Hi everyone. I just would like to make this clear. I am not a fan of anime very much. Well I watch One Piece from time to time. But not others very much... I am not planning to be on this forum for very long. I just have one lousy question and then I will go away. So please at least someone answer my question if I am going to get banned.

Does anyone know which episode is the one where Dorothy is fighting a squid-like monster? It grabs her and starts squeezing the life out of her. This is not explicit. Although the stupid suggested video links are, which is prolly why I got banned at Animesuke. >_> I just want to know what she is fighting or what episode it is so I can look it up myself. I do not want waste time and money to watch the series to find out. Only reason I ask here is because there isn't a forum for MAR and Animesuki banned me forever. No warning or nothing, just banned off the spot and the thread was never approved. -_-; I would post the link for the video but the stupid suggested videos lead to more explicit stuff... Private message me if you think you can help me. Thanks.