There are two things in life that people know when their lives start. One, in reality, is war. Another, in fanatasy, is magic.

War, a battle or fight, something that countires enter to achieve their goals. Wars are won on the ground, sea, or the skies. Magic, a power you posses that you can control with enough skill. These are two seperate and different things. But, when both collide with each other, something unexpected will result...

Something that will change the face of history forever...

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Chapter 1, Part 1: The Beginning...

During the early 21st century, Russia invaded the US as a result of the massacure in Moscow. During this time, new conflicts now began to make themselves known. Although nukes weren't used during the war, there were reports of missing nukes in both Russia and the US. As both sides realized that their WMDs were missing and discovering that their scientists and soliders were killed in their own labatories, they agreed on a cease-fire agreement and to settle the missing nuke case which became to be known as "Nukes MIA".
During this case, special teams from the US and Russia were dispatched to search every country for them...but there weren't any signs of the nukes at all. After countless searches on the soils of every country, they gave up the search and went their sepereate ways.
As peace was now returning to the world, it would be the time where peace will be broken again and they would discover the truth behind the missing WMD's. And the world would be thrown into total chaos...

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Chapter 1, Part 2: The End of Peace...

As I gazed outside of the porch on my house, I could feel the cool wind blow my hair brown eastward. It's been a while since I had this feeling since I was about 6 years old. The clear blue sky, the bright sun, the birds flying overhead. Those are the very same aspects I had back then. After 12 years has passed, I now get this very same feeling and it felt great.

As I was about to get used to the very same feeling, I heard my cell phone ring as well as vibrate from my desk behind me. I walked over to the desk near the wall and picked up the white cell phone to see who is calling. The name as well as the number flashed on the screen of my phone. It was my boyfriend, Yori Hyabushi, who was calling me. He and I were both friends since kindergarten and now we're both have a relationship together.

I pressed the talk key on my phone and began to speak.

(????) "Hello?"
(Yori) "Hey Aki. What's up?"
(Aki) "Nothing, just looking at the clear blue sky that I always loved."
(Yori) "In other words, on your same routine again. Anyway, how about you and I go out tonight?"
I paused for a second and thought this was a date or something.
(Aki) "Is this a date?"
(Yori) "Maybe, although I'm not quiet at that level yet."
(Aki) "I see. Okay, I'll come. Do you know where we're going out?"
(Yori) "Not sure yet, but I think we should go eat dinner at a fancy restraunt."
(Aki) "Is it western style?"
(Yori) "Haven't thought that over yet although chances of that is 50-50, it'll be a surprise."
(Aki) "Okay Yori, I'll see you tonight."
(Yori) "You too babe."

I hung up my phone and fell back first onto my bed. I began to wonderwhat should I do to get ready for the date tonight. It was still noon as of right now but time flies so fast by me that I don't really know what happens until it hits me. I kind of wanted to fall asleep and let the time fly but I got back up on my feet again and began looking out toward the sky again, then toward the bridge leading toward Tokyo, our country's capital. Ever since my life began, I was living here. My parents have moved from my house toward the Tokyo Tower, where they work in the business department. It's been a while since I visited them since I entered middle school.

Suddenly, there was something big that covered the middle of the bridge. As it got bigger, it knocked me off of my feet as I fell back and hit the porch. When I got up, I realized that the middle part of the bridge was practically gone. I didn't know what was the cause of it, but our symbol of peace was gone in a blink of an eye...

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Chapter 2: Takeoff

As panic swept the airbase near the coast of Tokyo Bay, three aircraft rolled out of their prespective hangers and onto the runway. The aircraft out in front, a F-22 Raptor,was different then the others. It's body was pure white and the edges of it were blue including the fins. It also had an emblem on the outside parts of the fin. The emblem had a red bird on top of each side of the fin while under that emblem was another emblem. It had wings on the sides of two swords. It's an emblem that the enemy won't forget. As the planes began to check their planes, radio transmissions was already going through to each plane.

(Control Tower) "Alpha 1, you're cleared for take-off."

As the jet's thrusters warmed up and began to burn fire out of them, exerting a lot of heat and power to move the jets. The jets now began to pick up speed, moving them faster than a blink of an eye. About two-thrids through the runway, the jets began to lift their noses up and soar up into the sky. When they reached their specific height they turned left, toward the Tokyo Tower.

(Control Tower) "Alpha 1, take-off complete. All planes, runway's clear, you are to take off immedietly, this is not a drill. I repeat, this is not a drill."

As the planes began to group up with an air squadron, the planes began to form a formation. More radio transmissions began to pour in.

(Overwatch) "This is your Assessment and Planing Unit, Overwatch. All planes, you are to follow all individual instructions given to you."

There was a moment's pause before Overwatch continued.

(Overwatch) "Alpha Team, you're clear to engage all hostile threats around Tokyo."
(Alpha 1) "This is Alpha 1, roger that. Alpha Team, let's move out."
(Alpha Team) "Roger."

The planes began heading toward the Tokyo tower, where all the action is.

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Chapter 2, Mission 1: The Invasion of the World

As Alpha team closed in onto Tokyo Tower, the enemy was different than any other. They weren't human, they were machines. They began attacking every building and every major landmarks. They seemed to be leaving the civilians alone but attack any opposition. They're were mysteryous ships in the air as well, destroying anything and everything in their paths. During this time, the Alpha Team engaged the enemy head on. They launched their missiles and begin to destroy the small ships.