Okay think back to the good old days, when you were all little Johnny's and little Susie's.
A teacher or older family member would ask you that famous question..

"What do you want to be when you grow up?"

I know this does bring a broad range of answers, but what I want to know is..

Did you end being what you wanted to be when you were younger?
Or are you on the current path to achieve that dream?
And if not, what career direction are you heading to now?

In my instance, I had three choices I wanted to be:
1. Veterinarian
2. Teaching English in another country - Would usually be in Japan/China/Europe
3. Airborne Tactician in the Airforce.

Unfortunately, I wasn`t able to achieve any of my childhood dreams *Sob Sob* and ended up studying International & Corporation Law...

P.s Apologies if this thread has already been posted in the past. ><"