The snow, residing up all North
A crow fly by, visiting the dwarf
Up on the mountain, abide the look
Chilling, so thrilling
The Vikings hold danced, clothes they rinsed

Eating and drinking, thinking no more
Flames and those big ice canes
Their bags and rags, fur and thread
Spears, sharp and dread

Funerals for the dead, oh all the bread!
Houses of wood, everyone dressed in hood
Then Spring came out, created flood
Kids like old, got out stories got told

Shorts and no cords, bringing bords
Flowers and lovers, everywhere to be seen
Lunch by five, all the time
Late nights with stories, much fright

Coats and blankets, all those evenings
When the fresh winds got around
We all live in the North, the year's spinning right round
As I yearn to the next time, we can have it like this
We will wait, catching big, tasty fish!
Holy crap I love this.