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  1. More Anime Please :) [Recommendation]
  2. Any new anime or manga coming out in 2012?
  3. [Recommendations] Recommend me a anime please ^_^
  4. Need some help with an anime title
  5. Can anyone suggest an anime that matches this
  6. Can you guys recommend some anime?
  7. need help finding this movie
  8. Where can I find Haruhi Suzumiya Light Novels 10 & 11?
  9. Thoughts on this video...
  10. Another - Horror / School Life
  11. Recommendations Perhaps?
  12. What if Poison Ivy from the Batman series was an anime character?
  13. English subs to English dubs? Which is better for you?
  14. New Animie Series: High School Garegga
  15. I had an awesome anime related dream last night!
  16. Kiss X Sis
  17. Can anyone tell me what anime this is please?
  18. I saw this AWESOME show! Angel's Friends
  19. recommendations for social/otaku culture anime
  20. Princes Nine
  21. Can series be too long? Let's discuss the lengths of animes...
  22. anime seans that touch you
  23. Lily Rain (from Cosmic Break)
  24. Has anyone watched Ergo Proxy
  25. Who is your favorite character with Tsundere qualities?
  26. School Rumble - Order
  27. Wow TRUE BEAUTY in this anime girl!
  28. question about funi stopping BR release of DBZ
  29. Ha ha this is a funny anime pic
  30. God how much more can Fafner in the Azure copy NGE
  31. Do you prefer regular pokemon...
  32. Yowza Wowza! Sexy anime girl in sexy bikini!
  33. AMV/track id request
  34. Your Top 5 Anime
  35. Topical Main Bad Guy Trait
  36. Two Topical Things in Anime
  37. Care Bears + anime|manga style drawn character =
  38. Any Serious Anime To Recommend ?
  39. Recommend me some anime!
  40. fav. anime 2011
  41. What's the name of this anime?
  42. New Death Note 'Live Action' movie - U.S
  43. What Anime's? /Anime Talk
  44. Manhwa
  45. A.S.S gathering Anime/Japan Culture lovers across the World~!
  46. Anime Documentaries
  47. Eden of the East
  48. Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko
  49. Anyone seen Mardock Scramble?
  50. Highschool DxD
  51. The Secret World of Arrietty
  52. Dream Grave
  53. broly vs 17 supermans
  54. comedy animes
  55. Guess what anime this pic is from.
  56. Sexism in anime
  57. What character/anime is this ??
  58. Reccommend any anime similar to these ones?
  59. Fave anime theme song?
  60. Looking for anime with characters like these!
  61. Someone know the name of this anime
  62. Save the cat girls! (an anime environmental activist protest)
  63. Murder Princess
  64. I need help with finding older anime pictures
  65. Is the Prince of tennis an anime worth watching
  66. What anime is this?
  67. North Korean anime
  68. Rozen Maiden: Show is magnificent!
  69. where does she comes from?
  70. Fists of Akaviri Star (Fists of North Star parody)
  71. Look a this fake anime game I saw on Youtube
  72. if you could choose 3 anime cherecters to have as roommates who whould the be
  73. senkou no night raid - video review
  74. Naruto based weapons in a horror film?
  75. Have you ever seen GTA's parody on anime?
  76. If you have a 56k modem, DO NOT try to view this thread. You will CRASH your internet
  77. Prince of Tennis was such a disappointing anime could have been so much better.
  78. Help to find where this picture come from ... I need a genius !!
  79. Worst anime ever?
  80. Back stories that made you cry
  81. LOLWUT is this creepyness!?
  82. Lots of kawaiiness in this one
  83. What do you think of dead man wonderland???
  84. Sub or dub ?
  85. Trying to remember the name of this anime short.
  86. I was looking for an SNES backup device on ebay and found this instead. EPIC FAIL
  87. Persona 4 The Animation
  88. [Question]What is an anime with the protagonist was called Kenshin, but...
  89. The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya season 3?
  90. luckey star
  91. horror aneyone
  92. Need Help Find New Anime
  93. Slam Dunk
  94. Barefoot Gen, HIroshima Destroyed*droping the a bomb*
  95. What Anime Did You Never Finish?
  96. Any good anime?
  97. Any ghost like anime out there?
  98. New Anime from Toyota
  99. Any trailers for new stuff you want to share?
  100. New here and need recommendation for new anime....
  101. I need recommendations :)
  102. Vocaloid Marriage Question
  103. Lost anime
  104. Ranma 1/2
  105. How Much Of Your Life Have You Spent Wacthing Anime?
  106. Anime game with a very strange name
  107. Download Or Stream?
  108. Should I watch/read Berserk?
  109. Nyu & Chi The cuteness competition :3
  110. Anohana
  111. What Hetalia: Axis Powers/World Series episode is this?
  112. Most Influential Shows
  113. One Piece Manga Author/Writer Dead (R.I.P)
  114. Anime Like Avatar last airbender?
  115. The Anime Music Video Exchange Thread
  116. This Season's Anime
  117. Trying to find the name of this anime
  118. Gaaras gourd symbol [Naruto]
  119. Toradora! in your opinion????????
  120. Mario anime
  121. Sad anime reccommendations?
  122. Post Photos of your Anime Collection
  123. Lupin III
  124. trying to know which anime this came from..
  125. Harem/Ecchi reccommendations?
  126. Anti-hero
  127. Little Busters, anime :D
  128. Anime Falling Down Expression
  129. Short Anime's!
  130. Need help finding out the name of the anime series
  131. Are there any family drama/comedy anime or manga series?
  132. Can someone recommend me a list of anime?
  133. I need help figuring out the title of this anime!
  134. Need help to find an anime...
  135. Personal AF'ers opinion about the harem/ecchi genres?
  136. Which anime is this from
  137. Can someone please tell me what anime this is?
  138. Sakamichi no Apollon (Kids on the Slope)
  139. School Life anime?
  140. Anime recommendation. :)
  141. anything to watch?
  142. help me name this anime
  143. Mass Effect: Paragon Lost
  144. Whats with Japan/Manga/Anime and a fetish for cuteness?
  145. do you know this anime ?
  146. Everything is more epic in Anime´s
  147. Looking for futuristic anime
  148. My journey through Samurai Girls
  149. Ever had trouble adjusting to non-animated tv/movies?
  150. New to anime scene and looking for good anime! GIVE ME ANY RECOMMENDATION!
  151. Ramayana: The Legend of Prince Rama
  152. Osamu Tezuka!
  153. Manhwa
  154. with the light.raising an autistic child
  155. Itachi vs Liu Mao-hsing (Cooking Master Boy)
  156. Katawa Shoujo as an anime?
  157. Is School Rumble any good?
  158. Hero archetypes in anime.
  159. Geussing game: Name this anime
  160. Looking for something similar to Tenjou Tenge or Kenichi, plz help :)
  161. Germany helped invent anime?
  162. Need Help Finding New Anime!!
  163. Can Celty talk? Durarara
  164. Subbed or Dubbed?
  165. Underrated Animes
  166. If Toonami does come back
  167. MegaUpload / MegaVideo shutdown
  168. Ghibli
  169. Pokemon
  170. Lost anime from childhood
  171. Why is Japan so facinated with homos?
  172. We need a live action Neon Genesis Evangelion movie
  173. It's Not My Fault I'm Not Popular! [Manga]
  174. Figure out what animes?
  175. Looking for anime
  176. Could someone please help me?
  177. Survey: Anime
  178. What Anime Character Would you be (give reasons) and why you gave those reasons
  179. Munto!
  180. Gantz post#2
  181. Taking any and all anime reccommendations
  182. Boku wa Tomodachi Ga Sukanai opinion/feelings?
  183. Naruto OST Guitar Covers from Poland
  184. whats this anime
  185. animes with cat/dog people
  186. Who is this?
  187. Can someone help me identify what I was watching?
  188. Looking for an old anime!~
  189. Avatar the last Airbender: Bending
  190. Looking for Anime Collectors!
  191. In need of advice.
  192. How did I miss this one?
  193. She's got some mean looking biological weapons.
  194. When anime charaters become real...
  195. Do you prefer Anime or Manga?
  196. Kaijudo, Rise of the Dual Masters
  197. i would like to expand my anime love
  198. Noir - A league of its own
  199. Power Inconsistencies in Bleach and Hitman Reborn
  200. Voice Acting
  201. How important is fan service?
  202. Help me find this anime?
  203. Kuroko no Basuke
  204. Beast Master
  205. Kore Wa Zombie Desu ka? Of The dead
  206. Spring anime IS Awesome XD
  207. Need Help to identify a manga
  208. Guess Anime Song
  209. Must see New animes of 2011?
  210. Haiyore! Nyaruko san
  211. looking for anime
  212. Searching for a specific anime but forgot the name - help needed
  213. I need help aswell. ~ So help me find this anime!
  214. Anime look a likes
  215. New Manga Idea
  216. Gantz.
  217. Rate fillers: Naruto, One Piece and Bleach
  218. Animes with these kind of scenes.
  219. Anime for Masochists
  220. Best battles of the Big 3!
  221. Rate my avatar
  222. Debate, Fairy Tail vs. Katekyo Hitman Reborn?
  223. Opinions on Baka and Test??
  224. solar investment
  225. Help Finding An Old Anime
  226. Need (ecchi) anime recommendations.
  227. lets volt in!!!! - voltes v
  228. DESPERATELY need anime suggestions!
  229. GitS Help
  230. Storage investment
  231. Stalkers
  232. Can't remember the name of this anime!
  233. Kobato.!
  234. Forgot the title of this anime. Help? :(
  235. Have you ever wanted to...
  236. another "I don't know the name of this anime" thread
  237. hungry girls
  238. Not sure where to ask this
  239. Any amv lovers?
  240. One of my favourite things about anime...
  241. my favorite scene in final fantasy
  242. Furries
  243. diamond daydreams
  244. Anyone like Shinryaku! Ika Musume?
  245. Favorite Spring 2012 Anime?
  246. [POLL] Rin daughters of Mnemosyne
  247. When did you start to watch anime?
  248. Watching Anime on PS3
  249. if you could chose somone from anime as your bf/gf
  250. Anime Suggestions