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  1. Worth it?
  2. あなたは何語を話すのですか。
  3. 7th grader learning japanese
  4. Yay =D
  5. JLPT help
  6. helpful for basic Japanese learning
  7. Question about 戦う and more
  8. Japanese Translator - Help Wanted xP
  9. Translation/Kanji meaning
  10. Help on Two Lines
  11. What is the significance when you end a sentence with わけで。
  12. 日本や日本語の経験...笑い話?
  13. Some Project Input Please!
  14. hi..just one question..
  15. Help with my Japanese Homework :-)
  16. online kanji translators
  17. これ 漢字は 何? What is this kanji?
  18. Fan/Sensu Kanji Translation
  19. A translation question
  20. Words/Phrases I run into
  21. Question with the double consonants, or the small っ...
  22. It's Driving me Crazy!
  23. hey guys i need some clarification
  24. translating 徒然草
  25. Can someone help me edit my Japanese essay?
  26. japanese particles???
  27. REAL Japanese people, gotta catch em all!
  28. 皆さん、自己紹介しませんか?
  29. この学園でまともなのって校長先生と先生くらいだし
  30. いやんばかん
  31. Speed reading
  32. ふさいどく?
  33. I need help i want to learn how to read japanese
  34. Meaning of Marudashi
  35. help pls :)
  36. Hello, it's Shrike from the days of the old Animelyrics.com
  37. i need help on writing a japanese email! =( pleeeeeaaaaaase!
  38. I need a japan translation people for fansub
  39. Need help translating a phrase
  40. Trying to self teach Japanese :) but..
  41. Could You Translate For Me? English to Japanese
  42. I was seeking a translation
  43. Are you smart enough to....
  44. Line Interpretation...
  45. Ɂ
  46. How to translate またひとつ成長する?
  47. romaji to english translators...
  48. Is Rosetta Stone worth the investment?
  49. do you know what's written here
  50. What's written here?
  51. Japanese Slang
  52. Kanji Compounds
  53. Gomenasai!! I cannot read any kanji yet!!!
  54. 字を手伝って下さい
  55. Need help!
  56. りんご
  57. What would you recommend for learning japanese?
  58. 私の翻訳文(英→日)を直しなさい
  59. 翻訳文(英→日)直して下さい。
  60. Bad Japanese word
  61. Need Help!
  62. Could someone translate this into japanese(character+pronounciation)?
  63. . . .I'm new here. . .
  64. How did you learn Japanese?
  65. meaning of Symbol??!!!
  66. japanese help
  67. Hiragana and Katakana
  68. 助けていただきたいのです。
  69. "ことです" in this sentence?
  70. Help with translation
  71. Symbols
  72. Need help with translations
  73. from where should i start ...??
  74. Romanji Discussion
  75. Kantan Japanese: Japanese made easy.
  76. Some grammar help?
  77. Starting out
  78. My Japanese coach, Learning Japanese is now portible
  79. Sino-Korean Vocabularies?? (Actually from Japanese)
  80. Some help with a e-mail translation
  81. Question for which there is no forum
  82. What does this mean? (It'll probably take a Japanese person to answer this)
  83. 日本での留学生はいるかな?
  84. ACC- Cloud and Sephiroth Fight (First try translation)
  85. Not quite the usual question - Japan living
  86. Another question!
  87. Onomatopoeias (sound effects!)
  88. What does this mean in the Japanese language?
  89. sentence translation
  90. 日本の祭り!
  91. Two kanji symbols..please help me
  92. how to write my name in kanji?
  93. Hiring JP>EN translators at Nintendo
  94. Rosseta Stone
  95. To learn basic nihongo
  96. Question about particle "Wo/o"
  97. I need help.
  98. Life God?
  99. Need someone with good listening skills and 30 minutes of spare time.
  100. 美しさを日本の
  101. Quick help: someone to help me write japanese ^^"
  102. what study books do you give props and chops to for helong you learn Japanese?
  103. Dialects
  104. Can you help a new guy translate 24 seconds of audio to English?
  105. What's the name of this Japanese font?
  106. Favorite/Least Fave "Ji"?
  107. Need help translating ty in advance
  108. 日本語で話そう!
  109. Private Japanese Dictionary Fill Request
  110. Anime in Afrikaans
  111. Afrikaans-Japanese translation
  112. Yahoo JP auction: for figure or photo of said figure?
  113. Help.
  114. Help! Getting computer to type in Japanese
  115. 「いざ行かん!」の意味はなんですか?
  116. In A Name
  117. Quick question...
  118. Japanese online...?
  119. A whole bunch of questions to bother y'all with...
  120. Japanese help!!
  121. Japanese language schools
  122. Language school
  123. From Stevie Wonder
  124. any good book to learn japanese?
  125. Behind Mama Ni Omikase
  126. Can someone please tell me what this says?
  127. I am wanting to learn Japanese
  128. Here's A Way To Learn Japanese
  129. For Japanese beginners.
  130. Nananaなくし物
  131. Learn Hiragana!
  132. Help... again. T_T
  133. Hurdles
  134. need a translation in Nihongo
  135. Talk in Japanese!
  136. TDR's new online japanese synonym dictionary
  137. Switching between registers?!
  138. help?
  139. Will someone please help me? :3
  140. 911!!! please help me
  141. Are these sentences correct?!
  142. 日本語が話せますか?
  143. Japanese error message. I need it translated to English.
  144. I need a willing person to help teach me japanese!
  145. Help making an E>J poem translation fit a syllable pattern?
  146. Two characters with strange Japanese names came to me in a dream: a hidden meaning?
  147. Need Some Character Opinions and Other Stuffs, Rawr! :3
  148. Help translating a song from English to Japanese
  149. Whats this
  150. Question about romaji
  151. Iz Coolz cauze I knowz Nipponiz
  152. Archaic/Obsolete Terms and Two Other Things :3
  153. Words you Learned from anime
  154. Just wondering about something.... [koto/no]
  155. There's got to be a logical explanation for all this.
  156. Need help translating a sentence..
  157. Japanese speakers, clear this up
  158. would you like to learn the kanji quickly and easily?
  159. Japanese Speaking Job Opportunity at Hulu.com!
  160. Need Help with Translation
  161. Can Anyone Translate This To Make Any Sense?
  162. おしえてください~!!!
  163. Need a Little Help
  164. Writing In Japan
  165. Hiya folks! Japanese proofreader please! I'm in dire need of assistance!
  166. English to Japanese Song Translation
  167. Anime Page
  168. Best Books For Learning Kanji
  169. Don't mean to be rude, but I have a question
  170. [WATCH] Lets Learn Japanese Basic I+II Stream
  171. Lets Learn Japanese Basic I+II Stream
  172. Polite forms of adjectives?
  173. How is it different?
  174. Need help translating a few short Japanese spoken dialogues for a subtitle project
  175. あれ?なんでスレは全部ローマ字?
  176. Desperate help for understanding a sentence needed!
  177. Quick question!
  178. Help with Particles
  179. Looking for a Sensei and Friends in Japan
  180. Lacrimosa : Lyrics of 3rd voice
  181. Japanese error message in windows, I need it translated
  182. Can someone translate this?
  183. Can someone translate this? (Sorry I'm asking again! XP )
  184. Question....__..
  185. Help me pleaseeeeeeee :(
  186. Question, yea, again
  187. help^^;; what does this expression mean?
  188. Can someone translate this?
  189. need help on japanese word
  190. 黒のガール フレンド - phrase help please
  191. Help with the expression "Greetings from..."
  192. Can somone translate this please?
  193. Song translation help needed
  194. Can someone translate the words on this picture?
  195. What's the romaji lyrics to this song?
  196. Translations, if you please
  197. river flows kanji
  198. What does this say?
  199. Help me learn japanese
  200. Please help translating from Japanese for a dvd authoring project
  201. Help finding something!
  202. plz help me in this
  203. H . A . C .
  204. Help with my new Website's name!
  205. Looking to start learning Japanese!! (Need a Japanese Dictionary?)
  206. kiniro no corda game translation
  207. Itasha Help!? :(
  208. would someone translate a short sentence for me?
  209. A few quick questions
  210. What's the difference between 君 and きみ/キミ ?
  211. My Japanese Writing
  212. I need help please.
  213. Question to effect-characters (e.g.:" 々 "...)and where can I find them in/on IME?
  214. Japanese was so much English in it! :o
  215. So, I stumbled across this...
  216. What Japanese words have you learned from Anime?
  217. synchtube and anime songs
  218. Can somebody translate this for me?
  219. Someone can translate this? onegai
  220. How to learn Japanese?
  221. Could someone translate a few sentences?
  222. 書道 - Shodou - Calligraphy
  223. Learn to speak Japanese
  224. Japanese Language Proficiency Test
  225. What do these sentences say?
  226. Who here has attended school in Japan?
  227. sashin ti-baggu ???
  228. Calling japanese speakers (Hiragana)
  229. So you want to learn Japanese
  230. If you could be in Japan right now what would you do?
  231. Wanting to learn Japanese.
  232. A Guide to Reading & Writing Japanese
  233. Learning Japanese ^^
  234. Japanese food
  235. Scanlations anybody?
  236. アメリカ人
  237. 百人
  238. 五、六人
  239. 日本語でオリジナルの俳句と短歌を書きましょう Let's write original haikus and tankas in Japanese
  240. 人々
  241. 小さい問題がありますよ
  242. Can Someone Help Me?
  243. teching english?
  244. Learning 人
  245. Structuring long sentences.
  246. およいでよどうぶつの森 Start Menu
  247. Understanding Love
  248. Japanese error message translation to English please?
  249. Understanding は and が Particles
  250. Hiragana and Katakana?