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  1. Your Top Ten Favorite Manga
  2. You know you watch too much anime when...
  3. I dunno what this anime is called...
  4. Recommendations Desperately Needed.
  5. Top 10 kazoku animé
  6. Humanity Has Declined (Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita)
  7. Anime Fandom Survey
  8. Mass Effect: Paragon Lost
  9. Commemorate Nanoha The Movie 2nd A's Launch on 14 July 2012~!
  10. About Pearl?
  11. Anime Dreams/Nightmares
  12. Help identifiying this anime boy?
  13. Megatokyo and other American Made Manga/Anime
  14. Searching / Indentify this old Anime
  15. Reminds me so much
  16. Ore no Imouto - Season Season
  17. Converting a Normal
  18. K-On Movie
  19. Searching for a new anime- Gurren Lagan style
  20. vs
  21. Naruto vs Luffy
  22. Dat feel
  23. Love this song(s) <3
  24. biggest pedo in your minde
  25. Which animes do you recommend me?
  26. Have you ever cried?
  27. anime recomendations -- Netflix instant watch preferable
  28. Need anime recommdations (dubs only)
  29. Favourite Anime Opening(s)
  30. What manga are you currently reading?
  31. How do you primarily get your anime?
  32. Looking for an old anime...
  33. Please help me ID this character
  34. Quick quick
  35. Can someone help me I.D. this anime?
  36. Can someone help me I.D. this anime?
  37. Old (Blank)
  38. NEW Little Busters PV!
  39. Olimpos
  40. Anime recommendation
  41. Searching for an anime kind of like....
  42. question: which animes have the huge and tall guy characters?
  43. How to?
  44. Original Animes vs. Remakes
  45. Help me indentify the name of an anime?
  46. Music in Anime.
  47. Help finding an Anime Film ~
  48. Anime "Classics"
  49. If YOU Created an Anime/Manga Right Now.
  50. any good wolf anime?
  51. Executioners daily anime reviews
  52. Animes which kinda get old.
  53. Webcomics
  54. Help!
  55. Remembering an 80s Anime
  56. Your favorite AMVs?
  57. Code Geass : Akito The Exiled
  58. Linked together~
  59. Anime characters you would date if they where in our world!
  60. Anime scene please help!!
  61. Milky Holmes Q
  62. Which two anime charcters would you like to see fight?
  63. Most Popular Anime Characters (Forum Contribution)
  64. Sora No Woto
  65. For those who pick the QUALITY over trend in anime...
  66. Good Girls VS Bad girls
  67. Favorite Manga Artist or Pair
  68. Gemstone Jewelries
  69. My dream vacation
  70. Help to Identify Movies
  71. Anime Musicals
  72. Batman and Marvel Anime
  73. Zero no Tsukaima
  74. Which Anime Girl is This
  75. Looking for mid or late 80's anime or manga title.
  76. Specific Characters
  77. Lets share some funny screenshots for this season' anime!
  78. Why do you like anime so much?
  79. Does anybody know this anime/ manga. Im looking for the OP
  80. What is a anime that falls under fighting with items pets or cards
  81. Need help finding a new anime
  82. Steins;Gate
  83. kuroshitsuji - the ending of season 2
  84. HOW do you watch anime?
  85. 4Kids TV... how much do you hate them?
  86. Overused Names
  87. Need help to find a new anime series. (Like Naruto and Dragonball).
  88. Need Help Identifying An Anime Film
  89. What's your favourite line from an anime (something a character said)?
  90. Looking for a good anime series
  91. Need help identifying anime
  92. jumping back into anime after.... 7 years?
  93. Does anyone know where I can watch the Valkyria Chronicles anime?
  94. Any Good Anime Harem Recommendations?
  95. Potential anime for live action
  96. Whats a good anime similar to Fate/stay night?
  97. Any Animes Similar to Angel Beats?
  98. the perks of being in an anime
  99. Help!!!! I'm looking for a crossing dressing anime
  100. I.D. this anime?
  101. The Traditions of Anime
  102. Which anime has inspired/influenced you and how?
  103. Anybody interested in an Anime Alarm Clock ?
  104. Ghost in the Shell
  105. Help me about anime video
  106. Strawberry Panic is the Best Anime Ever!
  107. who would win in a fight between...
  108. What type of Manga reader are you?
  109. Scott Pilgrim vs. AnimeForum
  110. Christmas episodes
  111. anime on netflix? recomendations ^_^
  112. What anime/manga series do you own?
  113. WAKI Armpits!
  114. So whats the hipe with Cowboy Bebop
  115. japan vs usa does anime go on forever?
  116. Looking for a good gore anime
  117. WRITING A PAPER ABOUT ANIME FANATICS! Help me by answering this surey :)
  118. Your latest anime/manga purchases?
  119. what anime/game is this character from?
  120. Anime Review: Show off personal favorites or something you have just seen.
  121. Suggestions on what to watch.
  122. Favorite Sonic Anime Chars.
  123. Black Gate anime review 16+
  124. Blood Shadow Review
  125. A Chinese Ghost Story Anime review
  126. Anime where the boys were tricked into cleaning shrine?
  127. An Inchinensei with a question (Read: A noob)
  128. Un-Go
  129. looking for a good anime slice of life maybe?
  130. Cosplays
  131. Opinions on the Black Butler english dub
  132. One Piece Question
  133. Death's revolving door policy
  134. What's the weirdest thing you've seen in anime?
  135. Thursday night football live stream
  136. Nabari no Ou?
  137. What is your favorite Dere?
  138. Favorite Summer 2012 Anime
  139. who would win teppen toppa gurren laggan or Goku?
  140. What anime character do I look like? :)
  141. What is the name of this anime?
  142. Weirdest anime hair
  143. What is the name of this Japanese Anime ?
  144. whos your favorit voice for a charactor
  145. Look at what I found
  146. SKET Dance
  147. Most messed up death you seen in manga or anime
  148. Kirby Manga
  149. Wolf's Rain
  150. Baccano!
  151. Rampant misandry in anime: Don't know where to (re)draw the line
  152. [Help] --Ninja Scroll--
  153. Sob sob
  154. Girlfriend is selling a Terriormon plush to raise FUNDS
  155. [Moderated Title]
  156. Anime Newbie Looking For a Political Anime?
  157. How many more Yugioh series do we need?!
  158. Halloween and Anime
  159. Jokes only an otaku would love
  160. Bleedman's manga
  161. Did CSI:NY rip off NOIR?
  162. SAO: Who is your favorite character? Also why do you like it?
  163. Pictures of the female Shinigami and the Zanpakutō Spirits
  164. Looking to identify what anime this is from, guy with gun for an arm...
  165. Can anyone identify this 2012 anime?
  166. Favorite Anime Opening?
  167. Anime/Manga academic research
  168. Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple
  169. Costume VS Cosplay
  170. What is this anime? (Description)
  171. I.D. this anime?
  172. zettai ryouiki and proportions (ratios from grade A to grade C or E)
  173. Where does Saint Seiya goes and why there is no forum for Saint Seiya alone?
  174. Monster: Manga or anime?
  175. soul eater
  176. death note
  177. [GIVEAWAY] Crunchy Roll 48 Hour Guest Pass [GIVEAWAY]
  178. black butler
  179. Need help
  180. anime pranks aneyone
  181. Hetalia Axis Powers SUB or DUB
  182. name of :
  183. k-on
  184. D. Gray-Man: Anime or Manga
  185. what site do you buy your anime
  186. What do you think about "Saint Seiya Omega"?
  187. Searching scenes like this
  188. If you could be any Anime/Manga character who would you be? why?
  189. Awesome anime figurine!
  190. Best anime for my particular taste
  191. Help finding what this is from
  192. I am looking for Light Novels in english about high school/univercity life
  193. Looking for 80's manga/animated
  194. From which anime does this picture come from?
  195. What is some good Echhi Anime?
  196. Fave anime?
  197. [WARNING: Content rated NC-17, includes gore] What anime is this .gif from?
  198. Haganai Season 2
  199. HELP! what is the name of this anime!?
  200. What kind of song you currently listen?
  201. Are you one of the GAMERS.............
  202. cutest anime kid
  203. Cutest anime character
  204. Strange question: How many of you actually do not actively watch anime?
  205. Shows like digimon
  206. Cute Digimon Pokemon crossover pic.
  207. Old Animes I still love
  208. Name of this anime?
  209. Favourite character in Higurashi ?
  210. your worst anime ending list
  211. Hetalia!!
  212. long list of what anime's
  213. Guess The Quote!
  214. Help me find the Anime I am looking for.
  215. Most Interesting Costume Design in Anime
  216. Has anyone ever had that thought...
  217. Swirly eyes
  218. A Chuunibyou, anyone?
  219. Anime with...stuff
  220. Guess what they do
  221. Help me!
  222. What manga is this ?
  223. Need abit of help!
  224. Name of Arabic cartoon/anime?
  225. Rave Master
  226. What anime is this from?
  227. Which one is best??
  228. Does anybody know who these anime characters are??
  229. Fairy Tail Chapter 312
  230. Obsessed For Life ?
  231. Help finding soundtrack for SAO?
  232. Is this fanart or generic anime art?
  233. Berserk Anime Movie
  234. The Ultimate Debate
  235. Anime/s with these Descp. Gang Fights?
  236. Welcome to the NHK - analysis question
  237. Help please! What is this picture from?
  238. Trying to figure out the name of an Anime I seen in the Mid 80s to early 90s
  239. What are the most watched anime's ?
  240. Ogh yes there will be blood
  241. are there other anime similar to psych-pass?
  242. Ugly girls in anime
  243. Im Renting Cutie B from the library
  244. Which is worse? Cowboy Bebop or Azumanga Daioh?
  245. Yakitate !! Japan DVDs
  246. Ideas for next watch.
  247. AnimeGraph, a tool for exploring/discovering similar anime
  248. Higurashi When They Cry Opening ?
  249. An english sword art online
  250. Anime series like pokemon or digimon?