Hi im new to this site....

but i have some opinion..as i read threw the ichigo father spoiler everyone had pretty good opinion ...specially the one about iishin been part of the royal guards.....what i have come to find out is that this has so many twist

my opnion are

1.iishin part of royal family
2.ichigo mom is royalty
3.iishin left more then 100 of years ago and was just wondering( and no it never stated he lost his power he just a lazy basterd that wanted to keep his family safe by concealing his power) plus preping ichigo up for something..........cuz if aizen new about him their is more to this
i have many more toughts ........
4. when iishin and ichigo are in the rift and iishin tell ichigo he need to learn the final tensa( i think it stated that ss banned people from using this technique for such reason unknown) and how does iishin now this.............so my opinion is iishin was in the royal army
p.s yeah my english is bad man lol