I'm on a holy quest right now to experience a very healthy dose of PS1 games. I was 10 when the PlayStation came out but coming from a lower income family i didn't own one till much later and then didn't play much on it and kind of let it fall by the wayside in favor of the newer consoles. Since then I got interested in classic games but it only recently dawned on me that the PlayStation is something i sort of left in the dust and that it has so much untapped potential including some of the most memorable and talked about games of all time.

With your permission I'd love the chance to talk about these games here as i play them and here the thoughts of other PS1 fans who are both playing these for the first time or have memories, fond or not so fond, about these games.

I decided to start with Crash Bandicoot because when exploring a system I always like to find a mascot to start me off. Now the mascot era was on its way out by this point, and Sony didn't actually develop Crash, but at the time it was the closest thing we could relate to a PlayStation mascot character towards the beginning of its empire.

I wasn't expecting much. Honestly I did this out of habit, but i really wasn't expecting to like this game. But I have to say, I'm only a few levels in (upstream is on pause right now as I write this) but i have to admit I'm kind of hooked! My initial impression was that this was to simplistic and lacked variety. But then I got to experience the switching between 2-d side scrolling levels and 3-D back views, and the obstacles and enemies got more creative. This...is a really fun game so far and I am really glad i didn't lay by the wayside forever.

Thoughts, memories, complaints, questions, on Crash? I'm a newb to the PS1 but I'm sure many of my animeforums colleagues are veterans and I'm dying to hear your thoughts on these classic games.