Shiki is a supernatural, mystery, horror, action manga.
This is the summary I copy ad pasted from onemanga.
"This series is about village with a population of about 1300 people, and during one fiercely hot summer, many mysterious incidents happened one after another... Shiki is based on a best-selling horror novel by Ono Fuyumi. Fans may know of her other novels such as Twelve Kingdoms (which has been animated) and Ghost Hunt (adapated to both a shoujo manga and anime). Fujisaki Ryuu is a long-time JUMP mangaka of series such as Houshin Engi"

So people that like higurashi no naku koro ni, and umineko no naku koro ni should read this. If you don't like either of those then don't worry this manga is still really good!

Past this first post if you are going to talk about any spoilers from Shiki please use whatever spoiler tags this forums has.

Also can the first person that post just use a spoiler tag so I can quote and see how to use them, or just tell me.... in a spoiler tag. XD