what do you think?
  136. Who's this anime character?
  137. Anime Recommendation?
  138. Anyone knows what is this anime?
  139. Hi ,please need you kind help
  140. help figuring out a figure I have
  141. Whats this Anime?
  142. A few Questions
  143. Don't Know the Title of this Anime Please Help!
  144. Increase Your Testosterone Levels!
  145. 3x3 thread
  146. Reccomendations for odd manga likes
  147. Coming Anime of 2014
  148. Strike Witches official Youtube release
  149. Anime Expo and Panels and Autographs?
  150. What's this?!
  151. Any Gender Bender Anime
  152. Where Somatodrol available
  153. XM Recovery - Build Muscle To Look Muscular!
  154. watch blended online free
  155. Watch Godzilla Online Free
  156. watch neighbors online free
  157. watch X-Men Days of Future Past online free
  158. Funniest anime ever?!
  159. Quality of anime decreasing?
  160. Who is this?
  161. How much time do you spend on this forum
  162. Where do I get good baka and test merch
  163. How's this guy not banned from Youtube?
  164. Ask Niko Yazawa [Love Live School Idol Project]
  165. Green Coffee Cleanse - flaunt your body and look sexy
  166. What do you think of my new Attack on Titan OC?
  167. Animes that involve talking cats.
  168. Anime characters out of actual myths
  169. What anime is this?
  170. Do you prefer Dubs or Subs?
  171. Summer 2014 Anime Lineup
  172. A simple Question
  173. how do you call this
  174. Ever wanted to make an anime? Now's your chance!
  175. ~~Summer Wars~~
  176. Looking for some anime
  177. Want to make an anime? Here's your chance!
  178. What anime is this?
  179. Natural Powerful Formula
  180. Tokyo mew mew
  181. My Top 10 Funny Anime!
  182. Some Great Anime coming out this July!
  183. Some good anime?
  184. Wall of Watcher Haikyu
  185. If Miku Hatsune was a real person...
  186. Soredemo Sekai was Utsukushii
  187. Do you know any ecchi anime that is based around bondage ? (not hentai)
  188. Top 5 animes you need to watch this summer
  189. download anime
  190. Please help
  191. International Saimoe League
  192. Calling all old school anime experts
  193. Need help remembering the name of this anime movie
  194. The Grigori Anime--
  195. Do you read doujinshi?
  196. Last anime you completed? Version 2.0
  197. I need help to choose my next Anime run!
  198. Anime Recommendation w/ Female Corruption/Transformation
  199. Evil Dollies
  200. Last anime episode you've seen? Version 2.0
  201. Help!really need help. cant find the name ;S!
  202. Looking for awesome Sci-Fi Anime
  203. Anime from the Middle East!
  204. Someone tell me what anime this is?
  205. Nintendo NEEDS to make a Metroid anime series.
  206. Sailor Saturn action figure to be released by Bandai!
  207. Luffy and Shanks
  208. Best anime powerup quote EVAR!
  209. Forgot name of anime
  210. Please help i dont know what to watch :( i need help
  211. Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei
  212. Looking for the name of an older Japanese TV show
  213. We need to convert classic cartoons into anime.
  214. A perfect date with an anime character.
  215. Journey To the West
  216. No Naruto Episode Next Week
  217. Whats the name of this anime
  218. Who's the anime chick in the wheel chair?
  219. Button Nose
  220. Samurai Pizza Cats finally gets US DVD release
  221. Sciencey anime?
  222. Which Anime?
  223. Psycho-Pass Seasoned 2
  224. What anime series do you own?
  225. Beautiful Cosplay dresses from joinCosplay
  226. Cross Game DVD
  227. Mobile Anime Community: Anime Amino
  228. what are these themes?
  229. goku 1st broly movie powered up vs perfect cell
  230. Anime recommendations ??
  231. What's this anime
  232. What Anime is this girl from?
  233. DRAMAtical murder anime.
  234. Advice for wanting to work in anime as a writer
  235. Favorite short anime (12 minute episodes or less)?
  236. Welcome to the NHK - (an anime about hikikomori)
  237. new dbz episodes
  238. Bit of an idea...
  239. Fight Night: Midora from toriko v.s. Madara from one piece
  240. Cosplay recommendations
  241. Anime movies that are like the "Tales of" game series
  242. I finally finished watching...
  243. What anime is this ??
  244. What would you turn into an anime?
  245. Breaking the fourth Wall
  246. What happened to ADV's stuff?
  247. What vice actors can you recognize?
  248. Code Geass
  249. spoiler warning naruto manga question
  250. Do you like or hate Harem Anime?