Congratulations to all winners. Again, we have a tie this week, so our judges have again been called forth to make their own choice. Oddly enough, our judges choose an entry that recieved no votes, Entry B by Serated. The singing character is no doubt a hard thing to do, as singing is easily expressed in many ways in an art piece. However, in this work we can sense a soothing calamity, but as the same time, a dynamic impact. The colours suggest a calm environment as the yellow/orange/white emphasizes the striking dynamic impact. Strong, vibrant, and proud of her voice; it echoes out, as the colours, starting at the center, move outwards, the small line representing a vocalstring, which does not vibrate, but eluminates.

In 1st Place with 2 Votes Each: Shang Li, Mihawk, and GameGeeks

In 2nd Place with 1 Vote: Arxia

Congrats again to all winners.