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  1. New Higurashi movie?
  2. Can't find subtitles for this anime :(
  3. Animation Age Ghetto
  4. Japanese obsession with sisters (opinions)
  5. When It Comes To Action...
  6. who do you think gives the right audvice
  7. Evil overlords
  8. Any Dungeons and Dragons-eque Anime to recommend?
  9. Your favorite Death Scene
  10. Should I Watch Sailor Moon?
  11. Favorite anime?
  12. Hey guys new to all this. HELP :-)
  13. minde *beep*animes
  14. Future diary/ mirai nikki ending?
  15. Summer Anime 2013 Line-Up
  16. New Anime?
  17. Need help finidng this anime.
  18. Any good short anime?
  19. Future diary/ mirai nikki ending?
  20. Do you know this anime #2
  21. This Happens when I watch certain anime
  22. Can someone help me find the name of this anime?
  23. Anime with Mechs
  24. Two very different types of anime
  25. The ORIGINAL Digimon anime is back!
  26. Fairy Tail Pairings?
  27. What non-anime characters would you like to see made into anime characters?
  28. Which first: Fairy Tail or Inuyasha?
  29. watamote anime
  30. Deadman Wonderland
  31. Black lagoon after the hiatus
  32. Waiting in the Summer (Ano Natsu de Matteru)
  33. Sentai Filmworks Licenses: Kinmoza
  34. Sentai Filmworks Licenses: Rozen Maiden ~ Zurückspulen
  35. Favorite Anthropomorphic Character
  36. Pokemon Questions
  37. Fairy Tail Relaunched With A Sequel!
  38. Alice in the Country of Hearts Help
  39. pshico vs pshico
  40. Jakers here!
  41. Inu no Hasami wa Tsukaiyou
  42. Do Byodokans Have Normal Ears?
  43. Yumeria
  44. Worst type of anime fan?
  45. Haiyore! Nyaruko-san
  46. Anime characters cosplaying as other anime characters
  47. Sword Art Online - Original Web Editions in Japanese?
  48. What is the latest anime you completed?
  49. Girls Und Panzer
  50. Uchouten Kazoku
  51. Media Blasters/Anime Works has now aquired????????????????????
  52. Where would discussion of the Saber Marionette J series go?
  53. if you could have one power from an anime what would it be
  54. ufotable to Produce New Fate/stay night Project
  55. Anime where bad guys win
  56. Question about Mirai Nikki Redial (future diary)
  57. Anyone watching the "Swimming Anime" Free! Itawobi Swim Club?
  58. Madara Goes ham!
  59. Have you ever seen madara uchiha use rinnegan in anime?
  60. Help! I forgot the name of this anime/manga
  61. I need help finding the name to an anime and you all seem to be anime geniuses...
  62. The Top5 Anime You Like
  63. Mystery/Mindtrip anime?
  64. Its Not My Fault That Im Not Popular
  65. What's your favorite anime swordsman/swordswoman?
  66. air the motion pictures vs animes
  67. Popular anime you dislike?
  68. Watashi ga Motenai no wa Dou Kangaete mo Omaera ga Warui!
  69. toriko uses 30 ren punch!
  70. Please help me find this anime
  71. What is the anime I am thinking of?
  72. Favorite/Least favorite Anime Deaths
  73. Please help me find a new anime?
  74. Dangan Ronpa: The Animation
  75. Question. what anime is this?
  76. Help finding HxH Boxset
  77. What's Your Most Inspiring Anime/Manga ?
  78. Can You Tell Me the Title of This Manga?
  79. Do you enjoy "moe" animes?
  80. what you learned from anime
  81. Just realize it a moment ago
  82. What is your favorite anime OST?
  83. Papuwa
  84. What if the anime audiences were switched?
  85. Most Shocking Up Anime moments?
  86. Anime like Code Geass, Mirai Nikki, Guilty Crown?
  87. Tin
  88. Best Animation
  89. Anime Cliches You Love And Hate
  90. Anime Moments that made you cry?
  91. wirdest wepions you seen in amime
  92. Which anime character would you want to see have their own spinoff anime?
  93. aney adult animes?
  94. your favorit ova
  95. bad a*& girls with guns
  96. Pokemon the Origin
  97. favorite manga
  98. What Was This Manga Called Again?
  99. Top ten anime character
  100. Gundam Wing Sequel Picture Drama Announced
  101. nazis in anime
  102. Chrome Shelled Regios Questions
  103. fav anime moments!!
  104. fav villian!!
  105. What anime is this teacher from?
  106. Anime = Cartoons
  107. Yuri genre
  108. Original Stories
  109. Would you want a ghost hunt season 2
  110. when they cry
  111. Need scenes of people running in the streets
  112. Anime Glossary
  113. Looking for the name of this anime, can you help?
  114. Where can I watch Digimon, Yu-Gi-Oh and Beyblade in Estonian?
  115. Excel Saga
  116. Need Help Identifying this Character
  117. What is your favorite thing about anime?
  118. Negima? help me understand
  119. Will Anime Be Popular Again?
  120. Hentai Ouji to Warawanai Neko
  121. How seriously do you take anime?
  122. Anime Teachers
  123. Anime fan been insult
  124. your fav anime???!!!!
  125. what anime/manga is this..pls. help
  126. Which anime character do I look like?
  127. A new pairing? (Pokemon X & Y Trailer)
  128. What's up with so called "buster" weapons in anime and Japanese games?
  129. cat girls, cat people, neko, ect.
  130. I hate mondays now!!
  131. I'v been looking high and low for Adult Oriented Anime (not Hentai)
  132. CGI Anime
  133. Season 2 Please??
  134. cutest anime boy and girl
  135. recommendation needed
  136. Kämpfer für die Liebe
  137. birthday gift ideas for an otaku?
  138. Best anime you have watched.
  139. Anime fighters!!!!
  140. Havn't watched anime for a very long time! Reccomend me something please
  141. Please recommend an anime like this one...
  142. I cry everytime an anime series ends...
  143. Anime Humor
  144. Anime Parents or Why am I being raised by a crazy old man?
  145. Waiting for that next anime episode...
  146. Favorite Anime Theme Song.
  147. Dubbed Or Subbed?
  148. Anime Depression
  149. Watamote
  150. Which Anime? (mystery image)
  151. What got you into anime?
  152. Name This Anime???
  153. wiredest couples
  154. What is the Funniest Anime Ever??
  155. bigest perv
  156. What about anime are you attracted to the most?
  157. SPOILERS: shingeki no kyojin petra and levi?
  158. do you have an episode limit to your animes?
  159. Kuroko no Basuke: Favorite Character
  160. Sao ggo
  161. Pokemon: The Origin
  162. In despair :D
  163. Laws of anime: Add to them
  164. Anime characters you don't like that much..
  165. Anime/Manga series turn into Musicals
  166. I need proof Kuroshitsuji is both an anime and a cartoon.
  167. Buzzfeed type anime Site?
  168. How do you watch your anime?
  169. Is Kuroshitsuji girly?
  170. music you listen to while reading manga
  171. cutest anime intro
  172. Looking for an anime, I have no clue what it is, 50. cal sniper scene?
  173. Broken characters, and Yoite.
  174. sea fossils
  175. Is your sibling an otaku?
  176. Need help finding particular anime movie
  177. Sword Art Online VS. .Hack//Sign
  178. If Kurishitsuji is both an anime and a cartoon..
  179. Naruto vs Goku
  180. What Anime Is This???
  181. if you could have one power from an anime what would it be
  182. Studio Ghibli
  183. Sooo... Who else demand a S2 of Attack on Titan?
  184. Any Apocalypse anime out there similar to HoTD?
  185. Any Suggestions for Animes to Watch?
  186. Favorite Anime?
  187. Help Me Find a New Anime!
  188. In what order do I watch "Hayate no Gotoku!"?
  189. First official Microsoft OS Tan
  190. Boku wa Tomodachi
  191. Action anime
  192. Adventure/Romance Anime
  193. Gun Gale Online?
  194. your top 5 sadest animes
  195. Anohana Movie
  196. Is "Sword Art Online" some gay emo cyber world shit type of anime
  197. Anime Quiz - 100 questions and 3 levels
  198. Disney anime
  199. Where would they be without villains?
  200. Need help searching for this anime
  201. Solid Proof Kuroshitsuji is BOTH an anime and a cartoon!
  202. Buying Japanese Manga/Novels
  203. Request finding an old show or OVA
  204. looking for a anime name
  205. help to rember the name of a manga
  206. help with name of anime, yep i know you get alot of this lol.
  207. Well I think I've watched every best action anime now
  208. Highschool DxD Season 3 and Aesthetica of a Rouge Hero Season 2?
  209. Sword Art Online Season 3 (Technically)?
  210. Who Is Your favortie Lucky Star Character?
  211. Any Anime Suggestions?
  212. I have great ideas for live action movies based on anime.
  213. Your first subbed anime?
  214. Megumi anime
  215. "Campione"
  216. I'm glad not all anime is about drama
  217. One Piece 4Kids, it's nice ^^
  218. Need Anime to watch
  219. Favorite anime of 2013?
  220. Zone Tan
  221. ANIME VIRGINITY: What was your first time with anime like....?
  222. Anime Stereotypes and Cliches: From A-Z
  223. Help with Series?
  224. Anime Discussion Thread 2
  225. What ANIME series would you watch AGAIN?
  226. The first anime crush that I've ever had on was.....was?
  227. First day of anime life
  228. COLLAB: If combined 2 existing animes together, what would they be?
  229. Need Suggestions v2!
  230. Top 10 Anime
  231. Suggestion
  232. What is the SHORTEST anime series you watched?
  233. Has any anime ever scared you?
  234. Hilarious Anime
  235. Suggestion 2
  236. How do you like your anime?
  237. 2014 Anime
  238. Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic
  239. Sword Art Online
  240. Questions about Guilty Crown
  241. Finishing Fall Series 2013
  242. Why are the eyes of Clannad like this O_O, and not like this -_-
  243. Cutest Anime Character Thread
  244. New show
  245. Looking for a new anime
  246. Gaming Anime/Manga?
  247. Need suggestion!!!
  248. Need suggestions for movies.
  249. Anime Ordered Chapter or Not ?
  250. Need help remembering an anime