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  1. Shin Shirayukihime Densetsu Prétear
  2. Who's Your Favorite?
  3. Ultra Maniac
  4. Saint Tail
  5. Why Am I The Only One
  6. Mahou No Stage Fancy Lala
  7. Revolutionary Girl Utena
  8. Pretear
  9. Snow Fairy Sugar
  10. Magical Girl Comic Suggesting
  11. Super Gals
  12. Kaleido Star
  13. Magic Knight Rayearth
  14. Cutey Honey
  15. Tokyo Mew Mew
  16. Wedding Peach
  17. Help With Which Nurse Kamugi-chan
  18. Magic User Club
  19. Clover
  20. Has anyone seen Yumeria?
  21. Ragnarok the animation........
  22. angelic layer?
  23. Alice 19th
  24. Puni-Puni Poemi!!!!!
  25. Kaliado Star!!
  26. Battle of the Magic Girls
  27. Nurse Witch Kogumi
  28. An interesting thought about Sailor Moon...
  29. Miyuki Chan In Wonderland?
  30. Magic Knight Rayearth
  31. Fave and hated Character: Revolutionary Girl Utena
  32. realbout highschool
  33. Do you think Eriol matches with Tomoyo or Mei lin-chan?
  34. Revolutionary Girl Utena
  35. Tsubasa reservoir chronicle anime
  36. Shamanic Princess - magical girls all grown up.
  37. Get to know your fellow Magical Girl fans
  38. What magic girl (or boy) would you be?
  39. Any new magical girl anime?
  40. Tokyo Mew Mew
  41. Dear S
  42. Mermaid melody pichi pichi
  43. Favorite Mew Mew
  44. Do-Re Mi final episode = BuŠŠŠaaaa
  45. Sailor Moon Fans, Click here!!!
  46. Nurse Witch Komugi
  47. Cyber Idol Mink!!!
  48. Powerpuff Girls Z
  49. sailor moon or kagome who would win
  50. How about a team battle? Sailor mars and saturn vs. kagome and sango
  51. Mew Mew Fans
  52. Mahou Shoujo Bibulion (Magic Girl Bibulion)
  53. favorite magic attacks
  54. Crecent Moon
  55. Magic Knight Rayearth
  56. Who would win the fight, Sailor Mars or Sango?!?
  57. wedding peach or salior moon?
  58. SailorMoon Vs Wedding Peach
  59. Magical Girl Pretty Sammy vs Wedding Peach
  60. Tokyo Mew Mew a la Mode
  61. magic girl
  62. Sailor Mars vs Hikaru Shidou
  63. Whom do you like better: Chi or Usagi
  64. Bookorshow
  65. Read Or Die
  66. Who would win? Kagome or Sailor moon?
  67. Sailor Moon or Kagome?
  68. Who's your favorite magical girl?
  69. What's your fav magic girl?
  70. What's your fav magic girl?
  71. Who Is Your All Time Favorite Magic Anime Girl
  72. Pretear
  73. mink or tokyo mewmew
  74. Most annoying magical girl ever!!!
  75. Who would win?
  76. Magical girl series!
  77. May or Sailor Jupiter?
  78. What is your favorite magical girl anime?
  79. Alice 19th? Recomended?
  80. what do u think about do ri me?
  81. Which Tokyo Mew Mew Girl Are You? Quiz
  82. do u like ichigo from tokyo mew me wpower or sailor chibi moon from sailor moon?
  83. Tokyo Mew Mew Power Eliminiation!
  84. If you could be sango or kagome who would you choose?
  85. Tokyo Mew Mew Pairings
  86. Battle of the Magical girls: which is the most popular?!
  87. Random Curiousity
  88. Mai-HiME
  89. The battle of annoyance
  90. Mermaid Melody
  91. Kamichama Karin Releases!
  92. Make your own Magic Shoujo Girl Anime!
  93. Wedding Peach: Sailor Moon rip-off?
  94. Shojo beat
  95. has anyone seen cutie honey
  96. Who's your favorite angelic layer doll?
  97. Petite Princess Yushi
  98. who do you like ? belldandy, urd or skuld ?
  99. sakura (ccs) or sailor moon?
  100. Petite Princess Yushie
  101. kakshi lovers (for girls) sorry boys
  102. Sugar Sugar Rune
  103. Tsubasa
  104. Has anyone seen MagicalDoReMi?
  105. Devil/Mamono Hunter Yohko
  106. I love mew mew power does anyone agree?
  107. What about The Dark Magician Girl?
  108. Tokyo mew mew fans unite! ^__________^
  109. What do you think of Pretear?
  110. Kamichama Karin
  111. princess tutu
  112. Tokyo Mew Mew Power or Wedding Peach?
  113. Ah! My Goddess The Movie
  114. Tokyo Mew Mew A La Mode
  115. Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch
  116. Magical girls rocks
  117. Pretty Sammy plot!
  118. whos more Cuter and talented:galexy angels or sabermarionate
  119. Possessed Anime Girls
  120. a new Magical girl Manga
  121. Coolest Henshin (transformation sequence)
  122. Which girl show is better Sailormoon or Mew Mew Power
  123. what is tsubasa?
  124. Favorite Magical Girl Item
  125. Who would win? Sailor Moon or Mew Ichigo?
  126. Any Akazukin Cha Cha Fans out there?
  127. magic knights rayearth
  128. Who would win? Sailor Saturn or Mew Ichigo?
  129. Does Ayashi no Ceres count
  131. is Ranma cansiderd a magical girl?
  132. Anybody like Guru Guru ?
  133. steel angel kurumi
  134. Wedding Peach, just another Sailor Moon wannabe
  135. Kaitou Saint Tail
  136. Hikaru Vs Umi Who Would Win
  137. Yoko the 101st Demon Hunter
  138. Does anyone else on here think Tokyo Mew Mew is sort of annoying?
  139. Fushigi Yuugi
  140. Cardcaptors vs Sailor Moon
  141. Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha
  142. Nurse Witch Komugi
  143. Princess Tutu?
  144. Earth Girl Arjuna
  145. Who is ur favorite rayearth character????
  146. what kind of magic girls like
  147. Magical Anime
  148. how do you pronounce XXX HOLIC?
  149. ~power puff girls z~
  150. Anyone Heard Of The New Manga Movie
  151. best couple in sailormoon and inuyasha
  152. CCS movie 1
  153. Is Mimi's Digimon a Magical Girl?!
  154. Who will win???
  155. tokyo mewmew vs CCS
  156. fave ccs s&s moment?
  157. devil hunter yohko( this show is for older kids)
  158. sailormoon
  159. Wich Furuba Charater would you be?
  160. Create Your Own Magical Girl(Girls Only)
  161. Magical Girl Ages
  162. Who's your favorite member of the Amazon Quartet?
  163. ~Why Sailor Moon is so much hated around here?~
  164. Tokyo Mew Mew and Sailor Moon
  165. What is your favorite magical anime gurl?
  166. What Tokyo Mew Mew Character are you? - cool quiz^^
  167. what is a good psp game
  168. Usagi or Ichigo?
  169. The official happy birthday usagi thread!
  170. Eternia
  171. Favorite Shoujo Magazine
  172. Any one like's Nerine From Shuffle?
  173. Anna vs Ichigo
  174. power
  175. who is your favorit
  176. ultra maniac
  177. Mai Hime, Mai otome
  178. Any Saint Tail fans?
  179. Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch
  181. Mahou Tsukai Tai
  182. Rozen Maiden
  183. Sugar Sugar Rune, anyone?
  184. Magical Girl: A Dying Genre?
  185. Zero no Tsukaima
  186. Super GALS!
  187. Alice Academy
  188. Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha Strikers
  189. =S Can someone help me name this anime?
  190. Sailor Moon S and Super S dubbed
  191. Sailor Mars vs Kagome
  192. Favorite Magic Girl Series
  193. Winx Club vs Sailor Moon
  194. Favorite Magical girl costume!
  195. Favorite Love Angel in Wedding Peach
  196. Thoughts on FF7: Advent Children
  197. From where could this be?
  198. maburaho
  199. Ojamajo Doremi-Flat4 Appearances?
  200. Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne Pairing
  201. magical girl lyrical nanoha
  202. Which of the Tsubasa travelers do you like the best?
  203. Mai Hime & Mai Otome
  204. Who's your favorite Mew Mew?
  205. Akazukin Chacha
  206. Who's you'r fav charters from tails of symphonia
  207. Good news for Kamichama Karin lovers...:D
  208. What Magical Girl has the best outfit!?
  209. Pretty Cure!
  210. Sailor Mars Vs. Hikaru Shidou
  211. Princess Tenko
  212. Regarding the Subforums
  213. Make Your Own Mew Mew!
  214. Princess Tutu
  215. Who has Tokyo Mew Mew manga?
  216. Magic Girls
  217. Moon Phase
  218. Yes! Pretty Cure 5
  219. Magicals: Raine & Genis Sage vs Cure Black & Cure White
  220. Heard of Alice Gakuen/Alice Academy?
  221. Angelic layer anybody?
  222. Your Most Favorite Magical Girl Anime Ever
  223. MagicalxMiracle
  224. Do transformation sequences bother you?
  225. Momokuri - where is it?
  226. For Tokyo mew mew Lovers
  227. What's Moon Phase?
  228. moonphase vs.
  229. Magical Girls/Magical Boys
  230. What would you transform yourself into
  231. Cardcaptors!
  232. Do you like Magical Nyan Nyan Taruto
  233. Mew Mocha Ideas
  234. Your perfect Girly Battle Outfit!
  235. Who's your favourite magical girl charector?
  236. What is your favorite magical (girl) weapon?
  237. Kagano Ai
  238. What kind of anime crush will you like?
  239. Any Gift Eternal Rainbow Fans?
  240. Petite Princess Yucie?
  241. Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha (Now on 3rd season)
  242. Power Puff Girls Z
  243. Best Magical Girl Anime /*/ SLAYERS /*/
  244. Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne
  245. Angel Tails (Tales)
  246. Mai Hime (My Hime) And Mai Otome
  247. Bottle Fairies
  248. anyone remember akazukin cha cha??
  249. Anyone know where I can buy Utena?
  250. Anybody heard of Ultra Maniac?