My Dear

I made the dough at midnight
and the paste of life after
the dough cooked all night
and the paste, it laid, open.

I made you, the love of my life
the day preceding today.
with your full figure and creamy centre
you were the light to my shadow.

You were as beautiful as shined razors
the only one worthy of attention
I stared at you for days
lost in your intoxicating scent.

But I woke up today
and the scent had gone sour.
You were no longer alive
you had departed for uncharted waters.

I cast you off with a solemn look
as a tear rolled down my cheek.
It smudged my makeup.
Goddamn, it took ages to apply evenly.

I regret my decision now
and I prepare to join you
in the land of Peanuts
My sandwich of beauty