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  1. [Nick] Legend of Korra
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  3. [CN/AS] Adventure Time with Finn and Jake
  4. [CN/AS] The Powerpuff Girls
  5. [CN/AS] Thundercats (2011) Discussion Thread
  6. [Other] My Little Pony Friendship is Magic
  7. [Other] Swat Kats.
  8. [Nick] SpongeBob SquarePants
  9. [Other] visionaries
  10. [Other] DC/Marvel Animated Movies
  11. This board needs something...
  12. [Other] Static Schock
  13. [Nick] Danny Phantom
  14. [Other] Jackie Chan Adventures.
  15. Non comedy western animation series for adults?
  16. Which of these is your favorite non-Japanese 2d animated cartoon?
  17. [CN/AS] Courage The Cowardly Dog
  18. [CN/AS] Codename: Kids Next Door
  19. [CN/AS] Chowder
  20. [Other] The Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers
  21. [CN/AS] Johnny Bravo anybody?
  22. [Disney/Pixar] Dave the Barbarian
  23. [Other] ulysses 31
  24. [Other] sky commanders
  25. [Classics] He-Man
  26. [Classics] She-Ra
  27. [Classics] Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
  28. [Fox] american dad
  29. [CN/AS] Boomerang
  30. [Classics] Denver the last dinosaur
  31. [Disney/Pixar] The Gummi Bears!
  32. [Classics] karate kid
  33. [Disney/Pixar] The Tinker Bell Movies
  34. [CN/AS] Ed, Edd n Eddy
  35. [Other] dinosaucers
  36. [CN/AS] Code Lyoko
  37. [CN/AS] Dexters laboratory
  38. [Web] red vs blue
  39. [Other] Super Robot Monkey Team Hyper Force Go!
  40. [Web] panics. a show baised on fear
  41. [CN/AS] Samurai Jack
  42. [Other] pinky and the brain
  43. [Other] Dino-Riders
  44. [Disney/Pixar] Tangled
  45. [Classics] Looney Tunes
  46. [Nick] Invader Zim
  47. [Nick] Avatar: The Last Airbender [Original]
  48. [Other] Animated Shorts.
  49. [Other] Curious george
  50. [CN/AS] The Boondocks
  51. [CN/AS] The Regular Show
  52. [Other] Clone High (May Contain Spoliers)
  53. [CN/AS] Star Wars: The Clone Wars (TV series)
  54. [Other] The Bionic Six
  55. [Web] the strangerhood
  56. [Other] Archer
  57. [Web] DOME: The Epic Journey of a Simple Robot.
  58. [Other] The Bots Master
  59. [Other] Anyone ever seen Baby First TV?
  60. [Fox] King of the Hill
  61. [Classics] Ever heard of the Super Mario Super Show?
  62. Need help finding out the name of the anime series
  63. [Web] The Child And The Invader
  64. [Disney/Pixar] Xiaolin Chronicles (Sequel to Xiaolin Showdown)
  65. [Fox] The Animaniacs!
  66. [Fox] Where On Earth Is Carmen Sandiego? the cartoon
  67. [Classics] Wait what? Tom and Jerry was for adults?
  68. [CN/AS] I'm Running Errands With My Mom
  69. [Classics] Wallace & Grommit
  70. [CN/AS] Cartoon Planet!
  71. [CN/AS] Young Justice: Invasion (Season 2)
  72. [Disney/Pixar] Ultimate Spider-Man
  73. [Nick] Rugrats
  74. [Other] Daria
  75. [CC] South Park Discussion Thread
  76. New Ideas for the Western/Non-Jap Animation section.
  77. [Fox] family guy
  78. [Fox] the simpsons
  79. [Disney/Pixar] The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes
  80. [Classics] Beavis And Butthead
  81. [Classics] has anyone seen centurion?
  82. Need help to find childhood cartoon
  83. [CN/AS] Total Drama Series
  84. [CN/AS] Worse Cartoon Network Shows Ever
  85. [Disney/Pixar] Tron: Uprising
  86. [Other] has anyone seen roughneck ?
  87. [Disney/Pixar] Phineas and Ferb
  88. [Classics] The Real Ghostbusters
  89. [Nick] Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors
  90. [Fox] Batman the animated series
  91. [Nick] Skyland
  92. [Disney/Pixar] Disney's Gargoyles
  93. western cartoons/ kid shows teaching kids stuff they dont need to know yet
  94. [Other] Starship Troopers: Invasion
  95. [Other] Beetlejuice
  96. [CN/AS] robot chicken
  97. [Fox] Attack of the killer tomatoes
  98. [Other] Ace Ventura and The Mask
  99. [Other] Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd Century and Archie's Weird Mysteries
  100. [Fox] battletech
  101. Spielberg cartoons
  102. [Classics] M.a.s.k.
  103. [Dreamworks] How to Train your dragon
  104. [Web] Annoying Orange
  105. [Other] Rainbow Brite
  106. Firebending trick like in Avatar and LoK
  107. Nostalgia Critic reviews of cartoons
  108. [Web] Kodee's Canoe - Animated Nature Videos
  109. OH WOW! Disney's Peter Pan cartoon = American "ecchi"
  110. [CN/AS] Teen Titans
  111. The Censored 11
  112. [Other] Favorite X-Men animated series
  113. [Other] cowboys of moo mesa
  114. [Dreamworks] kung fu panda animated series
  115. [Other] legion of superheroes
  116. [Other] extreme dinosaurs
  117. [Other] cadillacs and dinosaurs
  118. Animated/CG Movies
  119. What's your favorite cartoon?
  120. [Other] Street Sharks!
  121. [Other] Friendship is Magic is probably going to suck from now on
  122. It would appear that Disney invented Nyan Cat
  123. [Other] kaijudo
  124. [Other] hello kitty furry tales
  125. [Other] the legend of prince valiant
  126. [Web] Bravest Warriors (From the creator of Adventure Time)
  127. [Other] solarman(pilot)
  128. [Other] spiderman the animated series
  129. [CN/AS] Ben 10
  130. [Other] Tenko and the Guardians of the Magic
  131. [Classics] scooby-doo
  132. [Disney/Pixar] TaleSpin
  133. [Other] W.i.t.c.h.
  134. [Comics] SPOILER ALERT! Info on future Batman comic.
  135. [Other] Yobi, the Five Tailed Fox
  136. [Nick] Kappa mikey
  137. [Nick] Zevo-3
  138. [Fox] WinxClub
  139. [Nick] Rocko's Modern Life!
  140. [Comics] Marvel NOW!
  141. [Other] Please Say Something
  142. [Disney/Pixar] Favourite Disney Movie?
  143. [CN/AS] The Venture Bros
  144. [CN/AS] Sealab 2021
  145. [Other] Popular Animated Movies... (...you probably dont remember)
  146. [Other] Transformers Prime
  147. [CN/AS] Totally Spies!
  148. [CN/AS] My completely unbiased review of Teen Titans Go, in which I throw a brick at the TV.
  149. [Classics] Wacky Races
  150. [Classics] Captian Planet
  151. [Classics] The ORIGINAL My Little Pony
  152. The Theme Song Game
  153. [Other] Canimals: Which one is most like you?
  154. [Classics] Dungeons & Dragons
  155. [Other] The Lego Movie
  156. [Other] SheZow
  157. [Classics] "Dastardly and Muttley in their Flying Machines!" STOP THAT PIGEON!
  158. [Other] 80's Saturday Mornings
  159. [Other] Justice League and it's affiliated series
  160. [Disney/Pixar] Brave Little Toaster
  161. [Classics] Transformers: Generation 1
  162. Prefix How-to
  163. [Other] Conan The Adventurer
  164. [Disney/Pixar] Disney Cartoon Series
  165. [Classics] Mighty Max
  166. Three Shows I Wish had Offical Blu-Ray/DVD release
  167. [Other] Not exactly animation...
  168. [Web] Hey Shipwreck/ Tubedaze
  169. Tim Curry and Cree Summer
  170. [CN/AS] Megas XLR
  171. Decent Americanime?
  172. [Other] MLP: Equestria Girls
  173. Steve Blum vs. D.C. Douglas
  174. [Disney/Pixar] Phineas and Ferb: Mission Marvel
  175. [Disney/Pixar] Motörcity: The Last Hope Of Western Animation [Dead]
  176. Is any American animation serious?
  177. [Comics] The real ending of the batman comic The Killing Joke.
  178. [Web] RWBY Discussion
  179. Western / Non JP Animation Discussion Thread
  180. Total Drama Island and Drawn Together
  181. Most racist cartoon of the decade
  182. Street Sharks vs. TMNT
  183. Looking for creative individuals
  184. [Disney/Pixar] your favorit disney songs
  185. Over edited cartoons
  186. [CN/AS] Teen Titans GO
  187. [Comics] Villians Month [DC Comics]
  188. [Other] A very gory TV show, indeed.... BUT WHY DO WE WATCH THEM?
  189. [Disney/Pixar] Frozen (warning, spoilers)
  190. [Other] Amethyst: Princess of Gemworld
  191. [CN/AS] Adult Swim
  192. Wizards
  193. [Other] Coulda-woulda-shoulda-didn't
  194. Attack of the Killer Tomatoes
  195. [Other] What ever happened to that Titan A.E. prequel?
  196. [Comics] Graphic Novels
  197. Warner Brothers animaated moves.
  198. [Disney/Pixar] Big Hero 6
  199. Comic to Movie Adaptions
  200. [CN/AS] Steven Universe
  201. [Disney/Pixar] Gravity Falls (spoilers)
  202. [Comics] Summer Comic Previews 2014
  203. [Dreamworks] How to Train Your Dragon 2
  204. [Fox] Godzilla the animated series
  205. Cartoon allstars to the rescue
  206. Heathcliff or Garfield
  207. [Classics] Archie is dead
  208. [Comics] Amulet
  209. Looking For Group: Tv series
  210. [Nick] Anybody here watch Dora the Explorer, or the spinoff?
  211. Canon: Fact or Fairy Tale?
  212. Saturday Morning Cartoons: An Epitaph
  213. [Other] Cannon Busters
  214. Tinkerbell
  215. [Other] Abbas, the Brave Knight
  216. suggestions
  217. Deadpool MemeBase
  218. no, no, no, JUST NO!
  219. Can you think of examples of chibi style being used in cartoons?
  220. Moana (The next Disney Princess) (Spoiler)
  221. [Other] My Little Pony Season 5
  222. New Cartoons
  223. [Comics] TMNT: Donatello falls. [Spoiler Alert]
  224. He-man and She-ra
  225. [Comics] What if Bruce Wayne was the President of the USA?
  226. [Comics] LFG: Looking For Group the Comic
  227. [Web] Fall of the Crystal Empire
  228. [Comics] Lady Death (The Movie)
  229. [CN/AS] Live action Captain Planet is in the works.
  230. [Web] Heavenly Nostrils
  231. [Comics] Supergirl
  232. Mummies Alive!
  233. Jem and the Holograms
  234. The Critic
  235. [Other] Dork Hunters from Outer Space
  236. Do you consider Family Guy a good cartoon?
  237. My thoughts on The New PowerPuff Girls
  238. [Disney/Pixar] Star vs. the Forces of Evil
  239. [Other] Miraculous Ladybug
  240. [Comics] Threadworlds
  241. [Comics] Geniuses
  242. The Original Baymax and why he was redesigned for the film
  243. [Disney/Pixar] There IS going to be a Wreck It Ralph 2 movie!
  244. When does Lolirock get a USA release?
  245. [Other] Imagine if emoticons had their own TV cartoon
  246. [Other] Young Warriors of Koguryo
  247. [Other] Squirrel and Hedgehog
  248. [Other] Street Fighter, the South Korean knockoff animation
  249. [CN/AS] We Bare Bears
  250. [CN/AS] Rick and Morty.