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  2. how do u learn japanese?
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  19. はじめまして。
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  21. Doujinshi: Japanese To English Translation, or.....?
  22. Hajimemashite: How would you respond to this?
  23. みなさん、お元気ですか。
  24. A Few Questions on Japanese Language...
  25. こんいちわ私は日本語習うたい、誰は助けですか?
  26. i need song i made in english translated to Japanese
  27. Anyone interested in Short Term (3 months) internship in Japan?
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  29. Translation requrest.
  30. Translation needed for a word in a Japanese computer game.
  31. Most useful Japanese lesson ever
  32. Sorry to bother you, but could you tell me what this error message says?
  33. [Translation Request] I have a cheap sword with some stuff on it.
  34. Would anyone like to learn Japanese with me? (Extreme beginner)
  35. translation please
  36. PSO2 Error message
  37. japanese test
  38. hello i'm new
  39. Lets talk, Random
  40. translation of a song from japanese to english is needed!!!
  41. Grief Syndrome Error Translation Request
  42. When words normally written in Hiragana are written in Katakana?
  43. Meaning of Tsumekonde
  44. Need English translation for Magical Battle Arena settings configurator program
  45. Impove listenning skills by watching Japanese Comedy ( Ken Shimura Shows )
  46. For those who are learning japanese :p
  47. Help understanding meaning of "you ni shite" and "no sa"
  48. Need English translation for options menus in Cardcaptors fighting game
  49. How to learn Japanese?
  50. Let's talk in Romanji!
  51. How did you learn Japanese?
  52. ヒマです
  53. 「一聴き惚れ」コーナー
  54. Has anyone here taken Japanese in college?
  55. いうにほんごうで!
  56. 改めて、僕の自己紹介です。
  57. Can somebody translate these 2 Youtube video titles into English?
  58. Hello guys I am a new member!
  59. I find a collection of cute anime girl ringtones for cellphone :D
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  61. Becoming a real translator
  62. Learning Japanese via Audio?
  63. Short Cuts to Japanese - learn japanese in 6 months to a year!!
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  66. What is Your Romaji Style?
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  69. Admin, please grade my Japanese test.