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  1. [Other] Dream Defenders
  2. [Nick] Huntik: Secrets and Seekers
  3. first non-japanese animated series??
  4. [Disney/Pixar] Rare Disney's Oswald find.
  5. [Disney/Pixar] Gravity Falls is ENDING!!! [Final Thoughts]
  6. Western/Non-Japanese Animation Rules
  7. [Comics] IDW Comics and Your Childhood.
  8. [Nick] Rugratsí artist imagines what the gang would look like as grown-ups
  9. [Comics] Megatron, Leader of the Autobots!
  10. [CN/AS] Who do you think is Red X?
  11. John Boyega Lends Voice to New Nickelodeon Animated Web Series
  12. Avatar - The Legend of Korra -- Really an Anime, or not?
  13. [Fox] Alex Hirsch making a new show
  14. Old School Revival
  15. What are your fave non-disney/Pixar/Dreamworks animated movies?
  16. [Nick] Nickelodeon Shared-Universe Movie!
  17. [Other] The Secret Life of Pets
  18. [Classics] What did they do to bob the builder?
  19. Bad Blood/JL vs. TT
  20. Joe Alaskey, dead at 63.
  21. [Comics] Preacher
  22. [Disney/Pixar] -Not so- Famous Disney VA's
  23. [Disney/Pixar] Zootopia
  24. [CN/AS] New PowerPuff Girls
  25. [CN/AS] Justice League Action!
  26. [Disney/Pixar] Darkwing Duck is Back!
  27. Your favorite scenes
  28. [Other] Rogue One: A Star Wars Story
  29. My little Pony Season 6 and beyond
  30. Fav marvel movie??!!
  31. [Other] Ratchet & Clank: the Movie
  32. [Dreamworks] NBCUniversal Announces Dreamworks aquisition
  33. why
  34. [Disney/Pixar] Give Elsa a Girlfriend?
  35. Your favorite anthropomorphic animals
  36. [CN/AS] Teen Titans to meet Powerpuff Girls in CN crossover
  37. [CN/AS] Cartoon Network's digital series "Mighty Magiswords" coming to TV
  38. King of the hill rocks!!!!!!!!!!
  39. Trying to find an old show
  40. Weirdest Plot in cartoons
  41. [CN/AS] Powerpuff Girls Reboot Gets 2nd Season
  42. [Disney/Pixar] Did you know?
  43. Is Kubo anime?
  44. [Nick] Rocko's Modern Life Movie Gets Greenlight
  45. Harley Quinn VS Deadpool: Who is crazier?
  46. [CN/AS] The Voice and Animator of a Generation, C. Martin Broker, has passed.
  47. Anime Voice actors who have appeared in american Cartoons
  48. lesbians iN american Cartoons
  49. [Disney/Pixar] Inside Out
  50. Looking For group.. .the TV Series?
  51. Bone
  52. Most epic non-anime cartoon villain ever?
  53. [Comics] DC's Wonder Woman named UN Ambassador
  54. Is this cartoon any good?
  55. MTV cartoons
  56. Old School Cartoon Network Shows
  57. [Classics] Rocky and Bullwinkle
  58. Does anyone know what it is?
  59. [Classics] Popeye's Movie Debut
  60. [Classics] Bambi Meets Godzilla
  61. Recommendations of american - made animes?
  62. [Classics] Winsor McCay - Pioneer
  63. [Classics] Snow White with Betty Boop
  64. Online Anime Shows
  65. My Little Pony: The Movie 2017
  66. Archie's Weird Adventures
  67. Animated Movies in Theaters
  68. Furry Characters in Cartoons and Movies
  69. Lesbian Characters in Western Cartoons
  70. [Classics] First Animated Film Ever?
  71. [DHX] MegaMan
  72. French Anime
  73. [Netflix] Big Mouth
  74. [Classics] Betty Boop as Snow White
  75. [Classics] Oswald Rabbit
  76. Cartoon School
  77. [Web] Happy Tree Friends
  78. [Classics] Early animated version of. . . Hamlet?
  79. [Other] Stunning martial art puppet anime
  80. [Other] How Japanese Animation Influenced the World
  81. [Classics] First Bugs Bunny Cartoon?
  82. Cartoon Crossovers
  83. Hottest Women in Western Cartoons
  84. [Disney/Pixar] The Alice Comedies
  85. Your favorite English speaking voice actors
  86. Teen Titans Go! to the movies
  87. Cartoon Nostalgia
  88. [Classics] Fleischer Brother's Superman
  89. [Other] Scooby-Doo Video Game?
  90. [Classics] WWII Army Training Animation
  91. [Web] New FroM DC
  92. [Disney/Pixar] Mickey Mouse's Debut
  93. [Disney/Pixar] First Appearance of Donald Duck
  94. [Web] gen:LOCK
  95. Frozen 2: Will they do it?
  96. [Other] Bambi Meets Godzilla
  97. Favorite villains (animated)
  98. Favorite supporting characters (animated)
  99. Gravity Falls Vs Rick and Morty
  100. [Classics] Forgotten Cartoon Characters
  101. [Classics] First Superman Cartoon
  102. Addams Family
  103. [Classics] Non-Python Terry Gilliam
  104. War of the Worlds: Goliath, a Badass, Disturbing Animated Movie
  105. My Little Pony: It's Over
  106. [Classics] Snow White by the Fleischers
  107. [Fox] The Original Simpsons
  108. [Classics] Early German Animation
  109. Korean Anime
  110. [Disney/Pixar] Didn't expect this one from Disney
  111. Rick and Morty are back
  112. Sequels and Remakes or new stuff?
  113. Where are all the DVDs?
  114. new Disney Stuff
  115. Your favorite animated afterlife
  116. Poking holes in animated films
  117. [Other] If Anything Happens I Love You
  118. [Classics] Porky Pig Cusses
  119. [Classics] Popeye Meets Sinbad the Sailor
  120. American Shows that should be anime
  121. [Other] Who Framed Roger Rabbit Video
  122. Live Action/Animation mixes
  123. [Classics] First Felix the Cat Cartoon
  124. [Classics] Your grand, great-grand, and great-great-grandparents animation.
  125. Upcoming animated movies
  126. Your Ship Came In