So now that we have some reviews in this section, I decided that it will be easier for the future when there are a lot to have a review index.

To make this easier, and a lot more fun, you guys will be the ones to create this index.


Posting here is optional, but encouraged.

-In this thread, you get 1 post, and one post only

-You are required to have at least 1 review to post here.

-Whenever you make a new review, you can edit the post that you make in here. You are completely free to customize and design this post however you see fit. (get as creative as you wish)

Meaning, you may add a Title to "your reviews" catalog and a Banner in the post if you chose to do so. (just so long as you don't go overboard with images. Please try to keep them limited)

-ALL reviews in your post must be linked to the review you made. The link must be titled by the game's name ONLY. Next to the link, please provide the score for the game you reviewed. This is done so that it's easier for others to find the review they are looking for/may be interested in reading.

Ex: Mario Kart (8.5)

-How you decide to categorize the reviews you make is up to you, but please to try to keep them in a way that is easily visible to others. My personal preference, is that you keep them in either alphabetical order, or by date made. But so long as you don't just have them all over the place, I don't mind how you choose to do it.