So I'm not in anyway an avid anime watcher, but I figure I'll give it a bit more of a shot then I have in the past. I've only watched a few however, I've throughly enjoyed each and every one.

Full Metal Alchemist - Just found it amazingly innovative, and a great story overall. However towards the end I found myself getting a bit bored with it, and was glad it was over when it was.

Death Note - Simply amazing up until that halfway mark. After that it was still very very good though.

Bleach - Watched quite a bit of this, but it just seems to be getting more and more ridiculous as it goes, and I'm losing interest fast. The amount of fillers this anime has is ridiculous.

Cow Boy Beebop - Loved this one. Very short, but it was great.

I've been recommended things like Naruto (watched a very small amount, but couldn't stand the main character as well as many others), Inuyasha (never got into it at all), One Piece (really just couldn't get into it all).

So I'm wondering based on the anime's that I've enjoyed, what all would you guys recommend me trying to go check out?