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Thread: Hourglass Of Sairia Chapter 5 'Daytrip Of Mystery' Entire Chapter/Episode

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    Default Hourglass Of Sairia Chapter 5 'Daytrip Of Mystery' Entire Chapter/Episode

    COPYRIGHT© Do not steal it is mean!

    this is an entire post of chapter/episode 5! i've divided this one into parts so it will be easier to take breaks, hope you like it.... to understand the story and characters please go to my other threads before this one... thanks!

    Chapter 5: Daytrip Of Mystery Part 1/3
    Akemi woke up to find Kasumi brushing her Beautiful long hair, she had a good night’s sleep and she felt great, she got up and went into the bathroom to get changed. When she came out she stood in awe of Kasumi, she was dressed in an elegant yet classy green dress and her hair complemented her outfit perfectly, Akemi wished she looked as pretty as Kasumi.
    “So Akemi san are we ready to go? It’s getting quite late, we might miss them.” Kasumi said
    “Yes I’m ready Kasumi sama.” Akemi said with a smile. They then started to climb down the metal ladder of the tree house, when they got down Kasumi told Akemi to wait for a minute, Akemi saw Kasumi whisper to one of the plants. When she got back Akemi asked her what she had said to the plant.
    ‘I told them to wait for me and I also said goodbye.” Kasumi answered
    “But I only saw you talk to one of the plants.” Akemi questioned
    “I told that particular one to whisper it to the others.” Kasumi laughed “Ok Akemi san lets go now or we’ll be late.”Akemi nodded and they left.
    They found the boys on the next block from Kasumi’s house.
    “Sorry to keep you boy’s waiting we slept in.” Kasumi said quietly
    ‘What took you girls so long!? We’ve been here for ages! I was just about to send my bird to find you.” Shou shouted letting out his impatience
    “Well SORRY your majesty I just explained why we were late, haven’t you been listening?” Kasumi said with a hint of sarcasm, then the two started fighting once again.
    “Good morning Takeo senpai.” Akemi said trying to ignore the shouts coming from the other two.
    “Good morning Akemi, you look very nice today care to start the tour?” Takeo replied
    “Of course I’m ready lets go.” Akemi was eager to see the other two stop fighting so she and Takeo begun to walk.
    Chapter 5: Daytrip Of Mystery Part 2/3
    “And this is the city hall Akemi, it’s the very heart of the city and it’s also where all the politicians have debates and such.” Takeo explained.
    “Wow it’s so big! And look at that fountain.” Akemi said with amazement.
    The city hall was a big building with big stone columns holding up the roof and there was a big public park just in front of the building, in the middle of the park sat a big fountain which was spouting water in beautiful arks.
    “It must have taken ages to build this thing.” Shou said while looking at it closely. “It’s almost as big as my family’s aviary dome.” Shou admitted.
    “My legs are tired; can we stop at the market café? I need my coffee.” Kasumi said weakly.
    “Sure Kasumi, that sounds good.” Takeo answered “which brings me to the conclusion that we have to show Akemi here, the market.”
    “Let’s go to the commoner’s marketplace, come on it’ll be fun!” Shou Suggested.
    “Well I guess we could, Kasumi do you mind?” Takeo asked
    “No not at all, I don’t mind what coffee we get, I just want some.” Kasumi answered
    They walked through a big alley close to a big building and came out the other side, at that moment Akemi noticed a big change in the atmosphere of the city, it was just a small market with stalls made out of wood it didn’t look like anything Akemi had ever seen before. There were fruits and vegetables stalls, outdoor café stalls, tiny restaurants and many other places there was so much bustle in the streets Akemi found it amazing, a big town bell was in the center of the market equipped with a clock just at the top.
    “I can’t wait to try commoner’s coffee.” Kasumi said excitedly, “I hear is good stuff and I can see the place we are looking for over there.” Kasumi pointed to a shop with an outdoor coffee bar.
    “They say that this is the summer commoner’s market, it’s only open in the summertime.” Shou said “well that pretty much sums it up seeing its summer now.”
    “Come on let’s get that coffee, I’m finding myself wanting to try it now.” Takeo said he then started walking towards the shop, then they all ran to join him.
    Chapter 5: Daytrip Of Mystery Part 3/3
    Akemi took the last sip of her coffee, it was the best coffee she had ever tasted, she wanted to buy another but she was almost out of funds.
    “They were right when they said commoner’s coffee was a hit.” Kasumi said dreamily
    “Yeah that was good stuff; I wonder what they put in it.” Shou then let out a belch. They all laughed
    All of a sudden Akemi stopped and looked at a tiny stall that she could see through the crack of several other bigger stalls. It was smaller than the others and it looked like a gypsy caravan, Akemi felt drawn to it and started Walking towards it.
    “Akemi, are you alright?” Takeo asked puzzled with Akemi’s sudden movement
    Akemi didn’t answer she was to focused on that caravan she walked through the crack and then saw something she had only saw in story books. A camp full of gypsies were bringing things out on a tiny plain overlooking the sea, they had caravans that were folding out to make tiny stalls of their own, The others caught up to Akemi.
    “Hey what’s this!? It looks like some camp for carnies.” Shou said with a look of disgust on his face
    “This is new; I’ve never seen anything like this in this city before.” Takeo admitted
    “Come to think of it, I’ve never seen it either, should we leave?” Kasumi replied
    Suddenly Akemi saw something that caught all of her attention, an old woman robed and cloaked in raggy yet colourful fabric was sitting outside a small tepee looking house her hood was covering her eyes, she then stood up and faced Akemi’s direction.
    Akemi heard a voice in her head “Ahh I’ve been expecting you four for quite some time now come now, approach me.” Akemi felt drawn to the voice she didn’t know why, she and the others walked up to the old woman.
    “And now it’s time…. For all of you to realize your destinies.” The old woman spoke cryptically. She then outstretched her hand and revealed a tiny golden hourglass with four missing slots on the top of it; it looked like gems of some sort were missing from the top of the hourglass.
    Without a word the old woman tipped the hourglass upside down when the white sand rushed down the funnel it seemed everything was disappearing right before Akemi’s eyes.
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