This thread is for you, if besides watching Naruto you have played Okami ( on PS2 or Wii ). You have probably noticed there are a lot of relation to Japanese myths in both cases. And they have some things that at least appear to be common. For e.g:
Ninetails ( Okami enemy boss ) and Ninetails ( From Naruto ). They are both giant, powerfull foxes with nine tails. Though there is absolutely no actual relation between them. ( Ninetails from Okami is related to Kitsunes from Japanese myth - it is not the most powerfull Kitsune - depends on the number of tails - 1 - 10. Ninetails from Naruto doesn't have a real relation to Kitsunes. Google it if you want to. )
Um ... a mark that looks like 3d level Sharingan from Oni Island. ( Can't comment this yet. )
Japanese Gods

So, my question is:
Which title has got more correct relations to Japanese myths ? ( From your point of view. )

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