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  1. score for D.Gray-Man by HoshinoKatsura
  2. Pokemon and Digimon Retrospective.
  3. Gorillaz art style anime?
  4. Does it have much filler?
  5. Hetalia
  6. Chobits (Anime) Is it any good?
  7. How BIG can Nendo Plushie be?
  8. What anime/manga made you cry?
  9. Baseball & Anime
  10. Most Overrated/Underrated Anime?
  11. Newb to anime questions what to watch next (please help me)
  12. I Dont Know If This Is Allowed Here....
  13. Worst Manga/Anime you have ever read?
  14. Monster
  15. What anime is this from? (if any)
  16. Most epic anime deaths!
  17. Where's the police?
  18. What manga are you currently reading?
  19. Best Anime Pet/Mascot
  20. anyone seen durarara?
  21. Do you buy Manga? Mind helping me out quickly?
  22. Have you heard about Vamplets (baby vampyres??)
  23. Kino's Journey help?
  24. All Anime Fans Please Read (Urgent)
  25. help me find some anime
  26. Lost my anime....help?
  27. Help remembering this show...
  28. Help what anime series is this
  29. Your lastest anime/manga-related purchases.
  30. help needed to find an anime
  32. What was the First Anime that ever made you CRY ?
  33. NGE whats with the characters and especially Asuka
  34. Does this annoy you about some anime
  35. Your own Pirate Crew
  36. Is this forum based at little kids
  37. Watch it or skip it?
  38. How do you feel when people insult your favorite anime?
  39. Watch Fairy Tail!
  40. Anime Beaches
  41. When They Cry
  42. So What Anime Series Have You Completed :)
  43. who can help me?
  44. Is there a animeMOVIE list on this site?
  45. Does anyone know the name of the anime im looking for?
  46. Durarara! On cartoon network?!
  47. looking for an anime
  48. Pokemon in Japan
  49. best anime you've ever seen
  50. Guess what anime this fan art is based on.
  51. Question about Hell Girl
  52. I just found this on the official Voltron Force website
  53. Interesting North Korean animation
  54. What's your favourite opening and ending?
  55. does anyone knows?
  56. My thought on basailly anime
  57. Clannad: After Story - Episode 16 - and general discussion
  58. Char's name changing in the middle of the episode.
  59. New Hunter x Hunter
  60. Dragon Age: Dawn of the Seeker
  61. DBZ or DB
  62. What is the name of this amazing character?
  63. Whats your favorite anime genre?
  64. Looking for Supernatural Katana involving show
  65. What qualities do you like in a character?
  66. any good butler/maid anime out there?
  67. What are your favorite Miyazaki movies?
  68. Iron Fist Chinmi
  69. Please identify this old anime film for me.
  70. am i a true anime fan?
  71. Help me find these Afro Samurai Resurrection tracks
  72. Kannagi (anime) & Kanpachi (manga)
  73. Help finding an anime/manga?
  74. Best anime voice actor in your opinion?
  75. Is this considered anime? It's really cool, whatever it is
  76. Rental Magica Second Season
  77. Suzumiya Haruhi No Yuuutsu
  78. Fall Anime 2011
  79. Hotfoot in animes?
  80. What anime is this?
  81. Baka and Test
  82. Looking for some anime
  83. Can anyone suggest some anime
  84. Anime about loneliness and communication
  85. There's a new Thundercats, and this one was partly done in Japan!
  86. What anime is this?
  87. What manga do you wish they would animate?
  88. Can someone tell me the name of this movie Pleaaaaaase!? :(
  89. Need some help.
  90. Do you read fan fiction of your favorite series?
  91. Existentialistic crisis... Where do I go now?
  92. What anime character do you most resemble?
  93. Help looking for non asian anime
  94. Saki 2nd season announced :D
  95. One Piece, Bleach..and then? need advice
  96. bat-manga???
  97. Looking for animes with dragons and / or vampires! (or other mystical creatures).
  98. Anybody know the song?
  99. Zodiac Anime?
  100. If you know these animes please help!!
  101. What anime series did you dislike, that everyone else liked?
  102. If you could be in one Anime/Manga, which would it be?
  103. DVD Collection
  104. Can you name this anime film?
  105. The Mars Daybreak!
  106. Best/Worst parent in anime?
  107. I need help figuring out this anime I saw a long time ago.
  108. Figurine Sale Sites?
  109. Can anyone help me with finding out what this anime is
  110. What animes are you guys watching?
  111. Recommendation please?
  112. Top Ten Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Episodes?
  113. i need help finding out what anime this is:]]
  114. Can anyone suggest some anime for me to try out?
  115. Request ~ Soundtrack
  116. Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle Song Question??
  117. Manga Question ^^
  118. Favourite Creature Character?
  119. A Fairytale For The Demon Lord
  120. How do you watch your anime?
  121. Have you ever drawn an anime of yourself?
  122. want: help for personal website XD
  123. Shin Chan?
  124. Fooly Cooly
  125. Any Comedy Anime To Recommend ?
  126. Total Time Watching Anime?
  127. How Long Have You Been Watching Anime?
  128. Idea for Becoming a Mangaka
  129. Rebuild of Evangelion worth seeing?
  130. need help plz
  131. Name of this cool song?
  132. Good Manga Recommendations?
  133. How about this dress I am going to wear?
  134. Anime Girls & Foot Fetish
  135. If Anime was real life.. what would it be?
  136. Anime that had potential, but never made it?
  137. Best Anime/Manga Drawing style?
  138. Findin a "clean" anime
  139. Best anime Band in your opinion???????????????????
  140. [Cool] Manga plot [Make & judge]
  141. Can someone tellme of what anime is this picture?
  142. What do you recommend?
  143. "Arashi no yoru ni" on DVD?
  144. What is(are) Your Favorite Type of Anime Character/Trope?
  145. Favorite theme songs?
  146. Im searching for my anime
  147. Shounen Anime To Recommend ?
  148. Thinking of Watching Hetalia
  149. So,i am running out of anime.
  150. one anime that you will never forget?
  151. anime with the coolest fighting scenes??
  152. Need help with anime
  153. Help choosing my next anime to watch.
  154. Help with choosing anime to watch.
  155. Can anyone help me out, please?
  156. From which anime comes this picture from?
  157. Help me with this anime / manga
  158. If you could give any anime a second season?
  159. New(ish) Guy Looking for good shows!
  160. Favorite OSTs
  161. does anyone know???
  162. '80s or '90s Favorite Animes!
  163. Completed Series
  164. Anime Trivia
  165. School Rumble: The Next Year (A new series)
  166. Favourite Genre
  167. Constant Payne
  168. Anime Nostalgia: Your First Anime Experience
  169. Questionnaire - The Information Use of Anime Fans
  170. Having trouble finding a new anime to watch...
  171. Animax?
  172. Favorite anime boys...your favorite and the coolest ones...
  173. Tsuika's Anime Reviews!
  174. The most violent animes you've ever seen
  175. name that song and anime
  176. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic thread
  177. Cheapest figures ever.
  178. Are there any anime series
  179. Ladystar
  180. Reasons why do you love Anime?
  181. Your anime family or self
  182. Help with naming this anime please??
  183. black lagoon the fruit
  184. Clothing456345
  185. does anyone know anpanman?
  186. reccomendations for good anime preffrneces added
  187. Berserk Trilogy 2012 confirmed release dates
  188. Help finding new anime
  189. What is your favorite anime/mange made live action
  190. Lucky Star
  191. Need a New serries to watch.
  192. Symbolism and Icongraphy in Anime
  193. im not sure
  194. El Cazador de la Bruja
  195. In what way has an anime/manga changed your life?
  196. need a bit of help finding a new anime
  197. anyone can introduce an anime for me ?
  198. Whats your top 3 fav anime OP's?
  199. can anyone sing anime songs by heart?
  200. Searching for an anime, about 3 guys that fight, and need to find a disc.
  201. What anime charcter is this and where is she from?
  202. Warner Bros in negotiations to get rights to make a live action bleach movie
  203. If you could have 2 people from any anime fight each other who would they be?
  204. Chobbits the manga or the anime which is better?
  205. RIN questions (spoilers)
  206. [Manhwa] Tower of God
  207. Recommend thread
  208. Manga?
  209. Recommendations
  210. To Love-Ru
  211. Where to Find Anime Shows
  212. Strike Witches
  213. Anime Help
  214. Hetalia!!
  215. uniform vs uniform
  216. 2011 has been disappointing so far
  217. Anime Help?
  218. Any idea what anime this is from?
  219. Anyone know what anime this is from?
  220. Can you identify the characters in this picture?
  221. Sports anime?
  222. Where's the non-Japanese animation section?
  223. Hot/Powerful anime guy with white hair?
  224. Funny Anime/Manga suggestions, anybody?
  225. Who's she and what anime is she from?
  226. Name of this naruto song when he defeats Pain
  227. Zombie Lovers
  228. Please help to identify!
  229. What's that anime?
  230. Anime I watched
  231. a theory of mine on yuji from Shakugan no Shana
  232. What Hetalia episode is this?
  233. Best Samurai Manga?!
  234. Serial Experiments Lain USA blu ray release
  235. wiredest animes you seen
  236. we just lost another :(
  237. Whats with Inuyasha and its weird double standards
  238. So what's your favorite anime of all TIME!
  239. I'm new here and I need help!
  240. very specific manga suggestions, you've been warned!
  241. Anime: Lost in Translation
  242. BellDandy^Sama's Dollfie Theatre~!
  243. Ray^Sama's Dollfie Theatre~!
  244. Help Identifying an old anime
  245. In need of a new Anime to start watching
  246. Looking for something new to watch
  247. Which Anime is most beautiful
  248. What "Angel Beats!" episode was this?
  249. A darker pokemon game.
  250. Funniest anime Youtube videos?