Hello! I just came home from a trip to Japan and I missed a Japanese test in school. Due to the unpacking I forgot my keys/locker keys e.t.c. and couldn't get my book and the makeup test (or whatever you call a late test) of course has to be tomorrow! >.< But enough whining! My teacher seems extremely interested in my trip as she's Japanese and I have a VERY strong feeling the assignment will be writing about my trip in some way.
I just want to know if these sentences are correct/make sense... Thanks!

Ima watashi ga Kyoto ni imasu.
- I am in Kyoto now. (This one feels... wrong in some way...)

Akihabara ni ikimashita kara, anime to manga ga suki desu.
- I went to Akihabara, because I like anime and manga. (Not entirely confident in my "kara" skills yet)

Mainichi toriniku wo tabemasu. Nihon no toriniku wa totemo oishii desu.
- I eat chicken everyday. Japanese chicken is very tasty.

Kinou Tokyo kara Shinkansen de Kyoto ni ikimashita.
- Yesterday I went to Kyoto by the Shinkansen, from Tokyo. (Looks noobish and could be wrong.)

Thanks again!!!